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  1. Wonderful job so far Gianni!
  2. Thank you. I don't have WIPs of the restoration project, but I did have a WIP topic here when I first completed this 10 years back. Cheers!
  3. My apologies habu2. Anyone else couldn't see the pictures? If not, here's the link to the pictures in my main imgur account! https://imgur.com/gallery/8Izse2Z Cheers!
  4. More pictures... 20200524_174645 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_175657-01 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_174600 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_173503-01 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_173817-01 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_174324 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_174837-01 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr Thanks for looking!
  5. Hi all, This is my recently restored F-15SG with a fresh coat of paint, new tails, decals and minor improvements. Some of you may remember my 1/48 F-15SG build about 10 years back. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/209636-148-academy-f-15sg-fighting-shikras/ While I could say I had enjoyed the build process back then, to be very honest the end result left a great deal to be desired. Fast forward to today after a 8 year hiatus, I decided to improve upon the beauty of this Strike Eagle subject with a much-needed makeover. To start off as well as recap, the base kit is the Academy F-15E Operation Iraqi Freedom boxing. To convert it into an F-15SG, I used epoxy putty, sprues as well as plastic strip to scratchbuild the various parts that make the F-15SG unique. If you want to see how to convert your own F-15SG, I wrote a separate topic a while back which you can check the link here! http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/231950-modeling-an-f-15sgsa/ Decals used were Miliverse's 428th anniversary special which were sized for the Revell and GWH Strike Eagle kits. Unfortunately this meant the tail flash decal wouldn't fit to the Academy's slightly undersized tail. Luckily I had a Hasegawa kit for spares and decided to use it to donate a pair of tail fins. While the fit of the decals was better on the Hasegawa tails, I still had to apply some minimal cutting to get the decals to fit. Further improvements included an iridescent film stuck on the HUD for a truly authentic look as per the real plane, some scratch details to the interior of the landing gear doors and CFT seals all made using stretched sprue. I also took the chance to improve on my original converted parts too. Overall, a fun and pleasant project! 20200524_173202-01 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_175448-01 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_173530-01 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_173644 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_173902-01 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_173623 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_173347 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_174240 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_175010-01 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr 20200524_174918-01 by Josiah Chuang XQ, on Flickr Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy the pictures! Cheers!
  6. Hi guys, Am looking for a Sniper targeting pod for an F-15SA build. If anyone has a spare pod that you don't need, I'd love to hear from you. Those from the Academy F-15E or Kinetic F-16 will be good! Am willing to pay for shipping. Drop me a PM and let's work something out! Cheers!
  7. The Academy F-15I has both AN/AXQ-14 pod, Popeye 1 missiles and the associated AN/ASW-55. The pod in the skunkworks set is actually an AN/ASW-55 mislabelled as an AN/AXQ-14. For info.
  8. For the SPICE bombs, no data link pod will be required. The AN/AXQ-14 is required for the GBU-15/AGM-130 while the Popeye uses another pod, the AN/ASW-55. Note that if you'll like to load a Popeye on an F-16, the smaller Popeye 2 Have Lite is the one that's certified for carriage. More info here! https://missilethreat.csis.org/missile/popeye/
  9. I think Tamiya XF-19 Sky Grey might be a close match for 36251.
  10. Hi, can you see them now?
  11. Nice work so far, Gianni. Hard to believe that its 1/72!
  12. Namaskar Sir! That's a sweet looking Flanker! Could pass off as a real bird with those photos! Well done!
  13. Yup, have seen those. But am looking to do an older F-15A/B Eagle and it is the high-viz stencils on the right of my posted image I'm after instead of the low-viz/black ones. Thanks!
  14. Hi all, Looking for spare stencil data for a 1/48 F-15. If anyone has a spare unused decal sheet from either a Hasegawa or Academy F-15 and don't mind parting with it, I'd love to hear from you. Image below from the old Academy F-15E kit as an example I'm looking for. Cheers! Qian
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