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  1. Were the Luke Eagles still in Air Superiority Blue when they had the candy cane and Sabre stripes?
  2. Excellent work, sir! I have a silly question. How do you size, cut, and apply the large thermal blankets so that the edges are flush and straight and the large wrinkles fall naturally in the centers?
  3. Thank you, Alpaguarer, that's what I thought! Chuck
  4. Hi, everyone! Have a couple of quick questions about this kit. It's one of the later releases, with the improved ejection seats, vinyl wheels, and decals for VF-124 and VF-111. The plastic tires and vinyl ones are noticeably different in size. Which one is correct? Is the VF-111 bird painted in TPS or something else...The instructions are unclear. Thanks!
  5. I was lucky enough to score two Revell 1/48 Apollo Lunar Spacecraft kits a couple of weeks ago for a song. I'm building one OOB for pure nostalgia and the other command/service module as a Block 1 representing Apollo 1. All parts appear to be here, but the decals are trashed. Does anyone have a set (or two) that you would sell or trade? Even a scan would be helpful. Thanks! Chuck
  6. How are the 1/144 decals coming along? Looking forward to seeing them! Chuck
  7. Looking good, Hot Dog! Glad to see my orbiter is helping out. From what you've shown, the decal set will be well worth the wait! Chuck
  8. Help! Looking for a replacement decal sheet for the LIS Movie Jupiter 2. My set is damaged beyond repair. If anyone has a scanned copy they could share, that would be great, but I'm willing to buy or trade as well. Thanks! Chuck
  9. The Revell tail fin wound up on there, quite literally, by accident. The fin on the Airfix bird was warped and when I attempted to straighten it in hot water, the water was a bit TOO hot and the fin melted! I salvaged the fin off a scrapped Revell shuttle. Now that you mention it, it does look swept back a bit too much :blush:/> I cut it off flush with the empenage, so perhaps that part is shaped differently on the Revell version. Chuck
  10. Perhaps a dumb question, but here goes...Will the decals be artwork details on a white background (basically "wallpaper" decals) or will they be just line art and patterns on clear film to be applied over a painted orbiter? Either would be great, but IMHO, the latter would possibly provide greater flexibility in weathering the later ships. Chuck
  11. I have one that's assembled and partially puttied and sanded, but missing the OMS pods, if that will help. (Besides, I really want a set of those decals :P) Chuck
  12. Don't want to derail this thread, Hotdog, but will you be producing that sheet or others for sale?
  13. Excellent work on both the model and the presentation. I would also love to see you do a similar treatment of you shuttle build. Chuck
  14. cbear

    F-15A 73-100

    Thanks, guys. I appreciate the info. I was thinking the same thing about the gray outlines while tying to convince myself that they were an optical illusion Still, it shouldn't be that hard (I hope!). Was that decal sheet ever done in 1/48? If not, I'm sure it will be once I get the yellow bands painted on my model! Chuck
  15. I'm considering building this F-15A: http://cdn-www.airliners.net/aviation-phot...4/0/1366042.jpg I like the Sabre bands better than the candy stripes on this bird so my question is: are the yellow bands on the wings the same width as the candy stripes? If not, how wide are they? It's difficult to tell in this pic because of the perspective. This much published photo seems to be the only one out there. Thanks! Chuck
  16. Thanks, gentlemen. Most helpful! Chuck
  17. My understanding is that the Barak is a Block 40 aircraft. Does is have the the same fuselage stiffener plates as USAF Block 40s? I haven't been able to find any good close-up pics, but what I've seen leads me to say no. Any info or pics would be appreciated! Chuck
  18. Excellent post! Thanks for your work in providing this much needed resource. Chuck
  19. I hadn't heard about this either. Unfortunately, I can't drop another $60+ on a new kit. However, the pics do a good job in showing what needs to be done to fix the original issue. Thanks for posting them! Chuck
  20. cbear

    F-15A Wheels

    Excellent! Thanks! Chuck
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