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  1. Question About Shipping

    Hope it is 9 Aug!!! From what I have seen (stuff shipped to Canada) some countries track to departure point then that's it!!??!! Not sure on Royal Mail, haven't used them in a while, but since your package is in the US they may not track anymore since it is in US hands???? If you are worried contact your post office and give them the tracking number.
  2. Build Prop Job Kits a Dying Fashion?

    Maybe because when jet engines are up & running they whine a lot, so you have to keep them happy!?! Props just have a mighty growl which one tends to respect?!
  3. AMK IAI Kfir C2/C7 in 1/72, new tool

    You should be able to get them up here in the GWN, have you tried the store (forgot name) in Dorval just west of the airport on Cardinal?? I should have a couple from Wheels & Wings in TO today, apparently the kits were delayed to the Asian stores and sent to NA first??!!?? W&W does mail order, very reasonable, here is their website; http://www.wheelswingshobbies.com/ Good Luck!
  4. AMK IAI Kfir C2/C7 in 1/72, new tool

    I heard from the store in Hong Kong ref. my order; they say that North American distributors where whining that stores in Asia were getting to sell the Asian kits sooner than they could. So the company delayed orders to the Asian stores!?!?!?!?!?!!? Duh; when the company manufacturing the kits is in your backyard of course the kits get there faster???? WOW some people...... Oh & my kits are on their way!
  5. AMK IAI Kfir C2/C7 in 1/72, new tool

    Well that looks very nice!!! But I guess I should ask Hobby Easy where the 3 that I pre-ordered are hiding????!!!!! If I am going to guarantee them the sale prior to the kit's release then they should at least make an effort to get the kits into the hands of those pre-ordering kits ASAP!!! I haven't heard a peep from them and the kits are now on sale in North America!!!!
  6. AC-130J

    But, but those props are driven by JET engines!?!!! And I realize we are splitting large rabbits!!
  7. Kinetic 1/72 C-17 Update

    Now I just have to get a Leo 2A4CAN done to go on the ramp, or maybe a 2A6, which will be easier!?!?!
  8. Canada 150 Group Build?

    Yeah maybe, but not a pilot - a navigator. How many flights do you need? Is there a minimum # of hours, or hour?
  9. Enamel Burnt Iron

    Check with Westjet maybe they flew it to another province?? As to the original question you may want to spend a bit of time browsing pics on the net of jet exhausts. There are many different shades around and I bought a couple of the small square Testors Steel paints and some spare bottles and started mixing colours, adding black, & various greys. If you decide to look at some pics save them and print them later for a reference when painting your jet. HTH
  10. One of my USS Arizona photos on Ebay????

    Everything that has been said above!! You must advise the seller of his transgression and if you choose to have him continue then donate the profits, get Ebay involved and get then to have Paypal forward the sale to the appropriate charity. I believe I have heard of Ebay pulling auctions where it was found that someone's intellectual property was improperly used!
  11. Nothin' but Hueys!

    Could this be one of the company demos?? It looks like a 'Banana' flying in the background and there is a 'Roo' on the fuse - a zap by the Aussie Huey Squadron? Cannot remember how long the RAAF had the Hueys in 'Nam?
  12. Wolfpak Decals March 2016

    Mark, could you give us a time frame for the release of these 2 sets? Thanks
  13. RH-53D MCM HM-14

    Depending on how they are 'popping' mines there is more detail to add. When I was stationed in Shearwater, many years ago, a harbour mine ex was held. The USN brought in IIRC 6 of these beasts, 5 flew in, one was transported in the back of a C-5!!! That one was to train the crews in setting up a -53 for air transport. WRT mine clearing, got a chance to talk to one of the crew chiefs and he explained the types of mines. Moored mines are floating close to the surface and anchored to the bottom, they are cleared with a bunch of cutters (similar to wire strike devices on choppers) attached to a long chain set up in a triangle with floats at the corners. The mines popped to the surface and were gunned down with a MG. All of this was carried in the chopper!! So add a bunch of chains and a couple of floats. The other mines were acoustic / magnetic, for these they had a gizmo on 2 floats that they towed, it was too big to go inside so it was floating in the water and the chopper came over and hovered as the crew hooked up the cable(s), it would be nice to see a model of one of these!! HTH
  14. Wolfpak Decals March 2016

    Mark is there an error in the title? Since I have tried to find these sheets on your site I'm guessing it should read 2017!? Great markings gotta get both!!!
  15. Barracudacast 1/72 B-1B parts out

    Thanks Chris but that one is old!! The Cold Lake Airshow that we had when I was there with the B-One was IIRC in '89? That's 28 years ago!?! So just in case I do another display where there is another B-One crew I want this to be a better model!! And you only have one in 48th???? You're slipping?!?!?