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  1. I did a search on Jay Stout to see who he was. Google then told me: People are strange....
  2. Wait, is that a hexapod ? Or a bi-tri-pod ? and they didn't even mention crop factor multiplication on that small sensor camera body.... lol
  3. To add to what Chris said, I worked as a 3D CGI modeler from 1983 til some time in the mid 90s. When we couldn't find decent drawings of the aircraft I was modeling I would go to the local hobby shop, buy a kit and take a hacksaw to it to get the profile or cross section I needed. Which begs the question: which came first, the chicken or the egg ? :)
  4. Very cool - and I like the stand. http://jkbrickworks.com/light-and-sound-saturn-v#1717 .
  5. Shapes like the engine humps aren't modeled with geometric primatives, they use spline functions to generate "polylines".
  6. When A models were upgraded to Ds they got new serial numbers. I assume same happened when Ds became Es...
  7. You forgot Maxwell Smart - "Missed it by *that* much". :)
  8. See: Heisenberg
  9. All you armchair Sidewinder experts need to realized there is a lot more than simply range involved in a missile engagement scenario. Just to name a few: aspect/AOT, closure rate, target temperature, background/clutter and countermeasures.
  10. Looks less like a marching formation and more like a zumba class......
  11. I drooled over their 1/32nd F4D Skyray but it was out of my league, both in skills and pocketbook.
  12. I don't think that's an option.
  13. The purpose of "news" has changed in the last decade, from one of informing the public to one of generating revenue for the media outlet. More droids will click on a "crash" headline rather than one about an "incident". The more sensational the headline the more likely you will click on it, and your screen will be refreshed with a plethora of new ad banners and pop-up ads. It's all about the clicks. As a wise man once said, "follow the money".
  14. The short news article I read said they were turning onto a taxiway after landing and the crosswind blew them over and upside down.