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  1. habu2

    VFA-147 F-35C decals

    Orange Models released a C in 72nd https://modelingmadness.com/scott/mod/previews/orange/a72001.htm
  2. habu2

    Love this "rusty tail" F-16

    Steampunk ???
  3. habu2

    1/48 X-29 from Freedom model F-20

    There was an article in Fine Scale Modeler many years ago (mid 80s) about kitbashing and scratchbuilding an X-29 in 1/48, maybe someone has a copy or a link? edit: May 1986 issue, here’s one on evilBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fine-Scale-Modeler-May-86-Israel-Merkava-Grumman-X-29-Spacecraft-Starship-/400265528960
  4. habu2

    Mig 28 screen shots from Top Gun

    No one’s ever seen one this close before.....
  5. habu2

    One weird jet

    Wingspan is approx 380 ft or 116 meters.
  6. habu2

    Big model

    Panel lines are all wrong.... 🍺
  7. habu2

    1/144 747 SCA and Shuttle

    Definitely Revell. The Dragon kit has “cool” transparent cutaway sections and I believe it is basically a pre-painted snap-together kit. It is riddled with inaccuracies though. The Revell kit is your typical styrene kit requiring glue and paint but it is far more accurate.
  8. habu2

    SpaceX - Falcon Heavy

    When I was in college (back in the 70s) we had to solve what’s called the “inverted pendulum” control problem using analog “computing” circuits to balance a simple yardstick. We only had to solve the problem in one axis, along a sliding rail. This Space-X feat involves solving the problem in 3 axes while also solving the challenge of vertical velocity and precision guidance AND the variable mass of the “yardstick”. As an engineer I am impressed. Here’s a video of an inverted pendulum demonstration involving more computing power than I dared dream of 40+ years ago.
  9. habu2

    Britmodeller Access

    It’s not working on my mobile devices. I haven’t tried a desktop or laptop pc.
  10. habu2

    Observations of Vietnam era A-7E features and loadouts

    It’s my understanding the primary difference between a C and an E is just the engine. When the Navy decided to build the E model the Spey TF-41-2 wasn’t ready. So the first 67 E models retained the P&W TF-30 and were redesignated C models. When the TF-41 became available subsequent airframes were designated E models.
  11. habu2

    Canopies turning cactus over years

    Both WD40 and Goo Gone contain petroleum distillates but Goo Gone makes a formula specifically for removing sticky adhesives.
  12. habu2

    1/4oz bottle caps?

    Can’t you just cut the 1/2 oz ones in half???
  13. habu2

    Air-to-Air Combat Between India and Pakistan

    Only the truth......
  14. habu2

    Researching SR-71 Ground Equipment

    Try here: https://www.sr-71.org/blackbird/manual/ although it doesn't look like it covers ground equipment