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  1. Hi, I built the GWH Mig-29 9.13 and just took a look at the nozzles. I see that the nozzles are canted slightly outward (à la Gabor's post). But they are also pointing downward a bit when viewed from the side in the physical model. So when all said and done, I see my physical model to match very well to GWH's own instructions shown here: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/5/3/0/180530-76-instructions.pdf Here are some pics from my build in case you find it useful: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/297041-148-gwh-mig-29-913/ Curt: One
  2. Looks fabulous! Can't wait for the next steps.
  3. Incredible build. Just layers upon layers of excellence.
  4. Thanks a lot! Like you said, painting and weathering are the most exciting steps for me in any build, and I look at every model to try out new things. With three kids. my pace has taken a major hit, but still trying to find time here and there. My next build will be a J-10C and I will be building it for someone else as a gift. To my slight disappointment, my friend wants it extremely clean which is how today's J-10s tend to be maintained. While that should result in a faster build, I fear it is going to be a bit boring to look at. Hope to share the progress pics here once I make m
  5. Thank you Kursad, that's great to know! A few fellow modelers on FB said the same thing. I will cross that off the list. Thank you!
  6. Thank you Scoob, Rich. Here are the final photos. Rather than start a critique corner entry, I've decided to post everything here. So this is a CF-104 from the Diyarbakir 8. AJU around the 1980s. It was a surprisingly enjoyable build, with a reasonable number of parts, good fit, and good surface detail. The MLG legs were a bit fiddly compared to the rest, but no major complaints. If you plan to build this kit, beware of the wing tank alignment. The horizontal winglets should be aligned with the main wings but if you don’t take the time to adjust (sanding, carving etc.), the tanks
  7. I totally see what you mean, makes a lot of sense. Thank you very much. Awesome photos and memories that go with them. Reminds me of me and my dad perching outside of the Eskisehir AFB watching Saratoga F-14s, A-6s and F-18s rolling down the runway at the age of 13. Here are a few more shots before I take the final photos.
  8. Just seeing this thread, it's interesting to me also. I am in for an F-4D and a late F-4E, but I don't have either kit yet. I had a ZM F-4D. When Tamiya F-4B came out, I sold it away thinking that Tamiya would release a D soon after (still waiting). Unfortunately, I am losing hope, and think we will not see a Tamiya D, just like we have not seen an F-16D. Anyway, I now have a renewed interest in ZM D. The engine bulge is weird in that if it was not pointed out, I would not have noticed it, but now I cannot unsee it. So a ZM kit would mean I have to fix that section. That fix, toge
  9. I'd never seen that before, thank you. The smallest size looks a bit larger than what I would normally use this for, but there might be smaller versions of this too.
  10. Thank you. I hope to finish it soon and plan to share more pics then. I think you are right about the seat. I started this with no real background in CF-104s, and in my references could to tell what type of seat it uses. But recently I came across a pic of CF-104 62-786 where the red headrest and no pull handles, which tells me it uses the Lockheed style seat. I am passed the point of fixing it as I use the ejection rail already, but you are right.
  11. Thank you all. A small update on where it is. Fellow modelers reminded me that only the top left and bottom right wings had the roundels, so I had to remove two: Getting ready for the pitot, and wing tanks:
  12. Thank you. It's a single wire, 26ga. A picture is up earlier. I paint the two sides of the wire in two colors, then twist it slowly using the drill. I've never liked the braided appearance of two parallel wires twisted together. I got the idea from here: Yes. Chipping is a concern. I tried enamels, acrylics, dipping them in future etc. They all eventually crack once you start making the small loops. I have not tried lacquer paint, that will likely work best. Also, next time I do it, I will work the bare wire a bit by twisting back and forth, looping, bending, stretching p
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