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  1. It's not bad. I tried building one almost 30 years ago as the one I soloed in (C-152). Fairly clear molding, decent fit, considering it isn't a TamiGawa.
  2. If you end up turning out any more 1/72 F-16 ANG units, I'm still DESPERATE for Vermont's (134th) GE-powered big-mouthed C versions. It's the only (glaring) hole in my otherwise complete Vermont ANG collection, and it's the aircraft they flew the longest, with the most photos available. Wolfpak had some similar markings for their early PW-powered C's, but they're not the same markings. First pic is their hi-vis show bird. The second pic, 262, is a MiG-23 killer.... https://pixels.com/featured/1-a-vermont-air-national-guard-f-16c-rob-edgcumbe.html https://www.f-16.net
  3. Not bad. Have to ship via UPS ground though, right?
  4. I used to order every month, literally, throughout the 90's. Not just that the new owners couldn't adapt to the new times, sounds like they wouldn't have had a clue in the good old days either, not even if good times were served to them on a platter.
  5. Wow, Richard, good on ya if you can use it.....I had absolutely zero satisfaction in its sanding quality. I'm a convert to Tamiya white putty now, and glad for it! Pity I'd bought so much of the new stuff....
  6. Well, I was actually getting ready to send back to them 4 tubes of their horrific new-formula white "putty" as a statement of how useless the stuff is. I'd used their original formula for nearly 30 years and didn't know when I restocked that the formula had changed. Guess I can save myself the postage now....
  7. Wow....you saved me on my F-16 build if I recall and once again I find myself in your debt! PM inbound, I'm sure I must have something you can use in return....
  8. Thanks Matt! Jeez, which release is that, "Colorful CAG Birds"? Haven't found it yet anywhere I've looked.... ...wonder if anyone has that release but won't use the -25 markings?
  9. Holy smokes Riccardo, that DS Eagle display is absolutely stunning! Seriously takes me back to when all that was happening!
  10. ...yep, I should've specified the Hi-Vis; love the green. Apologies!
  11. Is the old Microscale/Superscale sheet (48-15) the only game in town for a Hi-Vis 1/48 A-7E of VA-25 Fists of the Fleet?
  12. Yep, the Testors got all the attention, and the Monogram was mostly overlooked.
  13. I did one of Col Hampton's aircraft in 1/72 after reading his outstanding book, here: http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal16/15201-16300/gal15281-F-16-Desautels/00.shtm 77th "Gamblers" decals were from Authentic Decals, sheet # 72-65; went on nicely, although I swapped out bits of several tail numbers to match the number on the tail behind him in one of his photos. Decal sheet viewed here: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/authentic-decals-72-65-f-16c-fighting-vipers--612184
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