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  1. Well at least the wing pylons aren’t canted.....
  2. The lack of a decent kit in any scale....
  3. Think about the mission and the threat environment. HG on a 'Hog makes about as much sense as a rear cargo ramp on a B-2.
  4. I had to look that up, had no idea that was a real thing....
  5. You're obviously new here so I'll try to be polite: Please start a new thread in the appropriate forum for your query, please don't post irrelevant queries in an existing thread.
  6. I've had good luck contacting Revell for replacement parts, however that was before they (Hobbico/Revell USA) went bankrupt. Might still try contacting Revell Germany...
  7. Anyone remember the Wild Hare 1/32 resin set ? That Hare was a Dog...
  8. There's battle lines being drawn. Nobody's right if everybody's wrong
  9. Since it is the only kit available in 1/72 it is both the best and worst kit available in that scale. If the inaccuracies outlined above don't bother you then it is fine I guess. It is certainly better than any of the 1/32 offerings. The Kinetic/Skunkworks kits are the best XL kits available in any scale, and the only 2-seater XL available OOB.
  10. Sorry, your pics are not showing up for me.... ☹️
  11. The dashed line is the kit profile overlayed on the actual aircraft shape Here is where the fuselage extensions were added
  12. The article by Keith Svendsen was in the Fall 1984 issue of IPMS Quarterly The wayback machine has a snapshot of the article on my old website at: http://web.archive.org/web/20080102033505fw_/http://www.habu2.net/vipers/xl/index.html
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