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  1. He can be my Captain anytime.
  2. I predict the three TBD kits will be a P-51, Me-109 and an F-16
  3. Seconded, all my Raven kits are in 72nd.
  4. Nice. That wing planform reminds me of the F-8 Crusader.
  5. There’s a lesson here. Buy up all those Caracal sheets now, they may be worth Big Bucks in a few years. 👍
  6. I have the Fujimi T-38 and A-4, and the Academy T-38 and A-4. Sprues are identical with exception of raised panel lines on the Fujimi kits and engraved panel lines on the Academy kits. All are underscaled at ~1/50 scale.
  7. Don't worry that fancy new electric catapult will eliminate that problem. Oh wait.....
  8. Since General Dynamics (GD) did all the F-111 development and most of the manufacturing it was basically a one-company show. Lockheed (= GD) learned an important lesson from F-111 and spread out their F-35 subcontracts to as many states as possible (possibly all 50 but I'd have to check). That means as many jobs (= voters) in as many Congressmen's districts as possible. That means DoD can't kill the program because Congress will keep it alive to ensure those same Congressmen get those worker's votes (= re-election). Lockheed took it one step further and got international development and production commitments in addition to domestic work. For example when I was on the program I worked with Honeywell of Canada on the PTMS system. For that reason the F-35 will never die and may well live forever, costs be damned. This program was designed in the boardroom, not the engineering department. I'm sure Boeing would have done the same thing with the F-32(?) had they won.
  9. Good grief I'm sitting on a gold mine! I just added up his asking prices on the Fox One sheets I have in my stash and it's almost $900 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine aren't for sale though...
  10. If you can't find a donor you might seek out a PE set to use instead, Kinetic markets some Eduard pre-painted ones for ~$10
  11. or just over 19" for all of us who are mystified by the metric system but still count on ten fingers....
  12. I meant the loose fasteners etc kicked up by the wheels, not the actual wheel....
  13. So, that Robert NcNamara, he was quite the genius, yes? No.
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