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  1. Not exactly the same, but pretty close, maybe this helps: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/8/9/0/137890-13-instructions.pdf
  2. Hey mate, grazie mille! I appreciate. Sent a PM. Cheers /Th
  3. Hi Valerio. First of all, my best wishes for health and support to all of you in Italy. Nobody deserves what your country is going through, at last Italy. Now to your model: I am impressed about your clean build, extremely nice finish and the presentation. Currently I build the same one, obviously missing some detail information, like the separation glass between the two cabin parts. I did not notice this in all my documentary material, what references did you use? All the best from the neighborhood Thomas
  4. Hi Philippe very nice videos indeed. Greetings from back home Thomas
  5. No time for answering stupid questions, hmmm... In the meantime I found out myself. Thanks anyway.
  6. Brilliant pictures in this article. Would have helped me a lot for my NASA Viking I finished about a year ago :-) Thanks for sharing!
  7. I am not familiar with this expression: what is a COD contract?
  8. Hi anj4de. PMed you. Cheers Thomas
  9. Hi Boz. Thanks for showing! Nice builds, nice planes! PMed you! Cheers /Th
  10. Hi Boz yes please Mirage III :)
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