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  1. A long time ago, I decided that I will only do one model at a time and not dabble in parallel builds. This was to impose some restraint on what I think was inevitable: getting bored and jumping onto the next project. Once that becomes an option, you get caught in an infinite loop, I thought. What I have seen online has only reinforced this view. Same thing with building up a stash. I thought that was a sign of weak self-discipline. Anyway, while I am happy to report that I have never done parallel builds, and have only 5 kits in the stash, I am becoming increasingly less impressed by this achievement and unwarranted pride! I think I have been using it as a tangible evidence of my self-control and determination, while I am lacking in other discipline-requiring aspects of life! There you go. So with that, my builds don't stall per se, but they slow down dramatically. Usually, the best remedy for it is browsing my reference pics and watching a few YT videos to work up the appetite. It doesn't always work, but most of the time it does.
  2. Looks incredible! Need more close-up pics to appreciate the details and a few belly shots!
  3. Thanks. I just checked the categories here: http://www.ipmsnationals.com/Documents/2019-FINAL-IPMS-USA-National-Contest-Categories.pdf Category 820 Kit-Based (spurious markings on standard kit) seems to be the closest to what I have in mind.
  4. Thank you both. Confirms what i thought. I may end up going to this year’s in TX and have a major what if in mind. Just wanted to get a sense of how it would be judged.
  5. What do IPMS Nats rules say about 'What-If' entries? All I know is that judging is based on craftsmanship, not fidelity to the real subject. I.e, an overall pink F-15 wearing F-18 decals would be judged no differently than an accurately painted and decaled F-15. Is that so? Two things I am curious: - What do the rules say for this? - If the rules are clear on craftsmanship only, are the judges able to look past their own tendencies to judge accuracy?
  6. Here is a video relevant to this thread:
  7. Looks great! Your photography is also top notch. Can you comment a little bit about the build? Does it go together easily? Anything you would do differently construction-wise? What steps needed the most attention (and maybe putty)? Again, a fantastic build!
  8. So beautifully done! Looking forward to the next steps.
  9. I bought a new bottle about 3 weeks ago from Walmart. It is now called "Pledge Revive It Floor Gloss." What is seen here is exactly what I found at Walmart: https://forum.ipmsusa3.org/topic/19256-future-re-branded-again/
  10. Thanks a lot all. The paint and weathering (which, more will be done) is admittedly not that realistic. But at the rate I build nowadays, I just can't bring myself to building a clean jet, hence all these artistic deviations. More pictures:
  11. Thank you all very much. I am really enjoying this build. Decals are on. Future for gloss, Windex as a flash coat, vinegar for setting the decals, and Microsol for blending. Still need to cut through the panel lines and rivets to pop those back out. Also, still need to do the yellow strips on the sides of the antiglare.
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