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  1. If you are in fact wanting to build one of the ADF jets acquired by Portugal and upgraded to MLU then two things to know: they did not have the extended parabrake housing as depicted in your box art, and the distinctive ADF bulges on the tail base were only present on ADF A-model, not on the two seat B-models.
  2. I had one I picked up cheap - still a waste of money, gave it away. I don't think there was an interior not even an ejection seat, just a Very Crude pilot. IIRC it was underscaled at ~1/50, possibly a Fujimi rebox? Dunno. It was a long time ago.
  3. “I’m not bad, I’m just built that way”
  4. That looks like an MLU jet not an ADF
  5. Impatiently waiting for Tamiya to release a 1/48 F-16D 2-seat model.....
  6. So who makes the most accurate scale pizza model ever??? .
  7. Both the Tamiya and the ProModeler are good. As stated the Academy (and Hobbycraft, same molds) kits are 1/50 scale. Not near my stash right now but IIRC the Tamiya kit has panel lines which are not visible on the real RAM coated airframe.
  8. So here we are 50 years and a day later and it seems many of these space exploration kit re-releases have failed to materialize. It would seem that the modeling industry has failed to capitalize on this anniversary, unlike the book publishing industry, the movie industry, even the food industry (have you bought your Oreo Marshmallow Moon cookies yet?). You can even buy a commemorative Zero Halliburton metal case like the ones that were used to return the moon rocks. Meanwhile the hobby shop shelves runneth over with Star Wars and Gundam kits...
  9. Damn, foiled again by cats...
  10. Do you realize how many BTUs / kiloJoules it takes to cook a pizza? And how many pizzas are cooked every day? Every year? This massive energy consumption just to "fuel" our pizza consumption is proof positive that pizza is melting the polar ice caps and raising sea levels. Pizza crust will be the end of the earth's crust. Oh, and the earth is flat - just like pizza, and just like pizza boxes. Coincidence? I Think Not.
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