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  1. Hey; we are from this Nation's Capital and the board doesn't want politics so what else do we have!?!?!? Sunny Days, especially next weekend!!
  2. Well then things should be OK, there have been times when I have been able to compare the WN with real radar images and I really wonder where theirs come from???? I plan to stage out of P'Boro so if I get there then the wx here may not matter!? Am keeping my eye on Environment Canada's forecast which I value more than the WN! Keeping my fingers crossed!!
  3. You look like you survived very well!!! There's nothing like feeling the awesome power of an F-18 as you rocket vertically to FL16, feeling the G's as you do wind up turns in a T-Bird, or go lo-level thru the trees in an F-5 - BUT - if you want to honk your guts, do MAD Comps in an Aurora (P-3)!!!!!
  4. Here in Canada, us Flyboys had a very similar system. IIRC the 'official Squadron' patches were issued to us, if we needed more we paid for them. On the MP Sqn we had crew patches which we designed and bought by ourselves. We found or had a local manufacturer who got all our business. At the Test Sqn it was the same, we had Sqn unique name patches and again there was an initial issue if more required you coughed up the $$.
  5. That's my big concern, I'll drive in rain but not if its snowing!!! So I'll be watching the radar;
  6. Until this gets into the right forum; can you buy Micro Scale products where you are? If so, buy some Micro 'Decal Film', it is a clear coating for problem decals. You can paint it on with a brush or spray if you are skilled with your airbrush. It dries very, very thin so you may not be able to tell which decal is coated, do all you need right away! HTH
  7. They should consider buying a Honda 'Fit'!?!?
  8. I use Tamiya Extra Thin (TET) exclusively!! Someone did a glue comparison, somewhere, here or possibly BM and TET & a chemical, I think, had the fastest evaporation (drying) times!! I have found that even after a minute or two if I was - oooooh squirrel - distracted and glued something wrong they can be pulled apart and re-glued properly!! HTH
  9. Hmmm, rogues you say!?!?
  10. That sucks, I thought Lucky was better than that. I'd send em an email and ask where the package is. Re cargo on 777s - I worked here at the Ottawa AP for a couple of years and it boggled my mind what people would take on an a/c!! You see a woman with 5 bags (quite big too) and a kid in a stroller, trying to get from the luggage carousel to the doors???? I luved to watch the ones who thought they were construction engineers, they stacked their bags on the luggage cart a mile high then got about 5 steps before it collapsed!!! I guess these courier companies have their routes, efficient or not. But their Ops Centres should have a big sign on the wall above the door to the ramp; I have said it before but here goes again -"North America, go to Pacific Ocean, turn left!!!"
  11. I do mine by laying some tin foil down over the tile patterned Evergreen Styrene (pick appropriate size) then using a cloth or balled up kleenex pushing the foil into the tile pattern. Then cut to size.
  12. Yeah sorry Chris, back in post 3 I sent this train of thought down a branch line!?!? I must say Hobby Easy has ALWAYS had super shipping in the the range of 7 to 10 days delivery!!! This other evil bay store is a different story; bad comms, really poor packing, that they have tried to blame on their shipper???? I got an email from them yesterday trying to buy a better feedback rating!?!? A word of warning to on line buyers - this DHL Global Mail thing is interesting??? It appears to be space available shipping? My package (free shipping IIRC) took 1 day to go from the store to the 'transit facility' then 5.5 more days to get on an aircraft (I think) then sat around Frankfurt for 6 days before finally flying to Toronto!!!! I thought I didn't have to specify 'no courier companys' but I guess with stores I don't know it is still required!!!
  13. For those who may have been following this; my package arrived today after holidaying in Frankfurt for 6 days!??!?!?! And yes it was given to Canada Post in TO. These guys have no clue on packing; one kit was Italeri and the 2 kits were in a bubble envelope, the other kit was Hasegawa. There was crush damage to BOTH boxes, fortunately the kits weren't damaged. I am going to leave Positive feedback - I'm positive that I won't shop there again!!!
  14. Since my package right now is in Frankfurt it may well arrive in Montreal, as well as yours!! Customs has a big (I think) clearance center in one of the suburbs. Now from Montreal it may well only take a day depending on when the plane arrives and whether the customs folks work 24/7?? I don't want to pre-pi$$ you off but your parcel may arrive in Montreal then go to Toronto then to BC!!??!! Oh the joys of the international internet economy!! Worst thing is; if I had checked Hobby Easy they have both kits I want!!!! One of those learning moments!!
  15. Well here's hoping that's the way it works!!! Sprue Bros have a new system for lite weight packages, UPS to the border then CP to destination, so far it has worked really well. Only problem so far is that CP gives the package a tracking # but UPS doesn't forward it to Sprue Bros or the customer????? Ah you west coast guys are funny, 1 day to go from TO to Ottawa!!?!! We are talking about C.P., right?