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  1. They have some resin aftermarket I've been looking for, so they say...but I can't find a thing about them. Prices are posted in CA $, assuming Canada?
  2. Thank you! And great to know....when I was desperately trying to find info on the unit, the best I got was "Looks like some kind of Holmes" from the folks at the auto modeling site I go to for such things. Still with that knowledge I found almost nothing useable online, which is why I went the route of taking screen shots and making prints of literally dozens of views from the actual TV show. Total desperation. Really appreciate the history, that makes total sense. Thanks again!
  3. Microscale's "Micro Mask". Definitely need some alternative....
  4. Yep, very sad to hear, hope all affected are back on their feet. So, what's the next best liquid mask? I've tried one major brand in the past and found it to be total rubbish, unusable.
  5. Hmm...well, it didn't let me add the pics....so I tried the text-only and it took. Tried the next post with pics-only and it took, as well. Tried to edit the pics post but wouldn't take the text. It DID take 2 sentences, seems to be the limit so far. Does this just pass with time, or am I now stuck with this as a feature?
  6. Final update before the completed MiG-1. Due to technical problems, I have to post the text first, then the photos. Hope this is fixed soon.... 1) The tires need to be replaced. Normally I use the RPM/Maquette tires to replace the ridiculous "donuts" of the HobbyBoss, but in this case they need to be smaller, and without the diamond tread pattern. I found something close enough in my spares; not sure what they came from, probably a few decades ago, but I used the PE wheel hubs from the Microdisign brass set to cover the middles, and, close enough. 2) The wings DO ne
  7. You mean, you make the post text-only, then go back and edit it to add the photos? Brilliant! Lemme give it a try.... Thank you!
  8. Yes, trouble posting...not always, just in my thread under "In Progress Pics" for my MiG-1. For the past 2 days I've been trying to load the latest update (both text & pics from Imgur) to that thread, and always goes to a white page saying "Internal Server Error". I've tried on two different devices using different servers (Google, Firefox), also tried restarting, and, always the same, for the past 2 days. Anyone else suffering this, or is it just me?
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