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  1. Looks awesome. So much inspiration... I especially love the colors, the BAM set, RBF tags and the nozzles.
  2. Yes but what about Niels's reply to that? Meaning, seeing the 120 on the inside and outside seems to be common (which I have also seen to be the case). With the jammer issue solved, is the choice random?
  3. I believe the correction was to the two-seaters (B & D). The area behind the canopy was a suspect in the original AFAIR.
  4. On the wing pylon, with an AIM-120 and Aim-9, I have seen the 120 go inside and 9 outside and also vice versa. Is that a totally random choice, do different units have their own preferences, is it a C v.s. E thing, or generally, how is all that determined?
  5. I'd go with Hasegawa rather than GWH. I was excited when GWH first came out but the thick control surfaces, wrong canopy shape, and posable panels (I like them all closed up) just doesn't do it for me. I like Hasegawa's simplicity of assembly and I am willing to take my time with the wing joints, vertical stab joints, missing surface details (would add rivets and deeper panel lines), and get AM or use my spares for the ordnance.
  6. I'm shopping for a 1/48 F-4D. I had the ZM one, but sold it a few months ago. At that time, I vaguely remember reading that with the Tamiya F-4B, F-4D can't be too far out. But now can't remember if that was wishful thinking on my part or if there actually was some discussion / insider info about it. If their F-16 track record is any indication, it makes no sense to get our hopes too high for a Tamiya F-4D, but still wanted to ask: Get ZM now, or wait for Tamiya?
  7. Everything looks awesome. Can't wait for the next steps.
  8. What a gorgeous build. While all the photos are great, the last one is my favorite! So much going on there.
  9. Great start! I'll be following with great interest.
  10. Thank you Scooby and happy new year everybody!
  11. Looks wonderful all around. I like the overall weathering and walkways. But the cluster bombs and the maverick really stand out.
  12. I have FB and actively use it. My observations: ARC forums: It has really slowed down over the years. If you haven't been on FB or other platforms, easy to think the hobby is dying. I still post my progress pics here, as these forums are a nice way to catalogue one's progress builds and final pics in a single, quickly accessible link. But I have to admit, while ARC used to be a great source of info, techniques and news, I have been learning and improving less and less through ARC over the years. Some of the modelers I used to look up to are also no longer posting here. But they are
  13. That's looking fantastic. Can't wait to see all the decals and weathering.
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