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  1. habu2

    Revell 1/96 Apollo Saturn V

    I'm in the middle of a big work project, I'll try to put something together next week.
  2. habu2

    Differences in 1/48 Monongram F-104C and G?

    I have a C kit and the gawdawful-yellow G kit. There are definite differences as posted earlier.
  3. habu2

    F-35 news roundup

    Will they keep the RAAF insignia on the jets ?
  4. There is an extensive list out there detailing the many inaccuracies/corrections needed for the Dragon 1/72 kit. Is there any interest in a similar list for the Revell kit? I’ve been making some measurements on my Revell kit and thought about putting a list together if there’s an interest.
  5. habu2

    Hobby Boss 1/48 A-10A nose issue?

    You sound like my (ex)wife...... 😎
  6. habu2

    Man in Space Saturn V

    SA-500F through SA-502 (integration, Apollo 4 & 6) had eight. SA-503 through SA-509 (Apollo 8 through 14) had four, (almost * ) aligned with the S-1C engine fairings. SA-510 (Apollo 15) and up had none. * almost is defined as centered on the third stringer to the right of the cardinal axes. That’s assuming you have the correct 216 stringers on the interstage area. The angular offset is 4.1667 degrees (4 deg 10 sec) from the axes. This is from the David Weeks drawings. .
  7. habu2

    Differences in 1/48 Monongram F-104C and G?

    The plastic in the G kit has the extended tail rudder and different main wheels when compared to the C kit. The seats and other details look the same to me.
  8. habu2

    CD48150 - F-15 Eagle - The Early Years

    This may be one of the jets I shot for Jake’s Modern Eagle Guide, I’ll have to check my records.
  9. habu2

    First female Viper demo commander out

    Because it's clickbait and clicks mean money in his pocket. Always follow the money. Always.
  10. habu2

    First female Viper demo commander out

    If you guys are gonna speculate why not do it over in the AMK F-14 thread where all rampant speculation belongs ? just sayin’.....
  11. habu2

    Hobby Shop in Tampa?

    You don’t need to wait for Michaels or Hobby Lobby coupons in the mail. You can go to their website and pull up the 40% off coupon on your phone and they will accept it at the register. .
  12. habu2

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-35B version 3.0

    For starters the shape of the rear sponsons around the horizontal and vertical stabs is inaccurate and the PTMS exhaust is missing. Meng got these right.
  13. habu2

    PLAAF Su-35 Weird Load

    That makes sense. In light of that it seems odd they would carry more than one for training EO targeting/delivery.
  14. habu2

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 F-35B version 3.0

    New decals and different color plastic won't fix the shape issues.....