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  1. Microscale covered RVAH-7 on sheets 72-094, 72-528 & 72-858. 72-528 also covered RVAH-6 and 72-861 covered RVAH-11 but I don't know if either are the SEA camo scheme.
  2. I looked yesterday and CultTVman is already out of stock... :(
  3. The IFF antenna farm was part of the CCIP mod program, it didn't start with a specific SerNo, so it depended on when that particular airframe went thru depot as admiralcag mentioned.
  4. I'm a bit amused by this sudden alarm over Trumpeter prices... has no one noticed the prices of Fujimi 1/72 kits over the past decade or so ? ?
  5. c'mon Jake, Throw Us A Bone....
  6. Even better, give the original modeler credit for inspiring you.
  7. Only if you are painting 1:1 scale cars. That fan is waaaaay overkill for a scale modeling paint booth. Based on the M3/min rating of even the smallest model I bet it would suck your model out of the booth and shred it into tiny pieces.
  8. If you plan to produce a variety of sets for a variety of models and scales, and make a business out of it, then invest the time and effort in learning and mastering CAD. If you just want a one-off set for one model then pay someone to do it. Therre are lots of CAD designers "for rent" out there.
  9. Biggest differences are intakes, exhaust, wingspan and cockpit. Check out Jim Rotramel's series of Aardvark articles on Hyperscale: http://www.clubhyper.com/referenc.htm (scroll down ~1/3) First of nine parts is here: http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/f111indetailjr_1.htm
  10. Tamiya
  11. For those like me who can't read the fine print in the map image, here is a link to show dates & locations. Sadly the Dallas appearance is just a flyby, no dedicated airshow.
  12. Any news on a release date? Their website still says "pre-order"...
  13. Same here
  14. Does Israel have the Patriot ? Thought they had their own system, Arrow.