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  1. Mauizio, The basic answer is yes they are the same boom. Depending what scale and how detailed your looking for there are differences between military and civilian antennas, etc. no baggage compartment in the boom for most military models. I would have to look but I suspect that the basic boom is a 205 part number for both with a lot of 212 parts hung on it. Tail rotor itself on the 212 is specific to the 212 (different blades and hub). Regards Steve
  2. Hey there "Crew Chief 71-75"...........Wow, it's an old thread that I just havent peeked at in a long time. Sorry for missing your post. I went thru HT-18 as a student in 72, so you were there then. Went back as a flight instructor in 77 so missed you that time. It certainly was a fun time. Hard work, but fun. And yes, it would be fun to see some of the 8mm on dvd. Regards Steve
  3. Brian, yes, indeed.....I'll keep you posted. I went searching in Japan using Google Japan. I even used the translator to search in Japanese. Thats how I re-found that one site. it's just hard to navigate a site once i get to it. Maybe someone here could disscet that paint job for us and give thier "best guess". Enamel? Acrylic? Oil? A Mixture? It's just an amazing job. I'll keep looking. BTW Brian, I have been following your P-40 build..... Regards Steve
  4. Hey Brian.....good tracking! Unfortunately..............that's me. I used photobucket to be able to post here. I still want to know the artist of those two models. At least to know the probable painting process. Looks like a mix between airbrush and brush. Regards Steve
  5. An Update. I found the link that I THOUGHT I was looking for but alas, it was the wrong one. It seems that I had lost this one also. Here it is: Linky I'd still love to find the page where those photos in my original post came from. That is an extraordinary artist IMHO. So if anyone recongnizes that artist, please post a link. Thanks for the help. Regards Steve
  6. Hello All, I have lost the link to a really superb Japanese website featuring a great number of finished aircaft models that have been superbly weathered. As I don't read Japanese I can't say much more but here are a few examples of a truely gifted artist's renderings of 2 models and just maybe it will jog your thinking cap: Many Thanks......... Regards Steve
  7. As promised here are a FEW details. 128424 was the first delivered R6D (C-118) to the military (other than the “Independence†for Harry Truman. 128424 was delivered to VR-5 Sept 6, 1951. Donald Douglas rode on the plane flown by Douglas pilots for the acceptance ceremony at Moffett Field. All 11 A/C were delivered to VR-5 and VR-3 (MATS). 1954: 6 of the aircraft were converted at NARF Corpus Christie from PAX/Cargo to VIP. (R6D-1Z) (VC-118). 424 was completed and reassigned to VR-21 Barbers Point, HA. Remained at VR-21 until VR-21 was decommissioned in 1976. 424 was then assigned t
  8. I actually take that as a complement being confused for RotorWASH. LOL. He ALWAYS finds hard to find photos. I know that most of the first R6D initial deliveries were made to Moffett. Most left. What they hauled there, I don't know. There was a squadron or 2 from each coast involved for a period of time. There is MATS, which the navy participated in. Then NATS. Then to VRs. I'm NOT an expert. Far from it. Bureau Numbers at least in early 50's a little easier. Later on the AF and Nav traded planes back and forth, sometimes changing from BN to SN and back again. For instance.....
  9. Curt, The write up I posted above gives a hint at the wing markings. It kind of depends on just what your doing, and timeframe. You said you wanted the orange? Not sure if they had any VIP birds at Moffett. The one photo you had appeared to be a PAX/Cargo hauler. For VR-21 the wing markings appear to be "Star/ VR424" (424 being the last of the BNum). Later "reworks" had the whole wing painted light gray, Polished leading edge and no step lines. Earlier versions had Light gray "strips" around each engine. Some no step lines. The photos I posted show a hint of what I just described.
  10. Hey Guys, Some clarification here on that BEAUTY of a Huey. ZK-HUE was originally a TH-1L 157834. She somehow changed designations when she became civilized. Probably from "trainer" to "utility". As far as the 540 rotorhead. Same for both Cobra or Huey. What makes the rotorhead acceptable for either the Stabilization Bar or the SCAS was a change in the long "Control Arm" on each blade grip. DOWN for a Cobra's to attach to the SCAS control tube. UP for the Hueys connecting to the Stab Bar. Probably a part number change on the transportation "can" as this was done at rework. Out of
  11. Curt, Here is a R6D-1, no data. I shot a photo of a photo here. It's a Navy MATS for ya. Then here is a NEW delivery. When and where? No idea. BMF for ya! Talk about flashy markings. Found this writeup on Colors for C-118B VR-3 Moffett Field early 50s. "R6D-1(C-118B) BuNo.131580 / VR-3 MATS Continental Division At that time two VR squadrons under MATS were flying R6D-1, VR-3 from NAS MOFFETT FIELD, California and VR-6 from McGUIRE AFB in New Jersey. Although based in the West Coast, VR-3 was belong the MATS Continental Division, but routinely flew trans-Pacific route and land
  12. Curt, The Navy loaned the Planes Plus crews to MATS as per the USAF's request. Exactly what the arrangement was, I don't know, I'd have to research that. For instance, the Belin airlift required massive amounts of aircraft and everyone provided equipment and crews, all under USAF control. The Planes and crews went TAD to the USAF. Regards Steve
  13. Andre, At one point, everybody contributed equipment to MATS. I dont have particulars but the Navy did have MATS blazened on a number of AC, R6Ds, R4Ds, Etc. I don't think the Navy went to the ball with all smiles as they had to play by MATS's rules. Linky Regards Steve
  14. Curt, Check your thread in the group build......... Linky Regards Steve
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