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  1. From a non-smoking home, a complete/unstarted vacuform kit of the Mikoyan "I-250", also known in very small production numbers as the MiG-13. A small batch was produced after several prototypes, which briefly served with Baltic Aviation units. This was a mixed-propulsion type; it had a standard piston/propeller unit, which also drove a basic jet engine compressor/burner unit. You can see the flaps for the exhaust below the tail. It flew at the very end of the war. The project was abandoned due to the introduction of pure jet fighters only a year later. $30 INCLUDING SHIPPING within the USA. $40 INCLUDING SHIPPING worldwide. Contact at jollyrogers5 at hotmail.com Thanks!
  2. Saw it last night with my girlfriend, all decked out in my USS Arizona jacket/cap etc. Usually I'm fairly disgusted with Hollywood stuff, but I'd give it a B. I think it would have helped had they more carefully crafted the story of how they used the false-water-system-report from Midway to determine Midway as the actual target....really about got lost in the narrative, and it was the pivotal bit of info that allowed us to set the trap. Regarding the USS Arizona scenes (my specialty), generally good....they failed to show the 600 ft fire that totally engulfed the forward half of the ship; instead, after the magazines blew, there were only "aftermath fires." The scene of the guys escaping across the line to the USS Vestal MUST have been based on the experience of my friends, USS Arizona survivors Don Stratton and Lauren Bruner; they and four others made it across that way, except it was WAY more amazing in reality....they did it from five stories above the main deck, across 70 ft or so of distance, and after being burned 3rd degree over about 60-70% of their bodies, including their hands down to the bone. This, in the movie, while horrific, was relatively minor compared to the actual event.
  3. From a non-smoking home, OOP 1/72 Wolfpak singles, unbeatable rock-bottom shipping worldwide. B-47E, SM-62, T-38, C-45G, and really neat "Razorback" markings for the B-58. https://www.ebay.com/sch/jollyroger61/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
  4. From a non-smoking home, two new/unused patches for the battleship USS Maryland BB-46, Pearl Harbor involvee. $11 for both INCLUDING shipping within the USA. $12 including shipping worldwide. Contact at jollyrogers5 at hotmail Thanks for looking!
  5. In this case it might actually not be their fault....as I started digging, some folks mentioned they might have been forced to change by the EPA....either way, it's totally ended my business. That was the last thing I was still getting from Squadron.
  6. Sorry if this has been discussed in my absences.... I've been using this stuff for about 30 years, seriously. Not as the main filler, I use CA glue to fill the major stuff, but for the final step to eliminate the final little flaws, it's always been totally perfect for they way I build. Perfect. Got around to opening a tube in the new label/appearance yesterday (I've been building a LOT less recently). Thought it was badly mixed....ended up emptying half the tube (seriously!) before realizing the whole tube was the same.... ....went online and found they changed the formula a year ago? Man, this stuff is totally unusable!! I tried, I really did!!! Done. Gone. For a guy who's been using Model Master enamels and Squadron White Putty since Reagan was president (true!), I'm feeling quite put out....
  7. Finally got around to finishing. The classic/iconic steer horns on the roof was the last item to scratchbuild. Here's how I did it:
  8. I ended up at Imgur, and thought, "Why didn't I do this years ago?? It works better, it's SO much easier to use, better all around!" Never ever looked back. Not once. Won't.
  9. Thanks Ed! Question, were the Tennessee Jugs pre-D-30 models? My understanding (completely naive on P-47's) is that corrugated floors were used up through D-25's, and I'm told the Vermont birds were D-30's, at least based on the very few photos I have.
  10. Tried to find this on my own, and the more I read the more I'm not sure (know that feeling?) Postwar P-47's/F-47's, circa 1947-50, would the cockpits typically still be dark dull green, or were they black by then? Also, if it's a poswar D30, then would the corrugated floor be made into a flat one?
  11. Ken, in your book from the late 80's on Modelling Soviet Aircraft (thanks again for signing my copy btw), is the MASSIVELY radical conversion to correct the original Revell kit from the book in that group photo above?
  12. What I've never understood is that, with CGI, one can theoretically draw something any way they want, yes? Which means they can get it right.... One scene of PH in this in which the camera is between the Arizona and the Vestal looking forward of the Arizona (Vestal was facing the other way) showed the Tennessee and West Virginia in front of them...and the Tennessee has tripod masts. She NEVER had that, a major detail very highly visible even to non-battleship experts, visible in every photo imaginable....
  13. Oh, dear God, imagine having to eject with an animal like that, trying to save it as well....😲
  14. I wonder if you'd be better off starting from the Revell "A" and adding the "C" tail and GE engine? Much easier than backdating the Tamiya. I also needed an early "C" for my Vermont ANG Viper and although it's a Block 25, most of the rest might apply to your planning. Yours would be simpler with this approach from mine since you'd retain the Sidewinder wingtip rails, and it's already a small-mouth; wheels and landing lights are already what you need. An Aries GE exhaust for the Hasegawa F-16 would fit perfectly (my build has the Aires PW exhaust for the Hasegawa, and it fit like a glove). Here's the build with more details and how it worked: https://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal16/15201-16300/gal15241-F-16-Desautels/00.shtm
  15. ...is there anyone who DOESN'T have a stash?? I know I never intended for one, when I started building as a teen, but it just....happened.... I'm down to 18. Built or sold everything else. Was up over a a hundred at one time but wouldn't admit it.
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