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  1. With all due respect, I could care less.
  2. I am still in awe with the cans. Can you explain the marker more? Do you just randomly stipple little dots (is that what you mean 'here and there'), or do you randomly choose rectangular sections and fill in those sections with the Sharpie, or something else? Also, do you hand brush Alclad wet, or is it more like dry brushing? Please explain more? I was lost after the 'Tamiya light gray primer' part :)
  3. Can you also explain what you used for the HUD glass or how you did it?
  4. Last year and two years before that i was there at Virginia Beach for vacation. What an awesome place! Constant buzz of the Hornets and Raptors. Yes, 3 years ago I saw a whole bunch of Raptors around Langley. It felt like home, Eskisehir, with all the Phantoms flying overhead nonstop. Good times.
  5. Fantastic! Yes, the paints you used would be great to know. Also, how did you like the build? Any issues with the kit?
  6. I think it looks promising. I wonder whether it can be thinned with Tamiya X-20A and airbrushed onto bare clear plastic. If yes, I would build the layers that way, and once all has cured, I would do a future dip. But yes, it is intriguing especially if it can be reduced and a/b with acrylic thinner, alcohol etc. Any chance you can give that a try and share the results? I recently bought Alclad iridescent chrome (name not exactly sure) and I plan to use it the way I describe above on an F-18C build.
  7. Beautiful. The camo painting is very attractive.
  8. Fantastic build! The close up pics are particularly attractive. Learning quite a bit from this.
  9. Thank you Niels. Much appreciated.
  10. I thought I'd ask my question here rather than starting a new thread: I'm looking to build an in-flight Venezuelan Su-30MK2 using this HB kit. I am trying to understand what after market pilots are available. I saw a few modern Russian pilots, but can't tell if the Venezuelan helmets are the same as Russians, and if not, how different they are. Better yet, are there any 1/48 modern Venezuelan pilot figures? If there is no true match, can you suggest the best starting point? I found this, but not sure if there are better options: http://www.aires.cz/en/product/soviet-fighter-pilot-with-ejection-seat-for-su-27-flanker/13-2842/#lightbox/0/ TIA
  11. Thank you everyone! I very much appreciate it. A few more pics from the latest stages. Oil washes and cleanup: After the oils, I satin coated it with Vallejo matte/satin coat, then weathered it a little bit more with oils and pastels, then applied a thick coat of Future to blend everything together. Also attached the slats and horizontal stabs: I am also planning for a base. I found Mike's (mgrandison) awesome tarmac image files here: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/184516-132-printable-tarmac-files/& Thank you Mike for making these available! I downloaded the 1/48 Navy Master and had it printed at FedEx: Finally, everything is dull coated and ready for the last sets of painting (the canon panel area mostly), pastel weathering for leaks and grime, and the assembly of the remaining bits:
  12. Beautiful! Anything you would do differently next time other than your remarks in your WIP? I am going to attempt this kit someday, so trying to learn as much as I can. My only recommendation, if I may, is to flat coat the base. It's a tad bit shiny right now.
  13. Btw your model goes to show Sukhois are best when depicted in flight. So menacing. I have been planning my Su-30 for an in-flight display just because of this.
  14. Thank you! Any pics of the attachment point/details you may be able to share would be fantastic. The two-pin slot sound interesting.