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  1. This is an M129 grenade launcher. Its primary use was in the M28 armament subsystem for AH-1 helicopters.
  2. I believe there was also a concern about even the 40x53mmR grenades spinning and arming properly when fired perpendicular to the flight paths. The last AH-1S operator manuals specifically say that the M129 can only be fired with the M28 locked in the forward position. There are various pictures of 40mm grenade launchers in door- mounted applications, either as tests or on improvised mounts, but I imagine these accuracy and reliability concerns pretty much doomed that from ever really taking off so to speak.
  3. I'm not sure how long the Navy actually pursued the OV-12A project, but they canceled it before receiving any planes as far as I know and that designation appears to have existed entirely on paper. When the USAF acquired Armed Porters as part of the Credible Chase/Pave Coin projects, they asked for and got their own designation, AU-23A. Also note that when the US Army later acquired Porters for unarmed missions, they requested and got a third designation, UV-20A, rather than using something like UV-12B or U-23B.
  4. So here is everything I have been able to uncover about N1111U: http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/22879/this-ghost-of-a-helicopter-likely-had-a-secret-role-in-reagans-tear-down-this-wall-speech
  5. From this LinkedIn profile, the suggestion is that ATO stands for Aviation Technology Office and the change occurred in May 2017: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clayton-bronson/
  6. The "Flight Concepts Division" name was still in use, at least publicly, as of 2016, based on environmental impact assessment documentation regarding the planned expansion of their facilities at Joint Base Langley-Eustis. Doesn't mean that this is actually the unit's present name, of course, or that its not a cover nomenclature for something else. Easiest way to find the reports is to do a google search for this string: site:www.jble.af.mil "Flight Concepts Division"
  7. Always more questions rather than answers heh. Well then I'm glad I shared the report to add to the existing information.
  8. Are we sure the 530Fs aren't from the 160th? In 1989, the Army Engineering Flight Activity published an airworthiness and flight characteristics review on the 530FF, which it had conducted in support of the plan to upgrade MH-6E and AH-6F with the 530FF engine and powertrain to form the AH-6G and MH-6H. Maybe the 530FFs that the Army acquired for those tests went to the 160th, as well. See: www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a218253.pdf
  9. This is Lockheed's pitch (who now own Sikorsky) for the USAF's UH-1N replacement contract, not an actual helicopter. Here's another piece of LockMart artwork for the HH-60U in 1st Helicopter Squadron colors. Sikorsky HH-60U Black Hawk
  10. These racks are commonly referred to as the "Kellet Pylon" or "Kellet Rack" and are most commonly associated with the auxiliary fuel tanks as already mentioned. However, the Kellet Pylon only referred to the actual bomb rack attached to what was called the "Bell Antler" mount - like the MA-4 rack inside the M156 universal mount. The antlers were also used on the XM47 and M56 mine dispensing subsystems. The combination of two antler-based mounts each with a 19-shot rocket pod as seen above was officially known as the XM17 armament subsystem, but I don't know how much that nomenclature was actually used.
  11. You might find this link useful for researching Air America's aircraft: http://www.utdallas.edu/library/specialcollections/hac/cataam/Leeker/aircraft/index.html
  12. To be fair, the last of the H models looked very different by the end of their service. 20mm guns removed, new sensors and defensive gear and lots of other mods.
  13. Yup, AC-130U entered service in 1995.
  14. Pretty sure they had replaced the old ramp-mounted launcher with the AN/ALE-47s in the fuselage by Desert Storm, though I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. And the AC-130Hs flew their last combat missions over Afghanistan in 2013.
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    C-123 sprayers

    This is the report you want: http://oai.dtic.mil/oai/oai?verb=getRecord&metadataPrefix=html&identifier=ADA484753
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