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  1. Yup, have seen those. But am looking to do an older F-15A/B Eagle and it is the high-viz stencils on the right of my posted image I'm after instead of the low-viz/black ones. Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Looking for spare stencil data for a 1/48 F-15. If anyone has a spare unused decal sheet from either a Hasegawa or Academy F-15 and don't mind parting with it, I'd love to hear from you. Image below from the old Academy F-15E kit as an example I'm looking for. Cheers! Qian
  3. That would be the Mk84 version thanks!
  4. Hi all, Looking for anyone willing to part with just 1 GBU-31 from their spares box? Specifically looking for the ones from the Academy F-15E/I/K or Kinetic F-16 kits. I do have other 1/48 weapons to trade if interested. Drop me a PM and we can work something out! Cheers!
  5. Part 2 of photos Thanks for looking guys! Comments, questions, feedback, critiques are all welcome! Cheers!
  6. Hi guys, I present to you my recently completed F-16I SUFA by Academy with aftermarket decals and various scratch-built details. It's my first fighter build in over 8 years and I'm glad she turned out exceeding my expectations. She was an absolute joy to build! Here are a list of modifications I made to the kit to enhance it: - Scratch built landing gear wheel well details such as cables, hydraulic lines and wiring. - Surgery to increase the gap between the intake and fuselage. - Added a bulge in the intake behind the heating strut to accommodate the larger nose gear of the SUFA. - New interior nose gear door details scratch built over the kit part. - Added seals for the CFTs using stretched sprue. - Sanded and tapered the front end of the LAU-129 AA missile launchers slightly as the kit ones were too round. - Modified the kit 370 gallon fuel tanks with scratched details to match the unique tanks used in Israeli service. - Scratch built the seeker head for the GBU-15 and finished off with an iridescent film for the seeker lense. - Scratch built canopy locking hooks and DASH HMD sensors for the canopy. - Scratch built oxygen hoses, canopy locking mechanisms for the cockpit using thin wiring and stretched sprue. - Ejection seats given a "sheep skin" texture with random spreading of Tamiya putty and seat belts made with aluminium foil and leftover PE. - Decals were a mixture of F-16C/D stencils from Sky's Decals and kit decals. The Sky's stencils had the correct colours for the warning triangles and other markings compared to the kit. - Added a mission marking for the 2007 Operation Orchard on the left nose below the antenna blip. 462 was one of the 4 SUFAs that took part in the mission. - And the final pièce de résistance, I used the iridescent film again and added it to the LITENING pod and HUD lenses. This is by far my favourite add-on to this build! Pictures follow! Thanks for looking! More photos in Part 2. Cheers
  7. Hey guys, Am officially wrapping up this build! Thanks for following my progress. Here are a few teasers until I can take better photos! Enjoy and thanks again for looking! Cheers!
  8. Thanks guys for the kind words. I've thoroughly enjoyed this build as I had lots of opportunities to try out new things! Thanks to all the various tools and tricks I've seen here and picked up, I wouldn't have had so much fun building up this Sufa. As much as I have enjoyed this build, this build is now winding up at the finishing touches now. So this will be the last update before I roll her off to the finishing line. The canopy frame was plain in itself and cried out for some add-ons to make her look busier. So I scratch built some canopy locking hooks using leftover PE as well as made some DASH HMD sensors for the aircrew positioned just above them. And lastly, I played around with the HUD with some iridescent film to mimic the actual plane where the HUD changes colour as one walks around it. The effect gave a truly authentic and realistic look to it and I think the HUD is my favourite part of my build now! Thanks for looking!
