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  1. Says it's for the KP. Doesn't mean it won't work with the HB, we just don't know....
  2. Removed sold/shipped items; re-organized listing...
  3. From a non-smoking home, two FACTORY SEALED model kits of the great Dodge Charger. Prices INCLUDE SHIPPING within the USA. Will ship international for the difference in postage. Contact at jollyrogers5 at Thanks! 1) MPC "General Lee" Dukes of Hazzard '69 Charger FACTORY SEALED -- this is the later release in white plastic with the corrected rear window and greatly improved interior detail --$18 (INCLUDES shipping within the USA) 2) Revell 1968 Charger "2-in-1" kit FACTORY SEALED -- Vastly superior (and much more complicated) kit to the original MPC --$24 (INCLUDES shipping within the USA)
  4. Nope, you're right, it has both when brand-new, except if you got it second hand it might not have both options remaining...we know how that goes.
  5. ...I was close...LOL Either way, would love to see the current Vermont markings for her in 72nd.
  6. Most beautiful car in the world!!! :) Nice color, too!
  7. If you ever do more 1/72 F-16's, I'd LOVE to get 86-262, the MiG Killer currently assigned to the Vermont ANG. It also has the historic distinction of being the very first Big Mouth Viper if I understand correctly.
  8. Yes, sorry...sold about a week ago...
  9. True. Not convinced that's an F-16 nose/radome section either.
  10. Sold items removed :)
  11. Amen, brother, my reaction exactly!
  12. Nope. It ain't LOL Personally, I find your lack of faith.....well.... ;)
  13. Bump...
  14. Love it!
  15. Bump....