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  1. Since we are chatting the mighty Hercules....

    Yes and one coming in that other a/c scale, 43rd, I think???? If you have info on the BC-130 I will definitely buy that sheet!!! Check the link below for some build pics; http://www.network54.com/Forum/47210/message/1508080559/I'm+back+on+track+(pun+intended)+next+big+show+in+Mar...
  2. 1/72 C-130

    Be very careful about that decal company, they have a big problem.................. they are hugely addictive!!!?!!!! Since you are going whole hog, so to speak, you should look at the cockpit detail set to go with the cargo set, that 'pit is pretty sparse on the kit!!! You can see a fare bit thru those windows!
  3. I have a question; with the release of the Eduard MOAB it would be nice to park it beside the bird that carried it!? Now I realize this may be shrouded in secrecy but the minimum confirmed answer would be the type of Herc - EC, MC, just C or BC, for this model. Anybody have so info? Thanks
  4. F-35 news roundup

    I have a solution to this problem!! There are not enough models?? We need to start building Canadian F-35s, it will get to the point that the Selfie King will think 'his' guys did the deal, start talking about what a good deal we got and it's done!?!?!
  5. F-35 news roundup

    Why isn't JT even hinting at the F-35; answer; he has learned from one of his old cronies!! Go back in history and we hear a budding PM say the helo deal is too expensive and to save 'us' poor taxpayers money he will cancel it!! So he gets in and horror of horrors keeps an election promise!?!?? Now there was NO big saving in this; in fact it cost us another approx $700 or more million Loonies!! We lost lost production benefits and jobs and turned around and bought the same bl**dy chopper later!!!!!!??????? It must something in the Libs play book; say what you mean & do what you say?? Every one here is right it would be too easy for JT to say we will fight fire with fire WRT Boeing and purchase the competitions jet and hey; it turns out to be cheaper than those SHs, wow we got a bargain!!! The average Canuck on the street is not going to pay any great attention to this, as far too many are more worried about NHL superstars taking performance enhancing herbs and slashing to worry or even know anything about what the RCAF is up to!! That my $.05 worth this is getting mind numbing, I just wish someone at the top of the hill would just give this annoying big snowball a push and get this thing done, EH!
  6. Canadian CF-188's

    Close, doesn't R2 read the GPS maps??? I believe that is the GPS receiver, but not 100% positive.
  7. 1/72 AH-64 APACHE

    IMHO the best Apache kits are - A - Hasegawa post '92 release. And hands down - D - Academy!!! My rationale; the first Hassy A & the Academy A suffer from the same problem with the tail rotor! The two sets of blades rotate in 2 different planes (pun not intended??), there is a shaft between the two blade sets. The kits mentioned above both molded the tail rotor as a one piece effort with the blades in the same plane. Hassy later, around '92, fixed the tail rotor and some other things with their kit so now you have the distinctive tail rotor set up!! The Academy D kit has recently been released as a British bird and I think (check photos) the Greek birds have the same ECM fit as the Brits, and it is quite extensive, there are a lot of bumps & bits to add the airframe!! HTH
  8. Dogfight with a MiG-29

    Cut backs, a truck uses gasoline, so they trained a dog to retrieve the chute!!!
  9. F-35 news roundup

    How do you spell EH-101???
  10. F-35 news roundup

    Because they are waiting for the 'Sunny Ways' twist??!?!???
  11. Question About Shipping

    Hope it is 9 Aug!!! From what I have seen (stuff shipped to Canada) some countries track to departure point then that's it!!??!! Not sure on Royal Mail, haven't used them in a while, but since your package is in the US they may not track anymore since it is in US hands???? If you are worried contact your post office and give them the tracking number.
  12. Build Prop Job Kits a Dying Fashion?

    Maybe because when jet engines are up & running they whine a lot, so you have to keep them happy!?! Props just have a mighty growl which one tends to respect?!
  13. AMK IAI Kfir C2/C7 in 1/72, new tool

    You should be able to get them up here in the GWN, have you tried the store (forgot name) in Dorval just west of the airport on Cardinal?? I should have a couple from Wheels & Wings in TO today, apparently the kits were delayed to the Asian stores and sent to NA first??!!?? W&W does mail order, very reasonable, here is their website; http://www.wheelswingshobbies.com/ Good Luck!
  14. AMK IAI Kfir C2/C7 in 1/72, new tool

    I heard from the store in Hong Kong ref. my order; they say that North American distributors where whining that stores in Asia were getting to sell the Asian kits sooner than they could. So the company delayed orders to the Asian stores!?!?!?!?!?!!? Duh; when the company manufacturing the kits is in your backyard of course the kits get there faster???? WOW some people...... Oh & my kits are on their way!
  15. AMK IAI Kfir C2/C7 in 1/72, new tool

    Well that looks very nice!!! But I guess I should ask Hobby Easy where the 3 that I pre-ordered are hiding????!!!!! If I am going to guarantee them the sale prior to the kit's release then they should at least make an effort to get the kits into the hands of those pre-ordering kits ASAP!!! I haven't heard a peep from them and the kits are now on sale in North America!!!!