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  1. For sale: 1+ 1/32 HK Models B17G - One kit is box opened, contents sealed, but missing kit decal. The kit is otherwise 100% complete. The 2nd kit only has the two wings, flaps, some engine parts (maybe all there, but I didn't check carefully), most of the clear parts and a few other miscellaneous parts. Both kits for $300 + shipping. 1/32 Trumpeter A-6E TRAM (box opened, contents sealed) - $125 + shipping 1/32 Trumpeter F-117A Nighthawk (box opened, contents sealed) - $100 + shipping Shipping at cost from 94401. Paypal preferred, money order
  2. For sale, new box opened, contents sealed 1/32 kits: Trumpeter A-6E TRAM. $125 + shipping Trumpeter F-11A Nighthawk $100 + shipping Shipping from 94401. Paypal preferred, money order accepted.
  3. New, mint condition Trumpeter A-6E TRAM 1/32 for sale. $125 + shipping at cost from zip code 94401. cw
  4. Rob: I have a couple of inches of yellow, light blue, sort of a shimmering grey, and dark blue sprues, and some red ones as well. If all you need are a few inches, I can send them to you. However, if you need more, I would suggest that you post a request in a car modeling forum (such as modelcarmags.com - it has a trade post forum). Car kits come in multiple colors while military/plane kits tend to come in only a few drab colors. cw
  5. FS: New 1/32 Trumpeter Su-27 Flanker B single seater. Box opened, contents sealed condition. $90 + shipping from zip code 94401 at cost. Paypal preferred. Thanks, cw
  6. Hi, Periklis: Your PM cannot receive messages, so I will post the response here. I have one, Hasegawa boxing. Box opened, contents sealed. How about $40 + shipping. Shipping to Greece (I assume that's where you are based on your profile) will be $28. I also have a verlinden cockpit set for this kit, $30, shipping included if you are interested. I prefer paypal. Please let me know. Thanks,
  7. Various 1/48 pkgs for sale: 1/48 Monogram EA-6B Prowler - still in shrinkwrap 1/48 Revell EA-6A Wild Weasel - box opened, contents seal 1/48 paragon wingfold kit for A-6 intruders All three for $60 + shipping from 94401 1/48 Academy EF-111A - box opened, contents sealed 1/48 Blackbox cockpit for EF-111A Both for $45 + shipping 1/48 Tamiya G4M1 Betty - shrinkwrap $35 + shipping 1/48 Tamiya Sea Harrier FRS.1 - box opened contents sealed $10 + shipping 1/48 Academy MH53 Sea Dragon - box opened, contents sealed $65 + shipping Paypal preferred, MO accepted as well.
  8. Revell EA-6A Wild Weasel - Box Opened, Contents Sealed Monogram EA-6B Prowler - Sealed in Shrinkwrap Paragon Wingfold Set - Sealed All for $75, shipping included w/i CONUS. Paypal preferred, will accept MO as well.
  9. For sale, all 1/48 scale: Academy Su-27 Flanker UB sealed $25 Accurate Miniatures SBD-1 Dauntless BO/CS $18 Accurate Miniatures TBM-3 Avenger BO/CS $22 Classic Airframes Hawker SeaHawk open, contents 100% accounted for - $20 Roden OV-10B Mohawk BO/CS w/ Eduard interior PE $25 Hasegawa F86 JASDF BO/CS w/ Jaguar resin cockpit $30 Shipping at cost from zip code 94401.
  10. For sale, shipping not included but at cost: Heller Mirage 2000C (SW) $15 Hobbyboss F/A-18A (BO/CS) $27 Tamiya F15C (BO/CS) $15 Tamiya Harrier w/ resin seat (BO/CS) $8 Classic Airframes Hawker Seahawk FB3/FGA.6 (BO/CS) $17 All are either still in shrinkwrap, or box opened contents sealed condition.
  11. All box opened, contents sealed: AZ Models F3H-2 Demon AZ Models F3H-2M Demon Hobby Boss F/A-18A Hornet $30 each, shipping not included but at cost from zip code 94401. Paypal preferred,but money order accepted as well. cw
  12. FS: 1/48 Revell B-17F Memphis Belle Deluxe kit (comes with paint). Still in shrinkwrap. $35, shipping included w/i CONUS. Paypal preferred, money order accepted as well.
  13. I've sold the Harrier, so I have 10 kits left. I also inventoried the FW190D-9, and found it to be complete. So, six of these 10 kits are complete and un-started. The 4 remaining ones are for parts only. I have 10 1/72 kits for sale, $20 for all, shipping included w/i CONUS. Note the conditions: Heller Mig21 L252 (Mostly build. don't know if all parts are there) IMC Mig-21D w/Battle Damage 486-100 (some parts off sprue - all parts accounted for, unstarted) IMC RF4B w/ Battle Damage 491-100 (some parts off sprue - all parts accounted for, unstarted) Lindberg FW190D-9 433:39:00 (box
  14. Both are still available. I send you a PM.
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