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  1. umm, yeah.... https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/john-z-delorean-is-arrested-in-24-million-cocaine-deal And $24M in 1982 is $64M in 2019....
  2. pre-or-der (verb) robbing Peter to pay Paul
  3. If a manufacturer sells quantities to a distributor and said distributor sells product to individuals, I would not expect the manufacturer to know which individuals bought the end product and how to contact them.
  4. I remember seeing a DeLorean with personalized plates “SOS PAD” and another DeLorean with plates “COKE” 😎
  5. I won’t be buying an AMK Tomcat kit - or any other AMK product - because I refuse to reward a company with poor business practices, poor marketing and poor public relations policies. All this ranting and raving on the interwebs may serve a purpose in venting frustrations but obviously it hasn’t had a positive effect on AMK as a company. The most effective tool I have in this case is my wallet, and in this case my wallet is staying closed. No soup for you !!!
  6. The Aerograph book is great but it only has a few B&W pics of the CCV. Look for a book called "On Falcon Wings" by Lindsay Peacock, it has a good color closeup of the inlet (port side) and another color port side pic of the jet in flight. I have a 1/48 decal sheet for the CCV from an old Kiddyland kit, here is a lo-res scan from my Viper pages mentioned above. I can get a better scan but not before this weekend. PS - the mailman just delivered my latest order while I was typing this !! 🙂
  7. Many years ago I had a website with a series of pages dedicated to the F-16 including a compilation of available models and decals. I lost access to the web hosting server in probably 2007 and the purpose of my old site has been mostly replaced by the info on scalemates.com. The old website was captured by a wayback web archive so most of it can still be viewed. While there have been no updates in over a decade the info is still relevant for those wanting to build an “Early Viper”. In addition to the scale model pages there are also links to compilations of photos of YF-16 #2 in the “cloud” scheme, the AFTI F-16 and the CAS/BAI “Charcoal Lizard” jets. http://web.archive.org/web/20080102151609fw_/http://www.habu2.net/vipers/index.html Hopefully all my old work is still helpful to modelers when this fantastic sheet is released.
  8. habu2

    F-105 ideas

    Sheet 48-277 has markings for FH-100 & FH-719 buzz codes but I don't have the instructions handy to see it they were silver. edit: I was searching the 'net for instructions and I see many Microscale sheets on eBay that are asking as much or more than the price of a new Caracal sheet. If I could sell all my old Microscale sheets for $16+ each I could retire...
  9. There are several good references books out there. Jake’s book is one of the best and easily available: https://www.reidairpublishing.com/product-p/rap017.htm
  10. Here is a build/review of the Kinetic kit showing trees & parts breakdown, very similar to Tamiya https://designer.home.xs4all.nl/models/f16/f16-k7.htm
  11. When I worked at GD/Lockheed I worked on both F-16 programs and the FS-X / F-2 program so I can confidently state they don't have the same fuselage or the same dimensions. Yes they share similar designs and to the uninitiated they may look similar, but they are no more the same than the F/A-18C/D is to the the F/A-18E/F. Back to the original question, your best bet for parts swapping may be the Kinetic 1/72 kits. Like their 1/48th cousins, parts breakdown is almost identical to Tamiya. Kinetic released two kits in 72nd, both had NSI inlets and PW exhausts that would work for any 25/32/42/52 versions. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-k72001-f-16i-sufa-israel-f-16i-sufa-storm--128809 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-k72002-f-16d-block-52-polish-air-force-hellenic-air-force-fighting-falcon--159770
  12. I knew they did it in 48th did not realize they also did the 72nd release thanks.
  13. The Hasegawa kit is not underscale nor is it a Block 10. I’ve never seen an Italeri ADF kit in 72nd. And I’m pretty sure the most recent Italeri F-16 release in 72nd was in 2000 not 2007. Where are you getting your information?
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