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  1. There's probably a Very Good reason why......
  2. No luck on Vig canopies but I did find excellent photos of unit insignias for RVAH-6, -7, 9 & -11, all photos of insignias on the airframe (not patches).
  3. There's a B&W pic in there of the first fuselage being rolled out the back of the C-5. Jay took the photo, I think that's me on the left.
  4. Well I just reviewed my copy and there is only one pic of the cockpit, instrument panel only. And only one brief mention that the first 3 ships had "Martin Baker zero/zero ejection seats". The book does have numerous color photos of #1 in white. WAPJ vol 10 also has a lot of good V-22 FSD pics, but none of the seats.
  5. I don't but I'm sure the Aerofax (Jay's company) book does. http://www.ipmsusa.org/reviews/Archive/Books/Aircraft/Aerofax_V-22/Aerofax_V-22.htm Another (not so fun) fact: Summer of 1992 I was flying the V-22 sim in Herndon VA when one of the prototypes (#4?) crashed into the Potomac. Navy investigators immediately showed up and commandeered the sim to try to replicate the crash as part of their investigation. Seven fatalities, it was a dark day. .
  6. Correct, they are black markings on a Euro type came scheme. I don't know if anyone has done the rollout scheme. Fun fact: Jay Miller and I photographed the delivery of the first V-22 fuselage to Bell from Boeing, delivered in a C-5. We also attended and photographed the first flight. I used to live next to the Bell flight test center, XV-15 and V-22 overflights almost every day.
  7. Testors reboxed the Italeri molds with the prototype markings so there's another search option. edit: Testors kit #640 .
  8. It looks like it has the parts for the cargo interior. (walls, floor)
  9. Just looked at that link, I can see the parabrake part there too, first sprue pic, just below the nose of the stbd fuselage part. The shape looks a bit inaccurate though, too thin IMO
  10. Just checked my TA-7C & A-7K kits in 1/72, the Navy version has a part for the parabrake housing - C8, USAF version has a filler piece - C11 Don't have access to my 1/48 kit at the moment...
  11. Hate to be That Guy but here goes - any plans to release this sheet in 1/72 in the future?
  12. I have the A-7K kit, pretty sure it has the TA-7C parts included.
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