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  1. Technically not sold out - has not arrived, found in the future releases section!!!!
  2. Lately I have been cleaning up my tiny parts (that didn't sound good???) while on the sprue! Of course the area where the sprue is attached can't be done but usually it can be attacked once the part is glued in place? I have done a lot of 72nd armour in the past few months and these manufacturers have found ways to mold the smallest pieces!!! What I would like to see made is tweezers with a fine (say 1200 grit) texture or even sand paper at the end area of the arms. I have a pair of tweezers that have a lovely chrome like smooth finish on the inside of the arms and that is what drove me t
  3. Great stuff, I know you're busy but any idea when the AH-64D scale down is going to hit the sales shelves? Thanks
  4. My three would be; 1. CT-134 (Beech Sundowner) have 3 solo trips 2. CT-114 yes the Snowbirds a/c, never got to solo but have a lot of trips in them!! 3. CH-136 the Bell Jetranger, my boss in Cool Pool got bored and decided to teach me (Navigator) to hover; only took 3 trips!! I would have too say the F-5/T-38 are close in 4 and 5 spots!
  5. Just to add a bit to what Ray has mentioned here is a link to the Mini World 50 intakes; https://hobbyterra.com/product/air-intakes-antenns-for-d-falcon-50-family-for-amodel-72293-72307-kits-mini-world-7266.html HTH
  6. Awh, I luv new name!!??!! Actually it's the new name of Merit, big airplanes and some 72nd patrol boats.
  7. Sure hope those who have been bitten by this bug recover fully and soon!!! Well Chris, by the way the EU is moving our border will probably stay closed for a while longer!!!! Got a haircut last week - woohoo - feel much lighter, and in the wallet as well as the hobby stores are open!!
  8. Right below the 'create new account' are the words 'not now' click these and you will get a few minutes of viewing. Of course now that this is out the skin flints will remove it!!??!!
  9. As stated if you use the evil bay you MUST pay close attention to what you click on!!!! The Post Office (PO) at least here in Canada, measures parcels and the size determines the cost! It could be full of well feathers, and the cost stays the same?? I got ripped off by an amazon seller on a DVD (wrong region) so tried to return it, and the cost to return a DVD to England was more then I paid for it!!!??? The seller had access to bulk shipping so lower cost, I don't!!! Global shipping as stated is a joke, to us. So packages get sent to the center(???) and a ? financial company (can't
  10. 2 questions - You indicated the Apache Delta sheet would follow in 72nd?? Will one be able to build different Edwards F-4s? IOW will there be a series of numbers to enable the modeller to build a specific F-4? Thanks
  11. This is great news, well the 72nd part, will there separate numbers so different a/c can be made? I want to do NRF-4C 37744 as I have time in that bird!
  12. To err is human; to really screw up, you need a computer!!!!
  13. Not trying to push, but you brought up the production speed; so how quickly will the 72nd sheet follow this one? Probably going to have to buy some more of those great Academy kits!!! One for each scheme; oh do you have stock in Academy??? 😉 Thanks
  14. WRT the Royal Army version; Will the crest and word 'gunship' both fit on the rocket pod together? I have saved some pics of these Apaches done up that way. No number just the badge and word. Thanks
  15. There's Canuck; http://www.canuckmodels.com/ And Mr. Belcher http://www.belcherbits.com/ slim pickens really.
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