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  1. Hi Rob. If my memory served me right it was installed in 5 minutes or less. Four of us would carry it over and bolted it down and other then that the head of the shuttle, it was changed from the one used for F-4 to the ones for A-7A, Ea6B and other's that used the nose gear for take off. The shuttle that was used for nose gear launches was permanent to the cat and the one for the F-4's was installed over the permanent one. Gary.
  2. Hi Rob. We had a long box about 4' maybe 5' long, about a foot high, a accessory, If you think of it like that, that when we were finished getting all the phantom's off of the deck or vise a verse we would install this box which allowed us to used a short bar type of hold back much like the one's that are used today. Of course in my time, we still used the small breaking bars/ t bars and today they have a hold back with a mechanism that does the same thing but is used over and over. Forgive me I seem to have forgot what they was really called the t bars that is. Now that box is installed in
  3. Hi Rob and thank you very much for the help. Sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. The video of the Enterprise shows how we did it when it came to the F-4 and hooking it up to the cat. Also thank you for showing me the cruise books. If you go to uss Midway CV41 WestPac Cruise Book 1975-76, Air Department 11th photo down you will see a photo of the cat crew which I was part of. The item that held me up was the length of the item in the deck that the hold back was locked in to. I thought I had got the length just right but according to the plan of the flight deck showed that I was a littl
  4. Hi Janissary and thank you very much. The should come in handy. Gary
  5. Hello every one. Over the last couple of month's I have been looking for photos of the catapult that was used on the Midway when she had F4's on board, but so far have not found any good photo's showing this area. It seems that the cats have been removed from her as she sets in San Diego today so not much help there. Am building a diorama using the USN Nimitz Deck with jet Blast Deflector and Catapult, using Zoukei Mura F-4S which has all of the right parts such as the extended nose gear. I have to change the cat itself because its a later cat and the stand that Zoukei makes gives the right
  6. Hi . Hope some one can help me. I have been trying to get in touch with some one at shape ways to help me get back in to my account. Does any one have any ideals. Seems they don't want you to contact them because there isn't a phone number at all. Wanted to order the pieces for my SRB jbut have forgotten my infor. Thanks and hope some one can help me.Its okay now shapeway finally fixed the problem. Gary
  7. Yes sir . Was a lot of fun and really adds the detail even through you can't see much when you mount the shuttle, but thats ok I know its there. Gary
  8. Hi Ernie. Sorry about the delay but life sometimes gets in the way. I got it in fine detail plastic which cost a few dollars more, but it worth it to get the detail. Gary
  9. Hi Guys. Here's a small update on the cockpit and figures and finally got around to putting on some paint for the figures and seat's. Also you can see the decal that I down loaded from the site that Homer gave me. She is moving along but at a snail's pace. Gary space shuttle windows (7)
  10. Hi Homer. Can you show me or tell me what or where I can find the colors that the seats, flight deck and crew should be. I know I seen it some well be don't seem to be having to much luck finding it at the moment. Thank you sir. Gary
  11. Hi Homer. I finally got around to applying some paint to the windows and it didn't come out to bad. I painted it once and like you it didn't work out. Having another one coming gives me time to work with this one and figure out the best way to do it. The other one will be installed and then painted. Added a couple of photos so let me know what you think. Gary space shuttle windows (4)
  12. I could go for one or two my self, if and when you have them done sir. Gary
  13. Hi Pete. Out standing job on your payload sir. Haven't seen any updates in a while and was hoping you had more photo's of you masterpiece. Am hoping to copy what you have done and add it to my new shuttle I started to work on. Like your self I am downloading the AXM paper payload bay of this and enlarge it, that is as soon as i figure out how much to increase the size to. Thanks for the outstanding work and hope to see you work in the future. Gary
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