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  1. I'm still alive!!! Still getting divorced. Still selling all these off. I'll update what's actually pending later tonight, and I need to add some books and other things. Make offers, combo things, let's get 'em sold! JB
  2. Hello again, everybody! Been a while, but I need to bump and get a bunch of these sold. I will be adding a few things, and probably lowering some prices. Feel free to make offers, too. JB
  3. Should be updated later today with the books. For some reason, for a while, Squadron sent me a couple shrink wrapped books I never asked for. JB
  4. Hi - Interested in the Twobobs 48-057 A-10A “Shark Bait”  $25


    Still available???  If so, is it complete and if so consider it sold!!


    Let me know ASAP Please!






    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Josh1971


      They sure are. 


      Tracking #:  9505 5109 6852 8043 1461 55



    3. Josh1971


      SOrry, hang on- the post office screwed that up for me. 


      Here's the real one, for YOU:




    4. Rocketdrvr


      Hey Josh,


      Decals are here - Thanks Greatly, They will help out a lot with my two builds! :thumbsup:



  5. Hey everyone- well... time for me to raise some money for unpleasant adult things. That, and just not having the time the last couple years, I've decided to sell of a significant portion of the stash. So, have at them! Please ask questions about kits or other items, as sometimes I added things, or switched things (usually weapons) out. The aircraft are always complete, but what's hanging off the wings might be upgraded or different. Shipping is NOT included in these prices. I will have these listed several places, so if you are interested in something, let me know right away, as I'll onl
  6. Hey everyone! As the subject says, I'm looking for some 1/144 kits, as I've gotten more into that scale, and have been doing less and less of 1/48 and 1/72. Below is a list of 1/144 kits I'm interested in, and though I do have some 1/72 and 1/48 things for trade. Here's the stuff I'm looking for, if someone is looking to get rid of theirs: Revell of Germany F-16C (TX ANG markings) F-15E w/Bombs or without F/A-18E F-5E Tiger II Dragon/DML F/A-18E (VFA-115) & F/A-18F (VFA-102 Diamondbacks) 1+1 Mi-28 Havoc Mi-24 Hind F-16D B-1B Lancer F-5E and F-5F Aggressors Trumpeter Su-30M
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