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  1. Perfect! Thanks!
  2. Wondering, which 1/72 kit would be the best choice to build this bird? Being a postwar bird I don't know if there's a particular preference.
  3. ...yep, gotta do a "C".... Here's what I've got done so far: F-51H, T-33, F-94B, F-89, F-102, F-4D and F-16A.
  4. Still seeking good homes for these. Fantastic quality! Rather do it here than on Ebay....
  5. Oh, agreed...much as I love the bones, it's fantastic to see such a deserving yet underrepresented squadron! Really refreshing :)
  6. Did it :)
  7. Thanks for that! Now gotta decide what the next Vermont bird will be....
  8. Thank you! :)
  9. Nope, not much there in 1/72, unless I want to get two complete D-model pits just for the seats. Wondering if my best bet would be to modify a couple of True Details F-5 seats?
  10. Ah! I should have specified...I mean finding aftermarket seats!
  11. Got a little 1/72 F-100F Wild Weasel project going; would like to find some decent seats for it, but haven't found much. What would y'all recommend, especially as I need two? I understand the headrests differ between the two 'pits, no worries there. I just need a good, decently detailed starting point. Even something "close enough" I could work with.
  12. That's true. I've been an hour away in Tucson for 20 years now and always carry chapstick with me. Drink LOTS of water. At least it'll be May, and nothing NEAR as bad as June/July/August. We hit 116 a few times last summer. No WAY I'm retiring here. *grumbles*
  13. Well, maybe you call that one "Pre-Gen," or "Gen-Basic"? "Gen-Zip"? I dunno, something along those lines....
  14. True, and a good place! Although granted it is about, what, 3-4 hours west, one way....
  15. Man, that's like asking someone about someplace they've never visited I decided something long ago; the young teachers I work with are wide-eyed and want a life of excitement. I'm at the point where I'd just like for life to at least sometimes pass me by. I tell them "Oh, it does pass you by if you're lucky. It's when it stops and involves you that the trouble starts!"