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  1. I cannot imagine a circumstance that would call for the application of Corrogard to an inlet / intake.
  2. This incident, with the F-15 w mixed live & training rounds, is exactly the type of “accident waiting to happen” I was referring to earlier.
  3. IANAO but that sounds like an accident waiting to happen.
  4. Can I buy just a model? I don’t need another cat…. 😱
  5. You can get AC to DC converters with a 9 VDC output. Plug it into the wall, viola. (batteries not included)
  6. Only the first pic is showing for me. Remove the [img] and [/img] tags and they should show, as below:
  7. Better A-7 kit selection in 1/72 👍
  8. I've used Plaza Japan many times. never had a problem. As mentioned, shipping options, costs and times have changed with the pandemic but that applies to all vendors.
  9. It must be a problem on my end since others can see them. Carry on.....
  10. Very nice. This kit languishes in my stash,..
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