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  1. Just remember we are consumers, not marketing directors. Vote with your wallet.
  2. I have a spare single seat canopy and windscreen from an MPC (Airfix) kit, would that work? edit: I just compared the MPC part to a Hasegawa kit in my stash, they aren't even close ☹️
  3. The model has been returned to Gene Roddenberry. https://arstechnica.com/culture/2024/04/long-lost-model-of-the-uss-enterprise-returned-to-roddenberry-family/
  4. I don't believe the A ever saw combat. I think the B first saw action in Desert Storm, by then all the As were gone.
  5. The A/B/C/D got the standard two pane HUD as shown in the top two photos. The E got the curved single pane "holographic" HUD as shown in the bottom left photo. I don't know about the export versions.
  6. And your lack of awareness wasn’t confusing? You stated “This is incorrect for the F-16 kits” which was clearly incorrect. It should be obvious that Kinetic is following the precedent they set in version selection in the original series in the selection of versions in the Gold series.
  7. No, Kinetic has released A/B & C/D & E/F kits with both forward fuselage sprues (and canopies) in the original series. The recent Gold release 48160 is a Block 20 F-16A/B with both forward fuselage parts. I assume Gold versions of the C/D will follow. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/kinetic-k48160-f-16a-b-block-20--1519503 Note the decals in 48160 are identical to the previous (original series) release 48055. .
  8. Hi Glynn,


    I have some of these sheets, and some others that may work for you.



    Micro 72-608

    Micro 72-609

    Micro 72-622



    I don't have Repli 72-1036 but I do have:

    Repli 72-1034   EG - 33 TFW

    Repli 72-1037   FF - 1 TFW

    both from Gulf War



    I don't have the Carpena sheet but I do have

    Two Bobs 72-025   FT - 75 FS


    Are you in Mesquite?  I'm in Dallas near downtown.


    Let me know,


  9. Especially the mix&match engine nacelle panels! 👍
  10. I have some RepliScale sheets that cover that period, primarily Hornets and Eagles.
  11. Stop down the lens, increase shutter speed, put camera on a tripod.
  12. habu2

    Atlantis B-58

    Atlantis usually strives to accurately reproduce the original kit - flaws and all - rather than make any historically accurate corrections.
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