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  1. Hello, I am looking for AoA decals 48-007: https://aoadecals.com/48007/home.htm Even a partial one is OK as long as VA-35 decals (bottom right in the link) are there. I am willing to pay $25 for the full, new set, or $15 for the partial. Shipping to 15090. thanks!
  2. Thanks, I have a 12ct pack of Sharpies like this one: In there, I used the blue and purple capped ones shown below. There is no code but from your image, it must literally be the ones marked blue and purple. I added IPA in a cup, then dabbed the sharpie, which slowly releases its ink. Then did the other one until the color looked ok. Everything eye balled.
  3. Thanks, I agree that in the pic you sent it looks alright, at least I can't see see the issue I brought up. So I guess I conclude all is good with the nose!
  4. Yes, I see what you mean, and that could be a part of the problem. For some reason, however, I am not sure if that alone would solve the issue. It seems to me that the kit's nose is also somewhat long and curves weirdly from the top to the tip. Interestingly, looking at the kit's instructions, the drawn profile looks pretty good (http://www.hobbyboss.com/Uploads/201506/5582187d6af17.jpg) but the plastic, to me, looks way off. I want to pull the trigger on this kit, but this has been nagging me for a while. I have been imagining shaping it down with rigorous sanding, bu
  5. Hi Steve, I am running into a different problem, but thought I could post it here. I am getting the following error: This happens when: - I am *not* logged into ARC forums and I am trying to view a thread that has images in it. This does not happen when I am logged in, or I am trying to view a thread that has no pictures. - Happens in only on my MacOS, when on Safari (MacOS with Chrome works ok). - No issues when viewing on my iPhone. Once I hit close, I can proceed without problems. Any ideas what the issue might be?
  6. I have always found the HB 1/48 A-6 radome to be pretty misshapen. It's always struck me as being long and droopy. This is for the A-6A, A-6E and the TRAM boxings of the kit. I don't have the kit, nor have I measured things off of pictures. This is all based on what I am seeing, hence this post. But, has there been any discussions about this aspect of the kit? For reference, several A-6E pics can be seen here: https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/a-6/a-6e_gallery.shtml Here are several great builds I am referencing here. Again, my point is the shape of the radome, not
  7. Thank you Gianni! Thanks Dave, this is very helpful. One last question about ordnance. There will be a -9L, -9X, AIM-120, and an AGM-88. For these, I can't find good pictures of the exhausts. For the training versions, are the exhausts all blanked off with a flat cap (I think I saw one HARM that way) or are they in anyway different than a live version of each?
  8. I ended up working a little more on the main body. Quite a bit of tedious masking and painting, followed by a gloss coat. After the decals, I plan on some oil work for an even more tired look.
  9. Thank you, that was super useful. Great builds there!
  10. Excellent builds. I love the F-5! I have been fascinated by your DS builds over the years. Do you have an online gallery of all your DS builds? If not, can you share the links of your old builds? I'd love to bookmark them as I find myself more or more intrigued by DS. Thanks!
  11. YEs, you got it, it's the Minwax stick. I actually did not use it on this model but I store it in the box with all my other dry weathering products, so it must have found its way on to the bench. For those oil staining, I used Tamiya pastels that has the bright orange/brown color and applied it with the set's applicator. I will do more of that after the decals, so this was just a, well, dry run :)
  12. Thank you Fred. It was one of those things where I got lucky. I bought and tired many things like nail polish, acrylic craft paints, alclad chromatic etc. while I had these sharpies sitting around all along. Here is more work on the hornet. After the primer, I started with Hobby Aquous H307 and H308, as well as Tamiya XF-80. I was really hoping to go heavy with the weathering, but the challenge has been how to do that without making it look sloppy. So, I decided to try something different and got to work with various Tamiya pastels and make up sets. I applied these using various
  13. Finally got to the priming stage. I started with a thin coat of Mr. Surfacer, then a coat of Tamiya XF-80. I had a few questions about the ordnance. The build will be roughly around the 2014 timeframe. I want all to be training loads. - With the two GBU-12s, I want one to be all blue (like this one: https://www.asdnews.com/NewsImages/b/39580/39879_O.jpg or this one: https://c1.neweggimages.com/ProductImage/A1S7_1_201711101581030552.jpg). These would never come with thermal protective coating, can you confirm? Also, f
  14. Thank you. It is from the Tamiya F-16 kit (primarily for the JHMCS helmet).
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