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  1. F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    Oh, yes, I definitely recommend the Pavla set. Really brought mine up a treat! :) Other than the markings this is a strange parallel; never figured on seeing someone else do the same kit with the same cockpit and the same pitot in the same year seeing as it's not a Tomcat or Viper....
  2. Our Name

    Think I'm covered already....
  3. UAV/Drone kills....do they really count?..

    I'm reminded of a certain WW2 USN carrier-based pilot....I forget the specifics, but it was something like, he had ditched twice and been picked up, maybe another on a bad takeoff, but the last two were when he taxied into the plane in front of him during engine runups, totalling both birds.... Whatever the true details were, the running joke was that he was a Japanese Ace.
  4. From a non-smoking home, clearing house of some good 1/72 stuff I won't need, at least not for many years. Might as well go to a more appreciative home. Prices INCLUDE SHIPPING within the USA. Will lower prices for combined shipping. Willing to ship international, I'll try to find the best deal possible (not that the options are great) and pay part of it myself. Contact at jollyrogers5 at hotmail dot com Thanks! RESIN: Pavla SJU-7 seat (AV-8, A-7E) $4 Aires SJU-17 NACES seats (F-14D, F/A-18E/F) two resin seats with PE fret, $8 True Details F-94C Starfire cockpit $7 True Details KM-1 seats (MiG-21/23/25/27), 2-seat set $6 (two sets available) AML RS-82 rockets w rails (all WW2 Soviet fighters) $5 A&V MiG-23S/SM (Flogger A) conversion set (wings, radome, engine) $8 Quickboost MiG-21F/F-13 Fishbed intake $5 AML resin RS-82 rockets and rails (12 rockets, 4 rails) $5 Pavla SK-1 seat for MiG-21F-13/PF $5 RUSSIAN PACKAGE DEALS MiG-21F/F-13: Quickboost resin intake & Pavla SK-1 seat combo deal $8 LaGG-3: Taurus canopy & ModellHobby PE instrument panel combo deal $6 PHOTOETCHED DETAIL SETS: Eduard MiG-21PFM PE detail $7 Eduard MiG-21MF PE detail $7 Modell-Hobby LaGG-3 PE instrument panel (two at $4 each) AML Soviet AF WW2 seatbelts $4 VACUFORM CANOPIES Rob Taurus LaGG-3 Type "35" vac canopy $5 BOOKS OSPREY Soviet Aces of World War 2 – $8 MiG-21 Units of the Vietnam War – $8 -Both Osprey books for $14- DETAIL & SCALE F9F Cougar – $20 (rare one) SQUADRON IN ACTION FJ Fury - $6 Spitfires - $6 MiG-19 - $6 -All 3 In Action books for $15- VERLINDEN LOCK-ON A-10 – $7 Mirage V (some highlighting of text) – $7 -Both Verlinden books for $12- WARSHIPS IN ACTION (SQUADRON/SIG) U-Boats in Action (Warships No. 1) Absolutely like new! – $6 U.S. Battleships in Action Part 1 (Warships No. 3) – $5 U.S. Battleships in Action Part 2 (Warships No. 4) – $5 -All 3 Warship books for $14- -Flying Tigers DVD (John Wayne 1942) $6
  5. F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    Great and rare selection! I just did the same kit this summer with the Pavla cockpit. Looking forward to yours!
  6. The Last Jedi

  7. The Last Jedi

    I'm having grave doubts about the entire 7/8/9 saga. As soon as I heard Disney was buying SW, my immediate reaction and concern (and still is) is that they're just going to mass-produce SW films because they will sell. So far (other than R1 which I LOVED) that's all I've really seen evidence of. I have been a major fan since the original in '77 (I"m 46 now and have lived the entire thing), and am a member of the Rebel Legion, so I speak as a true fan. I detest on every level the idea of mass-producing stuff just because of the label.
  8. MiG-25/MiG-25PD differences?

    If you mean the original MiG-25P "Foxbat A", the PD also has a more ogive-shaped (rounded profile) radome; the P's was much more pointed.
  9. 1:48th - MiG-23MF "Flogger-B" & ML "Flogger-G" by Eduard (Trumpeter plastic)

    Still needing better options in 1/72 as well. I was so, so disappointed with RV's Flogger once I tried to build it, especially after the huge hopeful buildup to its release....
  10. Shelf of doom escape

    Usually I'll end up putting it away for a while, sometimes months or even years, and finally come back to it another time for completion. Sometimes it's a long time; it's why it took me 4 years, on and off, to complete my ultimate General Lee build with all the scratchbuilding and such that went into it.
  11. New Aggressor

    Aggressors/Adversaries used to be one of my staple builds; used to have about 30 of them, built from the late 80's through almost 2000. Once the splinters started becoming standard, I messed with a few of those and just completely lost my drive or desire....only done two of them since, neither of them splinters. Can be really neat to look at, though!
  12. Horrifying Landing!

    Or mine used to say (though may others have as well), Any landing you walk away from is a good one.
  13. New Aggressor

    Oh, I like it!!
  14. Horrifying Landing!

    ...holy @#$%....
  15. EB-57B's ?

    Thanks! No rush, as I'm not looking forward to the airframe mods (already have the basic B-57 kit). But, just knowing they're definitely coming at some point is all I needed, for my Vermont ANG history I've been working on.