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  1. Yes it is and the etch adds so much to it!!! We are truly living in a golden age of modelling! And I don't mean guys wearing the latest head magnifiers & modelling jeans & T-shirt!?!?!?!?? Just rec'd the latest from Master Details - the AH-64 chain gun detail up set, so as they say pics have a set amount of words; starting from the left side of the pic; we have the whip aerial from the tip of the tail, then the 2 pitot tubes, then top to bottom, the etch sheet with brackets to hold the gun barrel and recoil shocks then the gun barrel, the cooling jacket and the 2 recoil shocks, next is the 2 (yes 2!!!) 3D printed muzzles for the gun!! My assistant in the top right corner handles the more delicate pieces!?!! The dental pic is the IMHO best way to handle the cooling jacket & muzzles. I used it to remove them from the pic below. This unique and very smart way to ship the delicate parts saves them from bouncing around and possibly getting damaged. Across the bottom of the foam is some tape which holds the parts enough to keep them in place!!! I put the dental pic in one end (barrel end for the muzzles) and gently lifted them from the tape, they weren't stuck on very tight. To do this you cut the barrel off the kit part and add all the brass & resin bits in place of the plastic, the only down side I see is that we need the ammo feed done in etch to complete this!!!
  2. If you suspect kit decals of being old get Micro Scale's Decal Film. It is like a clear paint that dries exceptionally flat and if you don't remember which decal you coated you will never find it - ask me how I know this?!?!?? It will keep older decals from cracking up so you can use them. I'm sensing a theme with your home made decals?
  3. Donald the....................President!?!??
  4. The Apache got some more attention this weekend at 'our' model building session. An explanation - our club gets together every second Sat at the Canadian Air & Space Museum and builds models and answers questions from the public about modelling. So the Apache 'pit got a second collectivectomy and here is the results; Also started painting the 'pit after getting all the Eduard etch attached. Here are the instrument panels and the rotor shaft with a AK Interactive silver paste coating & polishing. It's a bit hard to see properly will fix that in a later pic. I glued the British specific ECM/RW lumps onto one side of the fuse. Got to adding the etch to the rotor; 'Til next update, cheers.
  5. Pah, that's nothing try sleeping outside when it is -33!?!? This involved a helicopter; our Twin Huey was used to transport us to the site! Back story - at CFB Cold Lake one mandatory training requirement during each tour at the base is overnight winter survival training. Mandatory for ALL aircrew!! There is a pull out/ no go temp of -38!? Back in the day I heard they used to meet (mostly pilots) after a flight, have them sign the bird over to the techs then have him jump aboard a helo and go to the training site. Sucks to be him if he didn't wear full winter gear for that hop!!! We were given basic survival gear that you find in the box under your a$$ in the bang seat of a jet BUT we did get the double sleeping bag - one inside the other! I slept like a log, yeah, and that log I was supposed to keep pulling into the fire as it burnt to keep the fire going, but.....well it was effing cold in the morning & no Timmies in sight!!! Ahhh, there was no life like it!?!?
  6. I use milk cartons to hold my Evergreen strips/rod/tube. Drink the milk, then wash thoroughly, cut the top off, and away you go. I keep all my rod in one (still in it's package) and so on, tube in another, etc,etc., HTH.
  7. My 3 Apache sets & 2 Hind sets are in the mail, got a bite while fishing in the evil bay!?!?!!
  8. Haven't seen one but Master does the M197, number 72-038.
  9. Looks good! I used to watch the like painted Kiowas buzzing around Portage in '74 when I was in Musketeer servicing. Got my first helo flight on 208 that year and learned about the extreme sensitivity of Kiowa controls!!!
  10. ....and by Spain which is probably how mine will end up! The Iraqi chopper has a tent shaped sand filter and the kit one is a bit rough! More birds enter the flock - the Academy AH-64D British Army. Excellent kit with some Eduard etch. The first thing I did was a 'collectivectmy' because Academy chose to mold the collectives as part of the cockpit sidewall and I am not happy with this!! Pic to show successful surgery on the rear cockpit and yet to happen on the front! Collective was saved and cleaned up to return to duty!!! The next bird into the 'Flock' is the new Airfix Sea King 'Junglie' also with a dose of Eduard etch. Our club has a contest every year where we designate a subject and we all (or those who wish) build to that theme, this years theme is 'Airfix' so this kit has to be finished by this March!!! This is actually the longest lead time I have used for the contest, I usually go with a week or 3 to cram something together!?!?!?! Pics; In this pic you see the instrument panel, the back plate where Eduard has the gauge faces painted is glued to the plastic with crazy glue and the front plate is held in place with Future! Each gauge will get a drop or two of Tamiya clear before finally being fixed to the floor! Cheers
  11. ...with the MBB Bo-105, 3 types, well 2 actually - 2 of one & one of the other!? Got 2 Bo-105CBSs, these are the extended fuse birds mostly used for Medevac work, although in my case one will be Medevac & the other a Police Chopper! The third one is a Bo-105GSH, a version I had not known about until the kit arrived on the market! It is the standard length '105' but with a big gun slung under the belly, I'm guessing as a tank killer. I checked my 2 GSH kits in the stash and found one which wasn't started so it has joined the build. I found the AModel 105s easier to assemble once the fuse halves were joined since most parts inside can be slid into place once they are sanded/shimmed for fit. So here is the GSH started; At the rear of the fuse above the 2 doors I had to re-shape the fuse as it does not match the door contours; I did some work on the floor since this kit will sit a bit tail heavy so I installed a rib under the floor and drilled a hole to add lead shot. This will be puttied over once the shot is in place. I also modified the rear cabin bulkhead so I could use the one from this kit in my Police CBS since it has 3 seat backs molded to the back. This bird has a large ammo drum inside so I doubt there is any seating;
  12. OK, getting the X-Acto warmed up!! Will probably start with 2 at least MBB Bo-105CBSs, one Police & one Medevac. While the paint is drying on these I could be gluing/painting one of my Academy AH-64Ds and I want to add this to these birds!!! Good times!!!
  13. CPR = Canadian Pacific Railway Kidding - did my First Aid re-re-re-re-cert (could be more lost track of the number of times in the military) last year got high 90s. So the guys in our club are safe!?!?
  14. Yes been there done that! But tried at a Rexall and although the big signs said "Any day; any time" when the chap in front of me in line asked for his flu shot he was told to come back tomorrow. Mind you this was the same store that couldn't figure out my Gov't insurance forms, sent me to a website where I could buy a gross!?!?!?!? Now I use a small family run pharmacy that has given me super service & now flu shots!!!! Re the doctor situation, you're just a young pup, us old folks really gotta be worried!!
  15. AND, they are getting longer!!