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  1. It's an excellent news ! I can't wait to see the the different scheme on this new sheet. I am actually building the B-52G AMT also this timely new product will be great ! Ivan
  2. Awesome model ! Painting and weathering job are perfect ! Congrat Todd for your work Ivan
  3. Good news Jennings ! Where is it ? Ivan
  4. Awesome model !!! Congratulations Spook all is perfectly done ! Ivan
  5. That's a great news ! A lot of beautiful scheme ! Want to make most of them... I have to buy a lot F-106 kits... Jennings When the decals will be available ? Ivan
  6. The best 1/72 kit I've ever seen ! I have been very impressed by this model. I can't wait to add a few kits in my stash clic to expand clic to expand clic to expand more pics here Ivan
  7. Nice Model, I hope to see your other Harrier soon Ivan
  8. Nice Phantom collection ! Ivan
  9. Very nice model ! I like this color. Good job ! Ivan
  10. Very Nice ! Good job ! Ivan
  11. Awesome job you have done on your Hornet Yufei ! Details, painting weathering all well done Ivan
  12. Hi, few weeks ago I read on Revell website this kit will be released in may, so I think this kit will available in Europe from next days
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