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  1. habu2

    Question on Black Box 1/48 F-14D cockpit set

    From what I have read the Academy kit (shape) was based on the old Monogram kit.
  2. habu2

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I don’t know, the canopy looks wrong and the radome is too fat. I hope the producers fix these glaring errors before the movie is finally released. I have three DVDs on pre-order already. 🍿 🍿 🍿
  3. habu2

    Niki Lauda dies at 70

    My close encounter with Niki Lauda at the 1984 Dallas GP https://i496.photobucket.com/albums/rr330/habu2/1984_DallasGrandPrix/DGP84_0006_zpsea23ab1f.jpg https://i496.photobucket.com/albums/rr330/habu2/1984_DallasGrandPrix/DGP84__0018_zpsa9a04a88.jpg
  4. habu2

    CD48100 - 1/48 SR-71 / YF-12 Blackbird

    With so many options on these sheets is there any chance of releasing the common data sheet separately as part of your Basics line?
  5. habu2

    NASA SR-71 LASRE/X-33 Aerospike 3D part

    Will it include the Aerospike markings?
  6. habu2

    Ohh the old B-52

    Jeez that link loaded so many ads it ran down the battery on my iPad.
  7. habu2

    What do you do more?

    25 or 6 to 4
  8. habu2

    1/144 BURAN from ARK Model

    I bought the ARK Buran and was very disappointed in the (lack of) decals. Did ARK mention how to acquire them?
  9. habu2

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Well played. πŸ‘
  10. habu2


    Excellent! I really like the outdoor shots of the full stack, very convincing!
  11. habu2

    Why do builds stall?

    OK seriously this time... A full time job and life take up most of my time. Modeling is not my primary hobby, it comes after my other "hobbies", photography and cars. When I do have time most builds stall at the paint stage since painting (airbrushing) is done in the garage and is very weather/temperature dependent. I have a box full of unpainted but otherwise "finished" kits.
  12. habu2

    Why do builds stall?

    Mine stall due to a change in my angle of construction and disrupted airflow to the brain...... 😎
  13. habu2

    Modern Navy procedural question

    Curious if the jet had a β€œkill” mark to commemorate the event. You can guess what would look like..... πŸ˜‚
  14. I have both the Ballade and the Mugen versions in the stash. Mine was a black over gray Si, the first fuel injected one. I autocrossed it for several years when I first got it. When I sold it in β€˜06 the guy asked me how much I wanted. I said $500 and he countered with $600. I replied β€œDeal !!!”. 🀝
  15. habu2

    About e-books and our hobby

    I for one vote for good old fashion printed and bound books. Why? How many of you still have a floppy drive in your computer? A cassette player? 8 track? Reel to reel? Punchcard reader? Remember zip drives? Someday you will be able to add e-books and tablets to that list. If you don’t have the hardware to view your electrons, you’ve essentially lost the content. Books have endured the test of time, going back centuries. Say that about your e-book. Full disclosure: I just finished doing a brake job on my 1967 Pontiac, so I’m not exactly an early adopter...... 😎
  16. habu2

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Vote with your wallet. I guarantee they will listen to that.
  17. habu2

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    atta boy, keep working on getting that post count up... πŸ‘ 🍿 🍿 🍿
  18. habu2

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I was gonna say it’s a three way split between bashing the kit, bashing the company, and bashing the bashers.... πŸ™ˆ πŸ™‰ πŸ™Š But hey, whatever. 😎
  19. habu2

    Best early Eagle kit for the new 1/48 Caracal sheet?

    This is an excellent book on the early design and development of the F-15. Understand two things : (1) it is not targeted at modelers and (2) it was published in 1978. It does have good info on early Eagles but is a historical book dealing with design studies from an engineering POV. It does include full page diagrams of those zillions of access panel decal locations.....
  20. Big Led Zep fan, this brings back some memories.....
  21. I had an β€˜85 Civic, I put 300,000 miles on it and then sold it for more than it was worth. Mine was a CRX and I still have a Tamiya kit of the car in the stash. Someday.....
  22. But..... redlines...... 😎
  23. Wait - is this the AMK F-14 thread ????
  24. habu2

    60 Minutes Segment on NATO/Norway

    Thanks for the graph and I understand and agree with what you're saying, but many of those costs are more or less "fixed" whether you're new or re-upped. By that I mean, paying your men in uniform more for the purposes of retention really only (mostly) applies to that "basic pay" slice of the pie, right? The "basic pay" slice looks to be less than 10% of the overall budget. Or do I not understand the graph? (entirely possible)