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  1. https://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal16/15701-15800/gal15743-Harrier-Declerck/00.shtm Title says 1/48 Tamiya Harrier, article says 1/32 Trumpeter. Pretty sure the article reference is right, perhaps the title can be fixed so it's not confusing. Either way, nice build!
  2. The real ones are much bigger and go Boom. The Eduard ones are smaller and inert. . I'll show myself out.
  3. Remember that all MLU jets were A/B models, and the Tamiya kit is a C model. The Tammy can be converted if you know what to change.
  4. Interesting about the C model being SARH. I always assumed all AIM-9s were heat seeking, hence the name Sidewinder - like the snake (a pit viper that senses heat). Or I guess it could also refer to the locomotion pattern of the snake as the missile spirals towards the target.
  5. An electrical charge differential (static) between the painted surface and the dust particles can attract each other. Also the act of spraying paint on a surface can create a small charge - it doesn't take much.
  6. I see what you did there !!! 🙂 Besides, everyone knows the Tom Cruise missile is much shorter.....
  7. But could the LAU-7 launch an AIM-9B ?
  8. I have this sheet in my stash and could probably be talked into parting with it, includes markings for an F-4D SA / 66-7678 / 4 TFW https://www.scalemates.com/kits/superscale-international-48-0147-f-4-d-e-phantom-usaf--208033
  9. Do you work for Eduard? or have some financial interest in their company? Because you are starting to sound like a shill.....
  10. ISTR X-plane being used for accident recreation but the people doing it were driving the sim with black box data. I toyed with X-plane about 20 years ago so I doubt my experience is relevant now.
  11. Did you read the informational links posted here?
  12. For us non-ordies, what is a "Skipper" ?
  13. The pic looks to be the same as or similar to a pic I received from Mike Valdez many years ago. I had a reference page for the AFTI jet on my old habu2.net website that included that pic but that went away a long time ago. It can still be found on the wayback machine. edit: the YF-16 CCV had similar inlet bumps but I don't have any pics. On both aircraft these bumps provide clearance for the actuators for the inlet-mounted canards.
  14. You might also look into an anti-static mat e.g. an electrically grounded work surface.
  15. Off the top of my head, visible MLU mods include bird slicer antenna farm in front of canopy, landing lights moved from the main gear door to the nose gear door, and a “C” style main instrument panel with (color) MFD displays. If the jet didn’t already have them, 5L & 5R hardpoints were added to the sides of the inlet.
  16. Kinetic has one or more MLU boxings. Hasegawa did a MLU kit but may have only been decals. I’m far away from my stash at the moment.
  17. Note the Roden kit is the B-36B, with six turning and zero burning. The box art doesn't show the outer wing(s) so it may not be obvious this (B) version does not have the four podded J47 turbojet engines. I don't know if Kursad's sheet will include marking for a B model, so we may have to wait and see if Roden releases a D/F/G/H/J variant.
  18. Are they still in business? The "News" section of their website hasn't been updated in over seven years and, scrolling thru 4 pages of "Product", I see 107 of 112 sets are either "Sold Out" or "Coming Soon". Only 5 of 112 items shown in stock (presumably) and four of those were for the A-10.
  19. The older standard two-tone greys? Or the newer HG5 uniform dark grey?
  20. I have 20040 that I will probably never get around to building. The kit decals are discolored by the rubber tires but I have the Indycals sheet to replace them. PM me.
  21. One of my favorite shows when growing up. It inspired me to want to be an astronaut - for all the wrong reasons.....
  22. Does this refer to the thin photo calibration/reference stripes that run the length of the fuselage on some of the jets?
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