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  1. This week I traveled from Arizona all the way to my birthtown of Burlington VT, to show my wife where I was born and grew up in the neighboring state. Yesterday morning I had a royal appointment with the Vermont ANG as I donated to them my entire 1/72 collection of the 14 planes I did of their entire history from P-47s to F-35s. Was painful to lose them, but what better place to possibly give them, than where they will be most appreciated and viewed by many? Besides those who see them in the ARC gallery, I mean. And boy, did they roll out the red carpet for us! They
  2. Amazing to reach 101 and still be relatively mobile and lucid, especially considering he was almost killed at age 20 (7 December 1941). His powerful voice and very firm handshake have weakened very considerably, but he is still at it. What an amazing life he's had! Now both remaining USS Arizona survivors are aged 101.
  3. Hoping to find the windscreen/canopy from a Hase 1/72 F-111. I *think* all variants have the same one, yes?
  4. Long shot, I don't suppose anyone makes a 1/72 F-111 internal weapons bay? Found one in 1/48, but so far nothing in my planned scale.
  5. Wow, I was already thinking the phrase "Well deserved!" when I scrolled down and saw how many other folks said the exact same thing. So it's true!
  6. LOL Thanks, yes, we were definitely a bit different. My siblings and I have often talked of writing a book about our beloved father entitled "My Father Tried to Kill Me," because seems like every wonderful fatherly outing we had also resulted in a semi-major injury for one of us, despite the good intentions....
  7. Man, I know we've got pics of her, but haven't found them yet....still looking....
  8. Holy mackerel, no! It was mom's car primarily, and I can't imagine her driving a hemi, though I'd LOVE to see it!
  9. Bingo! Yep, that was my hometown for many years, and the "GE parking lot" in the obit was the General Electric plant in Lynn MA where dad worked, in jet engine design. 😎
  10. For your amusement. Back in '77, my folks' early 60's Plymouth Savoy totally died. I was 6 but I remember it well. What I didn't know at the time was my folks typed up an obituary for the car (without publishing) to amuse themselves. They even listed our other car ('70 Cutlass) as one of the survivors. Enjoy!😁😎
  11. Another option I just found. Try here (link below) and scroll 2/3 to 3/4 of the way down. It's the one right after Target red. http://www.scalefinishes.com/Racing.html
  12. Cautiously optimistic. I had HIGH hopes when RV released theirs and was bitterly, bitterly disappointed. Really hopeful for other versions as well, for this, the fastest single-engined aircraft in the world....
  13. I have an old habit of sometimes holding a paintbrush in my mouth as I adjust something-or-other, including opening a bottle of paint or thinner. Nothing like using a brush, then as you're about to open the thinner to clean it, you absentmindedly put the wrong end of the brush in your mouth. YUCK!! 🤢
  14. On this plane the white camo was worn, sometimes showing traces of the underlying camouflage.
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