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  1. Hi . Hope some one can help me. I have been trying to get in touch with some one at shape ways to help me get back in to my account. Does any one have any ideals. Seems they don't want you to contact them because there isn't a phone number at all. Wanted to order the pieces for my SRB jbut have forgotten my infor. Thanks and hope some one can help me.Its okay now shapeway finally fixed the problem. Gary
  2. Yes sir . Was a lot of fun and really adds the detail even through you can't see much when you mount the shuttle, but thats ok I know its there. Gary
  3. Hi Ernie. Sorry about the delay but life sometimes gets in the way. I got it in fine detail plastic which cost a few dollars more, but it worth it to get the detail. Gary
  4. Hi Guys. Here's a small update on the cockpit and figures and finally got around to putting on some paint for the figures and seat's. Also you can see the decal that I down loaded from the site that Homer gave me. She is moving along but at a snail's pace. Gary space shuttle windows (7)
  5. Hi Homer. Can you show me or tell me what or where I can find the colors that the seats, flight deck and crew should be. I know I seen it some well be don't seem to be having to much luck finding it at the moment. Thank you sir. Gary
  6. Hi Homer. I finally got around to applying some paint to the windows and it didn't come out to bad. I painted it once and like you it didn't work out. Having another one coming gives me time to work with this one and figure out the best way to do it. The other one will be installed and then painted. Added a couple of photos so let me know what you think. Gary space shuttle windows (4)
  7. I could go for one or two my self, if and when you have them done sir. Gary
  8. Hi Pete. Out standing job on your payload sir. Haven't seen any updates in a while and was hoping you had more photo's of you masterpiece. Am hoping to copy what you have done and add it to my new shuttle I started to work on. Like your self I am downloading the AXM paper payload bay of this and enlarge it, that is as soon as i figure out how much to increase the size to. Thanks for the outstanding work and hope to see you work in the future. Gary
  9. Thanks Homer. Well, clipping the wrong parts just gave me a reason to buy another set but don't tell the misses. Guess you could call it enthusiasm I just call it having a lot of fun adding good detail parts to my models, sort of like that feeling you have when the work day comes to a end and you just can't wait to get home and back to work on the project. The mask for the windows should come in handed. . The one window that I added, looked like it had good clear view to the flight deck but won't know for sure till it's all together. Are you planning on lighting up your flight deck and if so what hard ware are you plan on using. Seems a shame to put all that detail and not seeing any of it. I also want to light up the payload bay. I just order a payload bay from real space models , he posted on his site that he will be shipping them at the end of November. Had a lot of fun adding the payload bay to my last shuttle and does help bring the bay to life as I call it.
  10. Hi Bill and thank you. Attempt is a good word for my build. If you make any more 3D parts for the shuttle let me know sir and will add them. ;o)Here is one showing some work on the windows and the clear film am using. Not much but a start.Probably going to lite her cockpit up and was wondering if any one has any ideal about were to get some hard ware for doing that. Thanks again. Gary space shuttle windows (2)
  11. Hi Homer. Just to give you a up date on the windows I used some clear lay film .005 and seems to fit in place. Add a link so you can see how it looks. I only added it for the first window on the left side, all the rest are still empty. Gary space shuttle windows (2)
  12. Thank you sir. The 3D printed parts really add a lot of detail to models and a real joy to add them. I do thank those folks the design and spend the time making them, they have my highest respect. Am hoping they will design even more parts and pieces for our models.
  13. Hi Guys. Figure I would add some photo's of the last shuttle I built along with my 1/32 LM and the new shuttle that I started. Hoping I can figure out how to do the size and then we will be off to the races. Gary space shuttle (12)
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