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  1. B-1 SNIPER pod pylon

    I am quite sure the 48th one is there somewhere seems to me I found it first then hit the 72nd version. A pod to install on it = Eduard Brassin! I'll tell you what it looks like soon as mine is very close to delivery......
  2. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    Oh, we have crossed paths, when one of the 'Stangs was bright yellow!! It's a BIG city, not people wise but square footage!! Can't bring Sauve along too expensive, he drinks too much beer!!!!
  3. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    At the home of the 'knobs', I sure the sales guy was pissed that I wouldn't take the black one, they had to get the Red Beauty from Kanata!! Since then I have gone to Sterling (3 new cars) and they changed since I drove away disappointed when trying to buy the 'Stang! A quick story about the knobs; first car I got from Sterling was a Fiesta with a 5 speed, on occasion when shifting from 2nd to third the shifter wouldn't go into the gate. Mentioned it to the service team on a check and they found the shift gate broken, ordered in some parts then while they tore the tranny apart for the fix got me a rental, actually drove it to my work site later in the day!! Ran like a charm after. One of the ladies at work had the same model and I asked her if she had the same problem, she said yes, so I told that mine had been fixed. She took it to the 'knobs' they test drove the car said it's intermittent don't worry about it?? Her husband went back with her the next day they hummed and hawed consult Ford and were told to rebuild the tranny, to get to that point took a couple of weeks!!?? She got the car back and soon discovered they had forgotten a part, 17 years unimpeded by progress!! Cajun21 it's the 3.8 with Ford Racing quasi dual exhausts, larger throttle body, cold air intake & purple oil!!!
  4. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    Yeah, you have never heard of it??? After purchasing the vehicle and having a long and bitter fight with the lousy (still today, which is why I go to another dealer) Ford dealer who sold the car, I gave up on trying to get the correct stripes for the car and went my own way!! During this battle I discovered a few ways to lessen my carbon footprint by improving vehicle efficiency!?!?!! It now puts out the flywheel rated HP at the rear wheels and my next step is to push that to 250 @ the flywheel!! And besides some guy named Shelby had all the other versions copyrighted! I got the stripes cut by a local trophy shop who did the trophies for our club, cost me about $25 back in 2003, the install labour was mine. Except for the bumper covers the paint is factory stock and a Stalker front cover will be installed next summer. It's my toy and will turn 18 next year!
  5. What other hobbies do you guys and gals have?

    This keeps me quite busy in the summer months up here in the GWN;
  6. Model Collect B-2

    Good one!!! But I hear the kit has beacons to enhance the image, so that even Can Post can track it!!??? You know RCAFFAN I have been hearing this story a lot, something about cut backs of processing staff gumming up the works. Maybe it's time to put the upper office bean counters on the floor and get things moving!!! I will advise when the bird is on short final!!
  7. Model Collect B-2

    Well mine has been in transit for 6 days, but I find in China it can take 3 - 4 days to go from shipper to shipping facility!!?? I keep plugging the tracking number into Canada Post tracking system but so far not listed, and then again Can Post may not even track it once it gets onto Canadian soil!!?????
  8. P-3 Orion sheet ideas

    I'll toss my kit in for a Customs bird or two, numbering for a radome bird as well as clean (tour bus) version!! NASA is cool, if they are on the same sheet I will be happy, thanks.
  9. Roll Models

    That sounds about right!??! They don't have a huge warehouse so when something becomes available to them they put it on their site and if it gets ordered then they order it in. I have been having a few probs lately and keep hearing rumours about CBSA cutbacks so the mail gets piled up going thru customs. So 2 weeks from middle of N. USA to NB is fair under current conditions, but don't jump on the paypal refund right away send Roll an e-mail so they can push from their end of the pipe!! What can you do, eh?
  10. Someone's got an interesting story.

    Cool! Cross country training flight, confined area landing, co-operation with civilian agency, retrieval of valuable military asset; all in a days work!!!! Ah yes the good ol' days.......
  11. Who Makes 1/72 SUU-11 Pods ???

    Have you tried a google search?
  12. 1/72 Apache hasegawa

    The problem is that they did good & bad (maybe too harsh) versions. I tried to find some references to kit #s but there is nothing Hasegawa on scalemates, which is too bad!??? IMHO the biggest problem in 72nd is the lack of detail on the tail rotor, it is unusual in that it has 4 blades that are not at right angles BUT the biggie is that the pairs of blades DO NOT rotate on the same plane ( referring to geometry not airplanes)?? One blade set is about 2-3 inches apart from the other! The early Hassy kits had the tail rotor as a 1 piece mold with both blade sets on the same level, which I think takes away from the appearance of the bird. Hasegawa revised their kit molds and IIRC gave us new fuse pieces and did the tail rotor properly!! Since I couldn't find a Hassy kit family tree I don't remember where this up garde was done, because I think you can still buy both!! The Iraqi Freedom kit has the upgrades but there could have been a release before that, something in the back of my mind keeps saying Army Guard markings??????? So, to sum up I feel the revised Hassy kit is for now the best in 72nd, yes the cockpit detail is just decals but it can be made to look good! HTH
  13. CF-104 Tiger Meet Paint Question

    The very first 'Tiger' would have had hard lines since it was essentially hand paint by volunteers. The Tiger heads are quite different because they had no masks so each group on each side of the bird painted what they thought was good. From then on my understanding is that the paint shop did the work with proper equipment, so read sprayed on. As always pics help to confirm details.
  14. B-2A @ Lucky Model

    Relax everyone, you have some time to find the extra cash!?!? I e-mailed MC about the kits and here is their reply; "it will be ready in next month, best regards" Oops I was asking about my pre-order so maybe that is only those kits!!??? But I will be PI$$ED if stores start selling these kits and pre-orders are still sitting on the shipping dock!!!!!
  15. Since we are chatting the mighty Hercules....

    Yes and one coming in that other a/c scale, 43rd, I think???? If you have info on the BC-130 I will definitely buy that sheet!!! Check the link below for some build pics; http://www.network54.com/Forum/47210/message/1508080559/I'm+back+on+track+(pun+intended)+next+big+show+in+Mar...