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  2. Awesome Mikkel! Take and post some pics!
  3. blunce

    Salt Mask Issue

    LIght mist coat is what you want. Just enough to give the salt something to stick to.
  4. Alright, since this thread seems to be smoldering a bit now, lemme throw somethin else in the fire to take us even further from the OT. Something didn't seem right with that gif of the two guys blowing up their boat, like the part where it looks like one guy's head is blown off. Anyway, I decided to search on it and see about it's authenticity and I found the following article. source: http://offthebench.nbcsports.com So see, if enough of us comment about something, it has to be true! We now return you to your regularly schedule program...whatever that may be.
  5. Here's a bit more info I found using the OP's opening line as a search: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2373118/Cassini-First-pictures-Earth-taken-NASA-spacecraft-orbiting-Saturn.html Very interesting! Of note, the Earth has only been photographed from "outer space" 2 other times, and one of those was also by Cassini in 1996 (source: above link) Thanks for sharing, pretty damn amazing really!
  6. My queries went unanswered. Good to see ARC is "safe" again :unsure:
  7. Great idea for a theme! I think I could throw something together.
  8. Hmm, must be goin' around this year. For my last birthday (Apr 15), I went to the eye doctor and had my eye "drilled". Yep, "DRILLED"! I was doing some work on my classic car, also involving welding and grinding, but my story differs from there. I was grinding WITH safety glasses on, and somehow, two tiny fragments of steel got lodged in my right eye. The doc told me they had been in there for 2 or 3 days and he could tell by the rust spots in my iris. When he told me that, I remembered when I felt them hit my eye around my safety glasses, but I didn't feel anything in there right when it ha
  9. ok, is it just me or is that super hard to read? (format)
  10. WOW!!! It all looks amazing, but those seats are just insane! They look real to me (1:1).
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