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  1. Spaceman, I'm very impressed by your plastic bending skills, there is such a fine line between too much heat and not enough, you did a fantastic job on those pipes!
  2. Holy Hopping Bedsteads! That's a fantastic model! I'm looking forward to seeing this complete
  3. Hi Hotdog, is your tile set in production? Forgive me for not reading the entire thread to find out

  4. Thanks for the support guys, onward and upward!!
  5. I have the model mothballed in a safe place... I needed some time to get my head out of the crazy obsessiveness I found myself in... :wacko:/> This model is not unlike chasing a rabbit!
  6. Hi Vince,

    I'm not sure what's been happening with my email and ARC login.

    I had to reset the login, and haven't received the shuttle instrument panels from you. It's cool if you haven't sent it, I just thought my email was playing up.

    Another address I use is:


    Thanks again for being willing to share...

  7. My beanie arrived in the mail yesterday, thanks Gil! The casting is fabulous, I'm very impressed! I'm going to use it in my shuttle re-build. :D
  8. Oh boy, this is going to be good! Maybe your model will get me enthusiastic about finishing mine !
  9. I recommend the Fantastic Plastic kit. Allen Ury is great guy to do business with and he doesn't belittle the competition.
  10. Ah, you want clear resin. Unfortunately, you're not going to find a clear casting resin that will give you truly crystal clear without using a pressure pot. If your goal is to make the canopy windows glass clear, you will need to polish the pieces to a mirror finish, otherwise any surface irregularities will be magnified a thousand times by the simple fact that they are clear. I would recommend making the canopy glass separate pieces that can be clear cast then glued in place afterward. Here are some photos of the canopy of a model I helped pattern 2 years ago. The frame and 'glass' are s
  11. Are you mixing the resin by weight, or by volume? This is VERY important and is likely the reason why your parts are not curing properly. Also, consider temperature. If you are casting in ambient air temperature of 60 or below, it will take twice as long for the resin to fully set. Look around your area for Smooth Cast 305. They sell very good polyurethane resin that is 1-1 mix by volume and sets up very nicely. Most large art supply stores stock it and it is reasonably priced.
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