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  1. Do you have to be mindful of the rolling Programme of upgrades going on with the Typhoon? Notable upgrades were the three blade to four blade airscrew and replacement of the Typhoon tailplane with the larger Tempest tailplane. Photographs are key to understanding which go on which airframe at which date as there was a rolling upgrade Programme - although I think the Bombphoons were prioritised for the four blade airscrew..
  2. Oxford Blue? As far as I am aware in '45 FAA Hellcats were either in Temperate Sea Scheme (Extra Dark Sea Grey, Dark Slate Grey & Sky (or US equivalents)) or Gloss Sea Blue (USN Colour). I don't recall seeing any in Oxford Blue. I have seen images of an Admirals Barge in Oxford Blue but that was a Beech 18
  3. During Operation Pedestal, the Malta convoys, the Royal Navy made great efforts to protect the convoys making their way towards Malta. During Operation Pedestal Three aircraft carriers, HMS Eagle which was sunk during the Operation, HMS Indomitable which was damaged and its deck put out of action and HMS Victorious, were charged with protecting the convoy until it got within range of the islands air defences. During 12th August '42 Lt 'Dickie' Cork succeeded in shooting down 5 enemy aeroplanes in a single day. It is known that Cork (880 NAS) flew two Hurricanes during the day, which are believed to be Sea Hurricane MK I Z4642 and Z7093. Unusually, and there is a load of debate around it, part of his success is believed to be down to the fact that Z4642 is believed to have been fitted with the four cannon 'C' wing. Now to the real question.... I have the Italeri 1/48 Hawker Sea Hurricane MkIb. I would like to do a 'C' wing conversion. Is the best way to buy the Italeri Hawker Hurricane MkIIc and graft the wing across? Is it a straight swap or does in need surgery? Is there an alternative, not needing to buy the other kit?
  4. Completely agree with everything said. I believe there is a trend for generally over weathering aircraft. It is almost that people are modelling others models rather than the real subject. If it ain't in a photograph then it didn't happen.... In my case I mainly model FAA aircraft. I had a recent debate on another forum with someone who had heavily weathered a specific Seafire. They made a grand job and it looked superbly battered which was fine but as I pointed out to the modeller, the aeroplane was less than a month serving with the squadron when the specific event occurred therefore the aeroplane would still be in good condition even with the effects of salt spray and mechanics dirty mitts... Interestingly the reply was that all aircraft would be in that state... 😨
  5. I've have ordered the 1/48 set. Going to do Maj Ronnie Hay's Fleet Air Ram Corsair... I have a Tamiya Corsair already waiting...
  6. If there is going to be an FAA Corsair - I'll be in the market for at least two. Richie Cork and Ronnie Hay. At least it saves having to work out where the wingtip cut goes?.
  7. Agboak, Would you have any news on when Stuart LLoyds next book is going to be published? I have the Altantic & Med 39-41 edition and would like the next in the set..
  8. Donald Sheppard was the only Corsair 'Ace' of the FAA (only 'Ace' who scored all his victories in the Corsair). He was a Canadian Pilot from Toranto, who flew with 1836 NAS From HMS Victorious. Flying Corsair MkII. Not really sure how the MkII relates to the F4U-1D. AFAIK all FAA Corsairs had the clipped wings (4in off each wing I think) (with maybe the exception of the MKI) so that they could be struck down in the lower clearance armoured British Fleet Carriers.. Don Sheppards Corsairs (JT410 & JT537) were both painted Temperate Sea scheme - such a pleasant change from GSB...
  9. Think I'll ask my Brother in the UK to buy it then post it over to Ireland. Has to be cheaper...
  10. Grey Beema

    FAA Martlets

    That is really good and going to help a lot. Thanks Steve... Its just down to Engines (cowl & scoops), folding wings & guns... Looks like the Tamiya kit is the best place to start...
  11. Grey Beema

    FAA Martlets

    Guys, I want to ask a question that has probably been asked before but anyway... I am going to model an FAA Martlet II (probably an operation Torch machine, temperate sea scheme, RN/USN mix of markings). I think that equates to the Grumman F4F-4. Which is I think the six gun wing. Is this correct? I am going to use as the basis the Tamiya F4F-4, I dont know the serial of the aircraft I am doing yet (gonna check that out later) so not sure yet of the cowling detail differences.. Any advice around that? Thanks for your help in advance... Phil
  12. I find this site interesting - it helps with the inspiration. Really need to go back to the photo's that are the primary reference but it'll keep you amused in the mean time... http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww2/b/439/9/1
  13. Steve, I think that there are two Royal Navy Officers in your picture of 242 Sqn. Sub Lieutenants R (Dickie) J Cork and R (Jimmie) E Gardner both served with 242 in the BOB. I am actually not sure which they are but have seen a reference to them being in the photo. What it does prove is that you can't distinguish them by their flying kit... Phil
  14. Thanks Agboak. Its worth a try. When you say you were looking into Corks later aeroplane - is that the Sea Hurricane with the 'C' cannon wing debate? I think I was reading about it on a different forum during the week
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