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  1. Finn, you're an encyclopedia! Don, I like the idea of using maybe a combination of the two colors....to my eye the Beret green is good but might need some lightening, I'm thinking....I'll experiment with that as a base. Thanks!
  2. Keep in mind the sea air, salt and sun bleached the TPS beyond belief, often to the point where it *almost* looked like one single shade of lightish gray overall. Suggestion, paint the actual colors straight up. Then take lighter shades, well-thinned, and bleach out each panel center (leaving a slightly darker outline to each panel). Goes quicker than it sounds.
  3. Great pic Finn! What I find interesting in my 2 posted pics is, even though they are taken from different times (no Snoopy art on the second), they *appear* to be carrying identical war loads of Mk 82s on the centerline and 82s with fuse extenders on TERs on the wings....
  4. Well crud, I don't have one of those LOL....and I'm sick of scratch building for a while.... 😁
  5. Very helpful, thanks! Wondering now what shade of green to use.... Also still wondering if anyone can make out anything in the forward Sparrow wells in the top pic....
  6. Wondering about the fin cap/tip color on Vietnam veteran 66-7554, aka "Trapper." I have two color images, but can't tell from the lighting and angle if it should be something different from the camouflage, possibly a lime green. In the second image it's the first in line closest to the camera. Also, in the first photo, is it carrying any ECM in the forward Sparrow bays?
  7. I do both; large/long gaps I do CA glue, but for smaller imperfections I use Tamiya white putty (used Squadron white putty for 30 yrs before they changed the formula; they lost my business). Basically it's like a sculptor using a hammer/chisel for general shaping, and a polish system for fine-finishing. The CA is the hammer/chisel, getting the majority of the job done. The Tamiya white putty is the final fine finish.
  8. Mark, you're a Godsend to anyone doing Vermont ANG planes!! You're the reason I was able to do their F-102, F-16C-25 and F-35 plus use your markings to improvise their EB-57. I'm now wishing I hadn't improvised/cobbled together markings for my VT F-4D a couple of years ago, yours look fantastic....
  9. ...I've heard of Viking funerals, but JEEZ...…. I've been building nonstop for over 40 years, and I'm 49 now. Darren and I are kindred, both elementary teachers (bilingual music for me), within a year in age, both Tomcat fans. Stash started in late teens as I hit college. Swelled to about 80. Tons of decals in a large tub, plus resin and other aftermarket. Past 4 years, been clearing out, hoping to have no more than maybe 3 incomplete at a time, only to have what I'm working on. I'm down to only 8 now, with 2 of those nearing completion. If I get married in the next 1 1/2-2 years, I need to focus on her and on us. I've built hundreds of projects, competed, etc etc etc. I need to expand my focus a bit.
  10. Cessna 152 is what I trained in, so that's got a place in my heart. But for all-out sexiness and desirability, T-38 all the way!! TA-4 is next. 🙂
  11. AMEN!!!!!! Was already thinking that. Still miss my last L-1011 flight in 1992. As for art, this is my all-time favorite (other than Jolly Rogers):
  12. I should have mentioned, they DO INCLUDE all applicable decals. Granted some of them are a bit old, but I'll send everything they should have.
  13. I still like Dalton (on Red Green) trying to explain why there might be inappropriate stuff on his computer's memory. "Look, I was remodeling the kitchen, and I did a search for "pantries." But there was a typo...."
  14. I have some of 72-250, in black; "USAF" and "U.S. Air Force" in multiple sizes. If it helps I could cut a few out of that.
  15. I agree, the 2 seat F-16 is extra kewl to me....but yep on the others....man....
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