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  1. I’m curious, is this same topic being debated on the f-book version of ARC? I’m not so curious that I would get on f-book to find out…..
  2. I think I have the ES Chilean sheet, let me check. Sorry I misread your post, I thought you were looking for this one. IPMS released a resin AFTI spine ( and decals) in 72nd many years ago. Good luck finding one though… .
  3. Agree, a restriction in a line can’t increase pressure above the output of the pressure source (your regulator setting). A better analogy is to compare your airbrush setup to an electrical setup. Your line pressure equates to voltage, your air+paint (mass) flow rate equates to current (amps) and your needle setting and MAC valve equate to resistors. You can model a simple DC circuit to understand how each affects the others. In this case, you can’t get more voltage (pressure) out of your battery (compressor) by simply changing an inline resistor (valve/restriction).
  4. I have a ton of pics, on another computer, of different J58 engines, mission noses (off the jet) and an inlet spike on a stand. If I can get to them and upload them I’ll add links here.
  5. Is that the 1/12 Esci kit? I have one of those too….
  6. How late can we join this? I am without an airbrush until spring…..
  7. Do you have a link to that build? I have the Revell kit in the stash and am interested in seeing builds of that kit. The Tamiya kit is on my wish list...
  8. My books arrived today in perfect condition, my collection of Ginter Crusader books is now complete.
  9. Nice. It takes me 3 days to find anything in my stash.... 😞
  10. That's pretty much everything, assuming your pre-MLU is a Block 15 (vs 5 or 10).
  11. Given the (only) alternative I guess the only real question is, is it better than the Testors kit? And is it worth the price? I have several unbuilt Testors kits in the stash so, for me, the bar is fairly high.
  12. I remember when Revell announced a "de-contented" boxing of the An-225 kit for the USA market, but never saw it in the flesh. I wonder if this SR-71 USA version will actually see light of day?
  13. Excellent review Jay, thanks. One question: are the inlet spikes fully modeled? By that I mean the rear taper back to the supporting shaft?
  14. The M-21 “mothership” was a modified A-12 airframe, differences between the A-12 and SR-71 are well documented, specifically the forward chine and aft fuselage/tail shapes.
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