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  1. Yep, I believe it's only that issue (GBU-27) and the Desert Storm release. Trouble is where to find one now??? I'm not even having any luck finding an aftermarket bomb bay, only details for it.
  2. Tough to identify by the box, at least with my weak tracking skills, but as far as I can tell, neither Ebay nor SprueBrothers have any bomb-bay-included releases.
  3. Done! Both pod and aircraft. Here it is loaded under the wing of the A-7D, its "cover story". 1/72 Fujimi with Aires cockpit, Wolfpak decals.
  4. Brilliant! Yes, I recognized the very last one, but hadn't considered that the others wouldn't even have existed during the time of the pod's use. So, if the other two are after-add-ons, then probably all three. So now my last puzzlement is whether to add the ACC badge at the front.... I do recall reading that a nuclear badge had been used, presumably the yellow and orange disc?
  5. Any thoughts on whether or not they would've actually had the 4 different badges on it when they actually flew it? Or is it more likely they were only added for display purposes?
  6. My understanding, from what I've read in a couple books and elsewhere, was that it was created specifically for one of the overseas deployments in the A-7's. At first I thought it was to England where there are vast numbers of "spotters", but I'm finding other sources claiming it was SKorea. They knew that aircraft watchers would identify their A-7's as belonging to the Stealth unit; so they thought, why not mess with them? It's a fantastic gag 😄
  7. Exactly. I'd always said that if I built a 4450th A-7D, I'd want to build it with the fake pods they devised to fool observers during one of their deployments overseas in the 80's. They knew they'd be known to those-in-the-know that their unit was rumored to be the one operating stealth fighters. So they thought, why not make them wonder if the A-7's are specially modified and are themselves the shadowy stealth fighters? They took simple napalm canisters/travel pods and fitted them out with false aerials, intakes, and a big flashing light on the front. They put on quite a show! So, t
  8. Been re-thinking that, now I'm wondering if there was nothing below. I mean, they were making a prop, but didn't necessarily want to make something too difficult to handle and store. The last photo that you and Habu shared showed me where other blade antennae were (sides). Only other thing I'm wondering is that I remember reading somewhere that they slapped nuclear stickers on it; I'm thinking either it was on some and not others, or on all of them and the markings seen in the photos here are not what they actually flew with but are for display purposes only. Maybe?
  9. Oh, wow!! Those are BLADE antennae on the sides then, not the bulges I thought! Gotta redo those now, but I'm thankful!! LOVE how you can even read the white stencilling near the front that says "Reactor Cooling Fill Port" 😄
  10. As I'm making mine, I'm considering adding 1-2 more blade antennae underneath...wondering if the cradle might be hiding one? No way of knowing, but might look the part....
  11. Actually, they said they used a front lens from an electro-optically guided glide bomb if I recall....it was a prop meant to fool observers who knew these A-7's were attached to the Stealth program while it was still top secret, so there was nothing functional about it. Except that they put a flashing red light in the nose lens.
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