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  1. What I've never understood is that, with CGI, one can theoretically draw something any way they want, yes? Which means they can get it right.... One scene of PH in this in which the camera is between the Arizona and the Vestal looking forward of the Arizona (Vestal was facing the other way) showed the Tennessee and West Virginia in front of them...and the Tennessee has tripod masts. She NEVER had that, a major detail very highly visible even to non-battleship experts, visible in every photo imaginable....
  2. Oh, dear God, imagine having to eject with an animal like that, trying to save it as well....😲
  3. I wonder if you'd be better off starting from the Revell "A" and adding the "C" tail and GE engine? Much easier than backdating the Tamiya. I also needed an early "C" for my Vermont ANG Viper and although it's a Block 25, most of the rest might apply to your planning. Yours would be simpler with this approach from mine since you'd retain the Sidewinder wingtip rails, and it's already a small-mouth; wheels and landing lights are already what you need. An Aries GE exhaust for the Hasegawa F-16 would fit perfectly (my build has the Aires PW exhaust for the Hasegawa, and it fit like a glove). Here's the build with more details and how it worked: https://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal16/15201-16300/gal15241-F-16-Desautels/00.shtm
  4. ...is there anyone who DOESN'T have a stash?? I know I never intended for one, when I started building as a teen, but it just....happened.... I'm down to 18. Built or sold everything else. Was up over a a hundred at one time but wouldn't admit it.
  5. Some of you Gen-X'rs and older may remember an old TV commercial showing shipping employees with parcels, looking lobotomized, shaking packages that said "Do Not Shake," and dropping the ones labeled "Do Not Drop"....
  6. You guys are awesome, I appreciate you all! Thanks!
  7. Agreed with the splitter plate for the F-4, definitely! Seems like the most perfect place for it. Beyond that, canopy rail just seems so...right. Habu, I'd love it if you could post the pic from the book...just so I could get it back.....:)
  8. Ok; and they both have the same conduit running down the length?
  9. Is that the long conduits running along the fuselage, or the small dark strips on the forward 1/4 just aft of the nose cone?
  10. Ok, could you explain TDD Antenna? What am I looking for? Especially since it's 1/72....
  11. I'm not worried about the decal sheets per se, as I can cut the decals and arrange them anywhere I want....I'm just wondering what anyone else's preference is, and if anyone else kinda likes the canopy rail look better....
  12. I'm an Imgur convert. Quick, simple. :)
  13. What are the external differences between an F model Sparrow and an M? Would it be the conduit running along the body?
  14. Regarding the VF-41 Su-22 kill markings, although most modelers go with the kill marking on the tail, it apparently rotated with some frequency between the tail and the canopy rail. It's my understanding that it was first applied to the canopy rail. Then upon their return to NAS Oceana it was on the tail under the spade. Then later it appeared again on the canopy rail when the Battle "E" went under the spade. And so on. I once had a photo in a book (Great Book of Modern Warplanes) showing it on the canopy rail, and I've got to say I think I prefer it there. Call me old fashioned. (wish I still had the book and the pic) I'm just wondering if anyone else has a preference as to tail vs canopy rail?
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