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  1. A-7E seat in 1/72

    Ah, well...and the Pavla are very undersized.... Looks like I'm stuck.
  2. A-7E seat in 1/72

    Well....I may be out of luck then unless someone pulls a rabbit out of the hat....call me lazy, but I never like doing PE belts/harnesses....
  3. Eduard 1:72 MiG-21MF has arrived

  4. A-7E seat in 1/72

    Guess I should have said this is late service when the ESCAPACS were gone, so no question which type I need. So I need a decent replacement. I didn't know Aires and QB were connected....can't find a QB seat dedicated for the late A-7, so would their AV-8B seat be close enough, considering the scale?
  5. A-7E seat in 1/72

    I've got the Aires 1/72 A-7E 'pit, but I have never liked adding the PE belts etc. I'd like to find a replacement seat for the given replacement seat, ironically, meaning one with molded belt detail. I was looking at the Quickboost AV-8B seat, am wondering if it might be considered "close enough" in 1/72, and if its size compares to the Aires? The Pavla seats are significantly undersized.
  6. EA-6B Prowler - Hasegawa 1/72

    Absolutely outstanding!!
  7. 1/72 Fujimi A-7E

    Great subject, great job!
  8. North American FJ-2 Fury - Sword 1/72

    Oh, but that's a joy to see!
  9. New Member

    Hello Renato, and welcome! Bienvenidos a nuestro comunidad, hay tanta gente genial aqui!
  10. FS Star Wars figure droid lot

  11. Volcanic Aggressor

  12. My small Airliner collection

    Oh, I like those!
  13. Nice Tomcat, Darren

    Yep, it's another beaut!
  14. FS Star Wars figure droid lot

    From a non-smoking home, liquidating many of my collections. These are all loose (meaning "unpackaged," not "loose joints") but never played with, collection-only, stored in individual bags. Fourteen in total. C-3PO in various appearances, K-3PO, R-3PO, the silver droid, all 3 Death Star droids, CZ-4, Power Droid, a couple of different treadwells, and 2-1B the Medical droid. Asking $100, shipped anywhere in the USA. $110 international. Contact at jollyrogers5 at hotmail.com
  15. Britmodeller website

    1) Yes, on BM to post TO SELL SOMETHING you must have 100+ posts; that way folks don't just register to sell, it asks you to show some good faith as a member of the community. 2) Yep, wouldn't mind the title of this thread being slightly edited.... 3) Only reason I know BM is from the time our beloved ARC was offline during the crisis not too long ago. 4) The other site mentioned was my home years ago before I discovered ARC. I thought I was always a polite and decent contributor as I have tried to do here for over a decade and a half. Then one day the owner of that site contacted me and said they'd been having spam or something-or-other and were blocking the bandwidth (or something) it was coming from, and that it included my IP. So I was tried and convicted without warning. Only years later did I ONLY use that site to sell stuff. That's it. Was insulting and, dare I say in a non-wishy-washy-way, hurtful. Perchance when that happened I had just registered on ARC perhaps months before, and was welcomed with open arms into this wonderful family. I thank all of you for everything