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  1. One of the things I miss about flying

    Agreed - seen a lot of similar sights, Mother Nature is quite the cook!!!! There's nothing like taking off and getting to altitude and watching all the lightning in the clouds ahead, above and below our flight altitude!! Knowing we could not climb over that stuff (in F-5B) and flying under it, totally not smart and as we turned to RTB, realising the met report was pretty much bogus as that flashy crap was not reported!!!! Oh well......
  2. International shipping changes

    I really don't know if this is feasible since I don't do much (any) shipping BUT; Sprue Bros have an option to ship to Canada by UPS with a big difference, they stop at the border and turn the package over to Canada Post/Customs!! It only applies to small packages (weight threshold) and I have been very happy with this system. Something to look at.....

    I'll second the vote on Hobby Easy (online name) or store name - Fat Frog Models, that's great!! My kit arrived today; the new nose is resin, along with torps & mounts. Base plastic is the same as all previous kits with the resin as mentioned and a slightly bigger etch fret with a bunch of details. The tractor is well done, will look good near the helo or you could scratch build a torp cart bringing a re-load to the bird?? Wonder what they will do next? There's a few military versions with the extended nose that will look good in a collection with the other kits!?!!
  4. Tamiya extra thin - new formula?

    A couple of warnings, ask me how I know of these; you cannot use this stuff for gluing very thin plastic (.005") if you are putting any stress on it, say gluing a strip around a tire, it is hot so hot the very thin plastic breaks (melts) so beware!! #2 - fingerprints, be very aware of where those big sausages attached to the ends of your hands are located when using this glue! It runs like a cheetah!!!! So the finger print you will see is yours set in plastic (your kit), if you notice it quickly enough let tit dry thoroughly then sand the print away!!! I like it, but you must treat it carefully padewan!!!!

    Wow there is something messed up in this post??? The Navy bird has been listed now for a couple of weeks and one is winging it's way to me right now!!
  6. 1/72 AH-64 APACHE

    So, are the new blades longer? Or did they make the shape changes within the earlier rotor diameter?
  7. britmodeller forums

    It's those Russian navy ships off the coast - they're phishing!?!?!????
  8. My buddy got his wings 😢

    I have also been down this road 3 times, it doesn't feel any easier if repeated. I hope you have lots of pics so you can remember the happy times!! If he comes across a Siamese cross, technically a Tonkinese, don't; I repeat; don't try to chase him, he doesn't run from dogs actually he has done the opposite, scared the Shepard quite a bit!! Harry Cat and I are blood brothers, my blood his claws!?!?!?!!!! Take care.
  9. Model Collect B-2

    Agree with everything mentioned in above 2 posts & overall am very happy with the kit. My only gripe is the boundary layer bleed ducts, the saw tooth area where the intakes meet the fuse, as in the Testors kit they are solid!!??? The way MC designed the kit these could have been separate parts, oh well, mine is taped off and some saw cuts made!
  10. B-1 SNIPER pod pylon

    Agreed it looks really nice, has some machine lines but they are very light and clean up easily without losing any detail! Guess I have no reason not to start work on the Bone; got the updates, got Eduard Brassin Sniper pod, and now the pylon to mount it on, so........
  11. B-1 SNIPER pod pylon

    I am quite sure the 48th one is there somewhere seems to me I found it first then hit the 72nd version. A pod to install on it = Eduard Brassin! I'll tell you what it looks like soon as mine is very close to delivery......
  12. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    Oh, we have crossed paths, when one of the 'Stangs was bright yellow!! It's a BIG city, not people wise but square footage!! Can't bring Sauve along too expensive, he drinks too much beer!!!!
  13. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    At the home of the 'knobs', I sure the sales guy was pissed that I wouldn't take the black one, they had to get the Red Beauty from Kanata!! Since then I have gone to Sterling (3 new cars) and they changed since I drove away disappointed when trying to buy the 'Stang! A quick story about the knobs; first car I got from Sterling was a Fiesta with a 5 speed, on occasion when shifting from 2nd to third the shifter wouldn't go into the gate. Mentioned it to the service team on a check and they found the shift gate broken, ordered in some parts then while they tore the tranny apart for the fix got me a rental, actually drove it to my work site later in the day!! Ran like a charm after. One of the ladies at work had the same model and I asked her if she had the same problem, she said yes, so I told that mine had been fixed. She took it to the 'knobs' they test drove the car said it's intermittent don't worry about it?? Her husband went back with her the next day they hummed and hawed consult Ford and were told to rebuild the tranny, to get to that point took a couple of weeks!!?? She got the car back and soon discovered they had forgotten a part, 17 years unimpeded by progress!! Cajun21 it's the 3.8 with Ford Racing quasi dual exhausts, larger throttle body, cold air intake & purple oil!!!
  14. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    Yeah, you have never heard of it??? After purchasing the vehicle and having a long and bitter fight with the lousy (still today, which is why I go to another dealer) Ford dealer who sold the car, I gave up on trying to get the correct stripes for the car and went my own way!! During this battle I discovered a few ways to lessen my carbon footprint by improving vehicle efficiency!?!?!! It now puts out the flywheel rated HP at the rear wheels and my next step is to push that to 250 @ the flywheel!! And besides some guy named Shelby had all the other versions copyrighted! I got the stripes cut by a local trophy shop who did the trophies for our club, cost me about $25 back in 2003, the install labour was mine. Except for the bumper covers the paint is factory stock and a Stalker front cover will be installed next summer. It's my toy and will turn 18 next year!
  15. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    This keeps me quite busy in the summer months up here in the GWN;