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  1. Their kits fly off the shelves as is, plus there is a robust aftermarket decal industry for those who don't like kit markings in general. I'm not bothered by Tamiya's decals as much as I am by Hasegawa's version of "white" in their decals.....
  2. I think there are actually 4 or 5 evenly spaced holes in that B pillar, the others have circular covers over them (which makes little sense to me).
  3. I worked systems integration and flight test at LM on AA-1, and spent some time in the sim at the VSIF. Just like you say, it's quite sparse in there, pretty much the dual screens, the stick and the cowpie. And obviously no HUD... Been a few years since I was at Pax, worked on the E-6B program there.
  4. I collected the whole series of Enterprise including B C D E in 2500th, so are these all really the same scale?
  5. I don't have a scan of the 12509 decals but found this image of the options. It appears the later release has the same options. Note the are printed by Cartograf
  6. The Hasegawa and Academy kits have identical sprues with one important difference - Hasegawa has raised panel lines, Academy has recessed panel lines. If you get an Academy kit, definitely get the latest release #12509 as it has an excellent, comprehensive decal sheet. The decals in all earlier Academy and all Hasegawa releases are fairly basic and the "red" stripes are almost neon red. Also, Testors reboxed the Italeri kits, including the YF-12 release. Finally, many of the SR-71 kits include the D-21 drone - which the SR-71 never carried. The D-21 was only tested o
  7. Looks like a spammer has hacked this account.... 😞
  8. Check again - the parts for the MCID large inlet (and GE engine and bulged gear doors etc) are on separate add-on sprues, meaning the original NSI small inlet and PW engine parts are still on the main sprues. edit - ninja'd due to my slow connection speed.... 😞
  9. Semantically you may be correct, but the problem is the transition area from the tail base to the parabrake extension. These kit parts show the flared transition required for a parabrake tail. When you attempt to use this flared cross section tail base for a non-parabrake tail extension you get the error seen in the kit parts where the base is too wide at/near the rudder hinge. It's all about what happens between FS 475 and FS 500 (roughly)
  10. I was gonna say the color saturation was really low.....
  11. Hasegawa released ADF kits in 1/72 but they don't include Sparrows or pylons. Fujimi also released ADF kits in 1/72 but I don't know if they had Sparrows/pylons, plus they're hard to find.
  12. Forum software does not allow file attachments other than image files smaller than 100 Kb. You'll need to upload your pdf to a site like Dropbox and then provide a link to it here.
  13. This pinging effect can be reduced, if not eliminated, with a pair of tweezers with a "guide pin" similar to these: https://www.amazon.com/Regine-614-S-Stainless-Precision-Electronics/dp/B071JKQR3M The pin keeps the tips aligned as they close. .
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