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  1. Not disagreeing with you but it reminds me of a true story. (TINS) Many (many) years ago I was dating this girl and, when I finally met her parents, I learned her dad was a pilot. He was retired USAF, no nonsense about many things including flying and who his daughter dated. Once he decided I might just might be an OK guy, he invited us to go flying in his twin engine Beech. His daughter informed me this was a Very Big step in gaining his trust and to not screw it up. So we drive out the the airport that weekend and meet him at the hangar. He has the pre-flight done and is waiting on us. Before we board he turns to me and says "One question. Do you know what keeps an airplane in the air?" I met his judging gaze and confidently said "Bernoulli." After the longest five seconds of my life he smiled and said "Welcome aboard." After the flight we were talking and he told me "Actually you're wrong about what keeps a plane in the air. It's not Bernoulli." (short pause) "It's money." He was an alright guy.
  2. So the author claims to have logged over 1,000 hours as a pilot and he thinks how airplanes fly is a mystery? Sheesh...
  3. The real mystery is why crap articles like this are written. The real shame is that people might actually believe the crap they are reading. I don’t read Scientific American but based on thus article they should change their name.
  4. Geez you could buy the entire kit for what he's asking for the windscreen.
  5. Ideally to a grounding rod or metal pipe. An “earth” ground. If you are sure your electrical outlets are properly grounded you can attach the mat strap to the ground wire (the bare wire or sometimes green insulated wire - not the black or white insulated one!!!) .
  6. bump - 36 years ago this weekend
  7. https://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal16/15701-15800/gal15743-Harrier-Declerck/00.shtm Title says 1/48 Tamiya Harrier, article says 1/32 Trumpeter. Pretty sure the article reference is right, perhaps the title can be fixed so it's not confusing. Either way, nice build!
  8. The real ones are much bigger and go Boom. The Eduard ones are smaller and inert. . I'll show myself out.
  9. Remember that all MLU jets were A/B models, and the Tamiya kit is a C model. The Tammy can be converted if you know what to change.
  10. Interesting about the C model being SARH. I always assumed all AIM-9s were heat seeking, hence the name Sidewinder - like the snake (a pit viper that senses heat). Or I guess it could also refer to the locomotion pattern of the snake as the missile spirals towards the target.
  11. An electrical charge differential (static) between the painted surface and the dust particles can attract each other. Also the act of spraying paint on a surface can create a small charge - it doesn't take much.
  12. I see what you did there !!! 🙂 Besides, everyone knows the Tom Cruise missile is much shorter.....
  13. But could the LAU-7 launch an AIM-9B ?
  14. I have this sheet in my stash and could probably be talked into parting with it, includes markings for an F-4D SA / 66-7678 / 4 TFW https://www.scalemates.com/kits/superscale-international-48-0147-f-4-d-e-phantom-usaf--208033
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