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  1. Thank you! I look forward to seeing your projects. My collection is now complete, except for a late-model F-16C. The Wolfpak decals for the early C is not enough for the late C's, and darnit, the markings I need are available in 1/48! Other than that, it's all done. Here they are....you can see the late T-33 (subject of this thread) on the back corner, next to the F-4D and behind the F-89D.
  2. 1/72 decals and more up for auction. The MiG-3 auction is a multi-item lot, including TWO new/unused decal sheets, canopy and metal instrument panel. https://www.ebay.com/sch/jollyroger61/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  3. Just at a glance, I'm not sure they corrected the HORRIBLY too long forward fuselage of their 1/72 -100F....
  4. This too. I'm done. Gone. Sayonara. NFL doesn't want me, and I don't want them either. See ya.
  5. I must say, the in-flight one does appear very Neutral Gray-ish to me....for whatever it's worth....
  6. Fightertown Decals specializes in Adversary schemes, as Brian grew up on and around NAS Miramar. Can't think of his A-4 stuff specifically, but if anyone knows the stuff, it's him!
  7. I started planning/visualizing this in 2002. Finally started work around 2012-13ish. Finished summer 2020. Base kit is FineMolds 1/48 X-Wing, with massively rebuilt cockpit. Wing cannon mounts and nosegear were also altered/corrected. Pilot is a Frankenstein of many pieces of Monogram & Hasegawa pilots, cut apart and repositioned into one. Helmet was modified from a Monogram figure. Ground crew is mostly very modified Hasegawa ground crew. Had to change or carve heads, trade limbs, carve away jackets, add belts, etc etc. Blue-shirted Rebel Troope
  8. Here's the finished product, after many years; I'll post the same in Critique Corner.
  9. Funny you should mention that....when I put the clear top on (the base is a display case), I had a 10" print of the hangar scene (1st pic in the 1st post) made and attached to the wall of the case, right behind the ship, cardboard cutout X- and Y-Wings visible 😁
  10. Well, I ordered insignia-shade-green decal stripes for the tail, after having done the rudder in yellow. And, after all my panicking, freaking out and throwing of pocket lint, once I applied the green stripes to the yellow tail, the contrast between those two specific colors make the green look almost black anyway. That'll teach me....
  11. Last step after the ground crew was installed, and the canopy installed after scratch-building the hinges: scratch-building the lighting units which appear throughout the hangar on the deck. I studied numerous images of the movie trying to get an idea of the dimensions, but this proved more difficult than I thought. In the end, I used the SWAG theorum (Scientific Wild ***** Guess). Upon study, I could see the sides of the units were sloped, not straight up-and-down. Bad enough to have to build one of these, but I would need multiple copies. I did three, even though more woul
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