  9. Now that's a shame the judges didn't like it Janne. Like what crackerjazz said, I too thought the weathering and variations in tone were done perfectly as per the real aircraft being in service and exposed to years of the elements. But glad to see your still positive outlook towards the competition despite the outcome. I am sure we modellers here (myself included) can still learn from your mastery towards bettering our builds! Keep up the good work and continue to inspire modellers like myself with your masterpieces! Cheers
  10. Hi guys, Slowly inching closer to the finish line. I finished off the GBU-15s, targeting pods and hung the stores beneath the wings. Now all is left is to polish the canopy, work on the canopy frame, attach the last few fiddly bits and she should be just about done. The GBU-15s Heres the latest batch of photos under natural lighting. One of my last few tricks I will try on this build is to use some iridescent film which I cut into a circle and glued into place on the LITENING pod lenses. I was happy with the effect and looks just like the reference photos on the real pod. Now this trick will go onto the HUD too which will be the final icing on the cake before I roll it off to the finish line. Thanks for looking!
  11. Small update! Started weathering. Now she's really starting to come to life. As Sufas are extensively used for operations, I opted to give her a battle-hardened look. Reference photos show the CFTs are considerably more dirty than the rest of the fuselage. There are also plenty of stains too on the underside especially around the undercarriage. Weathering was exclusively done using oil washes. Hope its not too much? The 370 gallon tanks were also weathered according to the reference photos! And lastly, the SUFA is equipped with a slightly different NLG door to accommodate its larger gear. This was scratchbuilt, sprayed and an oil wash given to punch up the details. Not perfect but looks the part. Hope the rest of the gear and the LANTIRN nav pod will do its best to hide! Haha Thanks for looking! Cheers Qian
  12. Have been away for some time already and can see your love for F-16s has never waned a bit! Excellent job on this one! This has given me inspiration to start my 1/72 Black Knight! Cheers Qian
  13. Looking good so far! Keep up the good work!!
  14. Update! Started applying the decals. Now she's really starting to gain familiar looks! I did went back to repaint the radome as I felt it was too dark as well as touch up on the camo to improve the look before applying the decals. There is an error on the kit markings for the stencils. Academy printed the stencils orange when in the real aircraft, it is more of a pinkish orange. I managed to grab some stencils from Sky's Decals which provided the correct stencil colours as well as bonus stencils for the Sufa. I was delighted with the product from Sky's Decals as they were some of the softest decals I have ever used. They conformed nicely without silvering. The only problem was that the decals were sized for the Tamiya kit, but hey nothing too hard to play around with the decals to get them in the right place on this kit. The Star of David roundels and Negev Squadron markings were from the kit though. There's still slight silvering on the tail flash though despite lots of Mark Softer. And she has gotten her legs too. The time spent adding all the various plumbing and wiring are reaping their rewards now! The AAMs are done too! Thanks for looking! Cheers! Qian
  15. Finally an update! Painting the camo was a lot harder than I anticipated! After analysing more reference photos of the Sufa, I noticed that the camo colours do not have sharp transitions, but rather they have diffused edges. The transitions were more apparent on the CFTs so it wasn't a case of simply mask with tape and spray. I wanted to try something new in order to get that transition right. Thankfully through a Su-27 build I came across online, the modeler used paper templates of the camo by scaling up the instructions to match his model and then cut them out. The resulting airbrushing gave an effect I think closely matched the camo patterns of the Sufa. I'll leave the link of the build here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kj0i1yFX-lI&t=1268s With that, I dug up my old instructions manual for my Kinetic Sufa built long ago, I scaled up the sheet by 2.69x on an A3 paper to get the correct scale for 1/32. I then cut out the 3 colours individually and paste them on my model. Problem I found that since the paper templates were in 2D and with the complicated shape of the Sufa, some of the templates were of the wrong sizes. So I had to improvise here and there in order to get the template right. I tested it out on the horizontal stabs for a little look-see, not bad! This was followed by the main body. Of course it wasn't smooth-sailing as some oversprays happened here and there. But no biggie, just touch it up and go from there. Overall I'm really happy with the way the final camo turned out. Do let me know what you think! Next update, weapons and decals! Thanks for looking! Cheers Qian
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