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  1. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    If there was any doubt, this was intended as sarcasm. Or not.
  2. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    It is obviously collusion, fake news stories posted on Russian citizen’s facebook feeds by American disruptors to influence the Russian election. Or not.
  3. Mach 3 Phantom

    The F-4E(S) / F-4X was also touched on in this thread
  4. Tamiya 1/70 Apollo WIP

    do an internet search on "How to Clean a 3D printed part" there are tons of articles and videos
  5. some more F-35A help Please

    Looking back I have to say, who really thinks this is the “final” scheme? The only constant in the F-35 paint history is change....
  6. Out of my league, even at the cheapest price :( Guess I need to get busy on my EduCraft paper model....
  7. Bombs for S-3A Viking

    I've seen Harpoons on pylons on Vikings, is that an S-3B only thing?
  8. B-2 Retirement

    And the B-1 was made to replace the B-52, and the B-2 was made to replace the B-1....... I've heard sooooo many iterations of the B-52 re-engine program over the years it's like every time it's like CNN says "Mars closest approach tonite"... Not. Gonna. Happen. Especially when new engines take $$$ away from the (take your pick) B-1 : B-2 : B-21 program....
  9. Hanging model airplanes from ceiling with ceiling fan

  10. Mercury-Atlas-Saturn V Comparison

    I’d like to see them do an Atlas Agena to compliment the Gemini Titan.
  11. Academy F-15 MSIP

    Are you referring to the Academy kit ?
  12. Israeli F-16 shot down over Syria

    Maybe it is a terrace roof ? I don’t know about you but I just had a great idea for an outdoor cooking grill...
  13. Israeli F-16 shot down over Syria

    Look how small the debris field is, and how many recognizable parts there are. Looks to me like it came down in a flat spin at a relatively low descent rate and burned. It didn’t do the “lawn dart” because the intact radome is visible. Unless that pic is just part of the wreckage / debris field.....
  14. Academy F-15 MSIP

    They spent the money on box art and decals instead of updating the molds. :(
  15. How to paint wheelhubs

    I use a circle template as a mask, you can find them at an office supply or sometimes with school supplies in department stores.