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  1. Is there a comprehensive list of sheets produced by Microscale online somewhere? I have over 100 different Microscale sheets in my decal stash, maybe a collaborative effort here could build such a list.
  2. Decals over gloss primarily prevents silvering. I don't think that's an issue with the Quinta products mentioned here.
  3. If I understood correctly, he has ~15,000 kits in his stash. The build featured in the video took him ~one month to complete. My math says, at one kit built per month, he should exhaust his stash in the year 3270.
  4. I was a big Cowboys fan back in the Landry / Meredith / Lily days. (yeah I'm old) After Landry's decline and the rise(?) of Jerry Jones, not so much. Actually not at all. Common themes: Why are the Cowboys expanding their already new stadium? Jerry's head won't fit in the current one. They had to get rid of the offense coach so they could hire two more parole officers. "Jerry's Kids"
  5. I have this one: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-00873-f-104j-f-104dj-starfighter-jasdf--128501
  6. Every user icon in this thread has the shield icon. In fact almost every user icon in every thread has the shield icon. (except Darren Roberts. Apparently he cannot be trusted lol.......)
  7. I once bought an Esci 1/48 A-7E at an Albertsons, I kept the grocery store receipt in the box. Seems like it was at least 40 years ago....
  8. I noticed that too. Had to count the empty beer cans to be sure I was seeing it right.
  9. As speed and altitude increase air density and aerodynamic loads decrease.
  10. SABR is in the nose behind the radome. The “black semi-circle” predates SABR by decades.... .
  11. Tell us about your camera/lens setup
  12. IIRC it is an odd box scale. I have this one and IIRC it is noticeably undersized to a similar 144th kit
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