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  1. Where's you proof of that? It's far more likely that you're still just making things up as you go along. If that turns out to be the case, I will - along my full refund (because I know how to follow the simple instructions on how to file a claim). D
  2. I got my $35 Zeros brand new from a store, not some "seller in Japan thinning his stash". That kit still normally sells new for a bare minimum of the $75 you quoted earlier. But, clearly, there are rare exceptions when they can be bought brand new for far less. Your own fault. No one else's. The process and time limit for filing a claim is clearly spelled out in the simplest terms possible on eBay's site. I've had to use that process only once before in 16 years of using eBay, followed the simple instructions, and it worked flawlessly: I had a full refund in less than 48 hours. Absolutely. D
  3. You must be joking. An expensive kit offered at a savings of 75% is just that, regardless of age, type, or tooling. The very fact that your own experience in buying that A6M5 for $25 shipped validates the auction you're railing against. You got a good deal, but seem to think that others can not get as lucky as you. You're just that special, or so you seem to think. There is no way around getting a refund through eBay when following their procedures. You're dependent on bad information - again. You do have quite a high opinion of yourself for thinking you're saving the world from themselves. But, you're preaching bad information to people that know EXACTLY what they are doing. D
  4. And that's where you're wrong. I got two 1/32 Tamiya A6M2 kits direct from Japan for $35 each with free shipping. It can happen. If it doesn't, everyone that paid gets a full refund. Worth taking the chance. End of story. Your "warnings" fall on deaf ears because you're on a fool's errand. D
  5. You fail to understand several critical facts: 1) Buyers have actually received great kits dirt cheap from sales and auctions just like that one. 2) If the kit doesn't arrive, the buyer gets a full refund. 3) No one "fell for" anything. Every single person that paid did so KNOWING there was a good chance that the kit would not arrive. It really isn't all that difficult to grasp. Since the full amount paid will be refunded if no kit arrives, the buyer loses absolutely nothing. If the kit does arrive, then the buyer got a great deal. This has been explained ad nauseum in the thread you linked, yet some people still seem to be incapable of understanding the facts of the issue. Utterly amazing. D
  6. Social media commonly uses the hashtag (this thing: #) for searching. Thus, you confuse the issue by using it in the context of eBay searching, which does not use hashtags for their search functions. HTH, D
  7. I have the CMK set, and it does NOT correct the depth. Lone Star Models has a P-40B/C cockpit set that is the correct depth (halfway down the page): http://www.lonestarmodels.com/Conversions-1-32.html HTH, D
  8. What you linked is "lacquer thinner substitute", and it is not what you want. Going with the Amazon theme for an example, this is what you want (real lacquer thinner): https://www.amazon.com/Klean-Strip-Green-QML170-Lacquer-Thinner/dp/B000KKN11A Although, I usually get it locally here in CT for about $6 a quart - not the $18 Amazon wants. I've been using cheap lacquer thinner (including Klean Strip brand) exclusively for thinning Model Master and other modeling enamels since the late 1980s with great results. I do not use anything else to thin them. Whoever told you it "is not a good idea" does not know what they're talking about. A few examples of my work to prove I'm not some bozo peddling bad advice: http://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/index.php?act=filter&field=author&data=Darin+Bellis http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal9/8001-8100/gal8021-Pitts-Special-Bellis/00.shtm HTH, D
  9. You did ask. Here is one more based on the above information: Clean your dirty garage to reduce the amount of dirt/debris floating around while you paint. Seems like a no-brainer? And from my earlier post with probably the most important suggestion for accomplishing your goal: Use cheap lacquer thinner for your enamels. This alone speeds drying time, usually allowing flats to be dry enough to mask over by the time you clean your airbrush. Gloss enamels still take a while to properly cure, but the lacquer thinner does speed up the process considerably for them as well. ;) HTH, D
  10. Three things: 1) Buy a dehumidifier for the area where you do your painting. Indispensable. Run it constantly for best results. 2) Install some sort of exhaust fan in your painting area. This allows for painting in an enclosed area, which then allows the dehumidifier to operate more efficiently. Of course all of that is in addition to exhausting the paint fumes. A simple fan in a window is enough. 3) Use cheap lacquer thinner for your enamels. This alone speeds drying time, usually allowing flats to be dry enough to mask over by the time you clean your airbrush. Gloss enamels still take a while to properly cure, but the lacquer thinner does speed up the process considerably for them as well. Also, putting your freshly painted models inside of sealed containers prevents the paints from off-gassing properly, thus extending drying times. HTH, D
  11. The checker-nose boxing isn't considered special since there are better aftermarket decals for checker-nosed '190s. The box's contents are no different from the other A-6 releases. Just sayin'... D
  12. Common price would be around $40, or maybe $50 if it is still sealed, plus $10 for shipping. The best price I've paid for one of these '190A kits was $30 last year. I regularly see them for sale around $60, but they don't move fast at that price. HTH, D
  13. D Bellis

    Lindberg Stuka

    Supposedly intended to represent a Ju 87B. They missed that mark by a wide margin, though, even by 1955 standards. HTH, D
  14. Instructions and images of the contents can be found on LSP: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/kitdb/details.php?kit=1312 HTH, D
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