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  1. Great info, thanks. I need to ask about the tail stabilators. I would like to start a Kurnass and she will be an Early, with short gun fairing, hard wing, from Bats Sqn. in YKW, 1973. What about the stabs? I'm arguing that all the Kurnass were delivered with slatted stabs. It's correct? Or the earlies were also delivered with "flat leading edge", unslatted ones? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all, working wit a lot of French Air Force colleaugues, I'm starting to consider the possibility to have a Mirage 2000N in my showcase. And I would prefer the Italeri/Kinetic kit, rather than the old Heller/Eduard. Is it possible? What are the requested modifications and aftermaket accessiories available, especially as decals? ...my preference goes for an operational bird, more than for a special scheme. Many thanks!
  3. With all the respect for KASL, I need a Tomcat with a flap/slats down wing, as I need a toe-hole in the sock! :-)
  4. Great thread! Then, to sum up, in order to build-up a VF-1 bird with the tan radome, but with standard tail provvided in the Tamiya kit (I'm not too confidend in my surgery skills), I've find out that is possible to select Bu.No. 159858 F-14A-90-GR NE112 in dec-78. Any other choice, as far as you know? Thanks!
  5. Thanks a lot you all for the very interesting replies and suggestions! :-)
  6. It was the solution I was thinking of, scotthldr. Thanks. But I'm not too confident that the decal will accept a mask, even if well protected, without cracking. Or, at least, I'm serching for a solution to not run that risk. Since I have just one decal sheet and generally, I'm not that lucky in modelling! :-) To ruin the small wolf head in the nose would be a nightmare to recover. Yours will be my B plan. Still looking for something less at heart attack risk!
  7. Hi all. Is there someone that has info on how long exactly was the tan part from the tip of the radome? Or tricks on how to mask it properly? I don't know if at that time there were relevant Navy standard rules for radomes paint.. My Cat will be a block-80 early VF-1, then I need to know exactly where the tan begins, because of the red VF-1 stripe point. Any help appreciated!
  8. A new tool MiG-31, a new Tomcat.... I'm standing on my job desk, cheering. My boss is wondering if I'm drunk... God (or whoever you prefer) bless you, AMK!!
  9. As far as I ever known, in Gunze acrilic range, RAF Barley Grey is H334. While H22 is a close match for RAF Admiralty Grey. My two cents. Cheers
  10. Thank you so much guys! To all of you. Frank, Rob, Koen.... Look forward to see you there. :)
  11. Hi Rob. Thank you so much for all those useful info! Looks that I can find there all the consumables I could need. I strongly hope to join the IPMS-NL, and to know you in person once there. Kind regards Paolo
  12. My wallet is running to hide! Can't find it!!
  13. Hi all. Find this thread very useful. I'm planning to move in Eindhoven from next summer, for 3/4 years. Then, I will bring all my modeling hardware there, since I will have plenty of time for modeling, I guess. Taken for granted that I already have too much kits, what I will need will be the consumables. Paints (Gunze and Tamiya), thinners, glue, tools, hardware... Will I find that kind of stuff at Flash Aviation? Or there is another shop in the area, where to look for? I strongly hope to not be forced to go everytime to Aviation Megastore, for two or three bottles of paint. Or to b
  14. Hi all. As title says, I need hi-vis stencils set for a Viking. Best would be a spare Aeromaster 148-028. But I'm open to alternatives. Can someone helps? Please reply via pm. Many thanks! Paolo - Italia
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