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  1. The Dragon kit has now been earmarked for conversion to a Little Joe booster, teamed with the Mercury boilerplate parts from the Horizon kit :)
  2. There are several builds of this kit in the ARC gallery. http://www.arcair.com/Gal-Archives/jet/F-107-Ultra-Sabre/01.shtm
  3. Ha same here. Dreamed of making a Goshawk but that Premier kit was so bad it became a No-Goshawk. However the PM Model kit of a 1/72 F-16 was far far worse. Tube glue was too good for that steaming pile of shtyrene...
  4. Any updates on a release date?
  5. Although I will certainly get the Roden kit, I wish there were decals for my old Otaki kit...
  6. Those photos remind me of the those of the EP-3E AIRES II (156511) being dismantled on China's Hainan Island several years ago after the mid-air with the Chinese F-8-II...
  7. Regarding the comment about F-35s, HARM and SEAD/DEAD, I thought one of the attributes of the F-35 system was to be able to say: "Hey Mr F-16CJ, see that dot I just drew on your screen? Kill it."
  8. So is SMCG essentially zone-five v2.0
  9. It's on Facebook so, by definition, it is meaningless.
  10. Just east of Temple Iron & Metal, a recycling outfit
  11. As a rule, yes. :)
  12. This thread has almost 1400 posts and well over 160,000 views - and AMK needs pre-orders to know if there is sufficient interest to produce this kit ? Seriously ?
  13. lol good one
  14. I read the same thing about the F-117 back in the 90s, not exactly a "new" threat to stealth.
  15. New technology ??? Rushed ??? The TACAIR MNS (Mission Needs Statement) for EMALS was put out in 1995. EMALS first land-based launch, a T-45, was in 2010. Westinghouse developed a similar electric aircraft catapult in 1946, around the time linear induction motors were first developed. When compared to EMALS, the whole JSF > X-35 > F-35 program is "rushed"....