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  1. 22.03.2018 Hi Hotdog, I had thought that you were close to completion with them :) well, when they are ready would you mind letting me know please as I would like a set. Thanks in advance Liam
  2. 20.03.2018 Hi Pete That's exactly what I was looking for. I had hoped he had them done given the time that has passed and they looked amazing. Don't suppose anyone knows if they were ever completed? Liam
  3. 20.03.2018 Hi people, It's been awhile since I last posted on here but I have a question that I am hoping someone might be able to help me with. There was a guy on here that was developing a set of 3D tiles, kind of a plastic version of photo-eth, that could be used to cover the Revell 1/72 shuttle but I have no idea if he completed this. I did get a set for the cockpit section which looked amazing. Does anyone know if these 'tiles' were ever made available for purchase or even who it was who was working on them? Thanks in advance Liam
  4. 25.11.2017 Hi everyone. I recently bought AMLA 48001 for Academy's 1/48 P-40B/C : Tomahawk MkII. I have made the flaps without much bother but looking at the instructions and comparing them to the photo-etch fret there seems to be a number of 'extra' bits nos. 20-22. These numbers do not appear on the instruction sheet. Can anyone advise if they are to used at all? I plan to make a Russian P-40 Thanks in advance Liam
  5. Hi all I came across a picture of this Mustang on Facebook and some colleagues on Britmodeller were able to provide an extra picture or two of this aircraft. However, I wanted to know if there were ever decals done for this ship or for it's squadron as I would like to make the model. The Mustang is of 72nd Fighter Squadron, 21st Fighter Group and I believe based upon what I have been advised that she was 44-63289, plane #335. Any advise would be greatly appreciated :) Baet, Liam
  6. 29 05 2016 Hi guys. I need help and advice please on the Mitsubishi FTO. A friend of mine has the 1997 model (post-facelift Version R) and I would like to make a model to represent her car. The difficulty is that there is no kit of her car. The closest you come is the Fujimi Mitsubishi FTO and the yellow special edition. However, both of these kits are earlier versions of the model my friend owns I am looking for help and advice on how to convert the kit we have into the car parked outside her door. My knowledge on cars is limited but I would greatly appreciate any help and support to he
  7. Hi Trojan Thunder That's exactly the information I was looking for. I notice that there are some seam lines filled in on the wings. Was this deliberate? Those engines look like the ones I have :) Thanks again Liam
  8. 12 09 2015 Hi guys A quick question please about this kit. I was building a stretched -J (a C-130j-30) and had to leave it to focus on university studies. Now that that has been done I can get back to the Herk. The question I have is regarding the engine nacelle fitting to the wings, from where I need to start again. I'm using Italeri kit number 1255 C-130 J Hercules as the base kit and I have a beautiful set of engine nacelles to attach to the wings. Here's the query: I had heard, prior to commencing the build, that the engine mounting locations are staggered where they should be actually
  9. 30 08 2015 Hi Lancer Damn. Is there an aftermarket option? Liam
  10. 30 08 2015 Can anyone tell me if the inlet included in the Academy 1/48 A/C kit (#1688) is the big mouth non-MCID or the smaller NSI inlet please? Thanks in advance Liam
  11. 22 04 2015 The link doesn't seem to work anymore, I've been away studying ( still am) so VERY late to the party...any shirts left? Liam
  12. 17 05 2014 seen it today. Awesome. :) Liam
  13. 04 05 2014 I am looking for two 1/72 Italeri Hercules C-130J kits. My preference would be to trade but I will consider decent cash offers. In exchange I can offer: 1/144 Revell Airbus A380 (original release) 1/144 Revell Antonov An-124 'Ruslan' 1/48 Revell Eurofighter Typhoon (single seater) 1/48 Airfix Canberra B (1) 8 1/48 Revell MH-60L Blackhawk (04458) 1/48 Monogram DC-3 1/48 Italeri Me-262 A-1A (2613) 1/48 Eduard Hellcat Mk1/ II - Dual Combo release (two kits in one) 1/48 Hasegawa Typhoon Mk 1B 'No. 181 Squadron' (09311) 1/72 Revell Lancaster (2 available) 1/72 Airfix Club H
  14. 23 04 2014 I see you guys talking about glass sets and window tiles and beanie cap. What?? I just bought the 1/72 Revell Shuttle and would love to get this stuff for it because it looks amazing. Can someone point me in the right direction to get some of these excellent sets? Thanks in advance fellas Liam
  15. 23 11 2013 Hi guys, Fellow modellers in the UK have started this petition to request that the Royal Mail change their non-shipment of acrylic paints policy. I don't know if any of you ever buy paints from the UK but if you do, check out the link below, read the background information and if you feel you'd like to contribute by filling in the petition, the please do so. https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/royal-mail-lift-the-restrictions-on-shipping-water-based-paints#share Thanks in advance Liam
  16. 04 07 2013 Hiya. I work in airline security. I'm one of those slack-jawed, under-paid low-intelligence individuals whose job it is to try and provide a certain feeling of security to the average (usually) American traveller and I'm glad to do it. As are all my collegues and the ladies on the team are told NOT to pat-down the female passengers with palms-front. They're supposed to use the back of their hands to avoid accusations of 'groping'. When searching/patting-down males, we have to use the back of our hands across the chest and groin area for the same reason. Bear in mind folks, the u
  17. 31 05 2013 Thanks for the heads-up. So, Virginia next year. Hmmmm, might be worth a trip. Liam
  18. 31 05 2013 Hi Guys. I am looking for information about the IPMS Nationals for next year. Does anyone know where it is being held and who we would have to contact to arrange table space. I'm in Ireland and a group of us are thinking about travelling. Have always wanted to see the US Nats!! Thanks in advance Liam
  19. 19 05 2013 Hi Jennings: Well, the boxing is an E (2144. Is it possible to convert it to an F? Liam
  20. 19 05 2013 Guys, I have Academy's P38E in 1/48. I want to build it, naturally, but would like some good nose-art or unusual schemes decal wise. Does anyone know if there are any sheets out of the quality of Zotz or Pyn-up Decals? I can't find anything but am hopeful they exist. Thanks in advance Liam
  21. 05 05 2013 Funny that...the missus gets what she calls 'motion sickness' if she sits too close to the screen at a 3d movie. Action in the movies where the camera whips around a bit or jump-cuts make her dizzy. Takes her a bit to recover. My nephew just up-chucks. Like in Cap when Cap was duking it out with the Skull. Not good. :( Liam
  22. 04 05 2013 Scooby: I haven't heard a peep from you regarding the items you expressed an interest in. Can you please contact me within the week to confirm if you are still interested in purchasing them or I will assume you are no longer interested and will put them back up for sale. Thanks in advance Liam
  23. 04 05 2013 True. I remember thinking that Billy Zane could have made a decent Tony Stark, the version with the pencil thin moustache. Today, though, I'm not so sure. He'd need to be suave, capable of comedy for the throw-away lines and 'young' enough to last potentially three Iron Man movies and a few Avengers cameos. That's a tall order for anyone. No-one really jumps out. And, when Pepper got wrapped in the armour, I half-hoped we'd see her in the Rescue suit from the more recent Iron Man comics. Maybe next time. Liam
  24. 03 05 2013 Not to mention the total joke they made of the Mandarin. One of Iron Man's classic villains turned into a joke. Loved the rest of it, especially the multi-armour mash-up at the end. Hope Avengers 2 rocks though and since there may be a different actor in the suit if Iron Man 4 rolls around, who do you think would fill Mr. Downey's shoes? Liam
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