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  1. It's from when the very first Tomcats were flight testing (early 70's). There was a type of Phoenix pallet made with bomb hardpoints (thus not technically making it a Phoenix pallet, but hey...). Completely different from the Bombcat racks that came about after Desert Storm. Another shot: Closer view: I even tried it years ago on a "What-If" USMC Tomcat build, although I goofed and put the aft-most bombs inboard rather than outboard of the pallets.... http://hsfeatures.com/f14amarinesad_1.htm
  2. Thank you both! Dutch, the XtraDecal sheet looks good, although may I also suggest the Wolfpak sheet (72-072) which I used both for the 102 and a couple for the EB-57. http://www.millcreekconsultants.com/WP72-14.html As far as I know the planes are still on display there, although I haven't actually been back since '83...I really do need to get back to my birthplace (Burlington) but I have no family anywhere there even though I was born there and grew up in Boston. I was contacting (for a short while) the little museum they have dedicated to the group there, but found that I actually seemed to have more materials accumulated than they did, which was a disappointment. Maybe one day I'll donate the collection to them?
  3. Kursad, I know I'm biased, but are there any future plans on doing more 1/72 F-16 ANG unit markings?
  4. Well, I can only speak from Model Master colors as that's my experience. The undersides were something very similar to Light Gull Gray 36440. The upper surfaces are a light blue-gray; some sources have cited using 35164 Intermediate blue, but this is too dark. A number of years ago MM came out with the correct color (or as close as they could get), called "Navy Blue Gray." Probably tough to find now, I'm lucky to have a couple bottles purchased years ago. It's lighter than the Intermediate Blue. Not sure what offerings in other paint lines would cover these. What do you normally use?
  5. WOW....potentially excellent, except not sure when, right?
  6. Thank you! The 57 and the 89 each take up most of a stackable storage display box that I use, although the 89 is much shorter, so I'm able to fit the two props in with it. Space will be more of an issue again when I do the F-89D (to add to the J)
  7. So, what is it that sets the Platz above the Sword? (almost sounds like the opening of a joke....)
  8. Thanks Paul! Well, the Heller is still easy to find on Ebay, that and tons of Hasegawas.....you're right about the price of the Platz, wasn't sure what to attribute that to. So with a possible order of Platz/Sword/Heller/Hasegawa, I'm guessing that's the full extent of choices?
  9. I don't have answers other than to comment on one of the opening statements....Although a longtime D&S fan, I could not possibly AGREE more that the original D&S on the SH isn't worth the paper it was printed on. I grabbed it as a new release about 12-15 yrs ago when I was building my first, and was WOEFULLY underwhelmed; was very little help in my project. I think I ended up giving it away.
  10. Wondering what the hierarchy on 1/72 T-33 kits is nowadays. I've done the Sword, which I'm told is still the best, apparently followed by Platz, which I have not done or seen. 35 yrs ago I did the Hasegawa one, so I know how utterly basic that one is. How do the others rate? Like, if I can't find another Sword or Platz with a reasonable price, is there a reasonable alternative for a halfway decent, simple, closed-canopy build?
  11. And she's done! Pics posted over in Critique: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/313258-172-eb-57b-vermont-ang/
  12. Here again joining its Vermont ANG brethren; still need an F-35A, F-89D and another T-33 (to reflect both early and later appearances). Also, PLEASE, someone release decals in 1/72 of their GE-powered F-16's? Closest thing out there is Wolfpak's markings for a P&W-powered "C", but the markings are not quite the same. Please....
  13. #10 in my Vermont ANG History series, finally done. No conversion exists in 1/72 for the EB, so I had to scratch-build the myriad of antennae, radomes and chaff pods for this. Rebuilt and altered intakes to reflect the EB. Also no decals exist yet for this in 1/72 (until Caracal releases their new sheet in 1/72), so I had to scrounge with whatever I could find. I used Wolfpak EB-57 decals plus their Vermont F-102 decals, plus Hasegawa kit decals for the ANG badge, outstanding unit ribbon and bomb bay striping, and a ton of Superscale F-4 and F-102 data/markings. Took most of a week to accomplish. Quickboost ESCAPAC seats (tough to find) with their bottoms hollowed out to allow extra lead weight. Build thread here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/312911-172-eb-57b-vermont-ang/
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