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  1. Ian Cooper


    Yes, the 1980s were good in that respect. More money around then for airshows too. In the area where I live (Norfolk, England) we were surrounded by airbases - the RAF at Coltishall (Jaguars), Honington and Marham (Tornados) Wattisham (F-4s) and the USAF at Woodbridge/Bentwaters (A-10s and then F-16s), Lakenheath (F-111s and the F-15s), Mildenhall (SR-71 plus tankers and R-135s etc), Alconbury (F-4s and then F-5s), Sculthorpe (U2s apparently at one stage). Much is gone now. Woodbridge and Bentwaters, Alconbury, Sculthorpe and Coltishall all now closed. We now have Apaches at Wattisham, Tornados still at Marham (until the F-35 comes in about 4 years time), Honington is home to the RAF Regiment (so no aircraft there). Thankfully the USAF are still at Lakenheath (with F-15Cs and F-15Es and Blackhawks) and in addition to KC-135 tankers at Mildenhall, they have Hercules and and growing number of Ospreys. I remember taking a trip to the Netherlands in the late 1980s. We'd been to a Tiger Meet at Cambrai in France and then somewhere in the Netherlands - helicopter based I believe. Happy days! Cheers Ian
  2. Wow - some brilliant shots there, Scott. Thanks for sharing! Ian
  3. Thanks for looking up the photos, Stefan. I've never seen a MiG-21 fly and have only seen the one on display at Duxford at 1:1 scale. Great aircraft though. You have some good photos on your Flickr page - I particularly like the Saudi Typhoons and Tornados and anything F-4 is nice to see and the German colour schemes are good to look at. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Ian
  4. Thanks Alf. I haven't built an Eduard kit before so didn't know what to expect having got this one and the MiG 29 UB for Christmas. But I have to say, it's a great kit. It goes together as well as a Hasegawa kit and has some good PE as part of the standard offering. Some of the panel lines and rivet holes needed to be redone but nothing significant. I did have a look at the review done by Gary Wickham here... Scalespot - look under "on the bench" for the MiG-21 Bunny Fighter ....and he clearly believes it's a good kit to. On what I know so far - other than preferring to work with light grey plastic - I do recommend it. Cheers Ian
  5. Ian Cooper


    Thanks for building an Alconbury aggressor! The only US F-5 I ever saw was an Alconbury aggressor. Sadly I didn't get a great photo of it but here's what I did get - next to a Belgian Mirage back in the 80s. Really looking forward to your finished build - looking good so far :thumbsup:/>
  6. Fuselage halves together and wings on ... starting to look like a MiG 21 :yahoo:/>
  7. Hey Jochemp, Emvar .... thanks for your support guys
  8. I built one a few years ago (1/48) and may have some spare decals in the box. Too late now, I guess!
  9. But it did receive a special paint scheme to take part in the exercises and I think that's as sufficient justification as some other builds are using. If it's not good enough justification, I'm sure the boss will let me know!
  10. Woops - yes, that's right. It was 1993! Thanks for putting me right Stefan. Mig 21 at Fairford on Airliners.net
  11. Is nobody building an old Euro 1 scheme Woodbridge/Bentwaters A-10??? Come on!
  12. Nice job Janne. Love it. Somebody at work recently gave me a half finished Star Wars kit. Annakin's racer or something. Must get that out and finish it some time! Love the chips Cheers Ian
  13. I'll watch this one with interest. I've got the 2008 F-15DJ in my stash! Good luck with the build. Ian
  14. Thanks phantom and rm20886. Managed to get some more work done. The oxygen tanks have been added to the main gear bays and I've drilled out the forward airbrake areas. The kit comes with airbrakes modelled in the closed position and to model tem open they have to be drilled out and airbrake interior sections added. It wasn't normal practice for Hungarian MiG-21s to park with airbrakes open but I've seen a couple of images where this is the case. Anyways, I want to model them open for a little added interest. It's interesting for me that the aircraft I'm building - 1874 - actually visited the UK in 2003 to attend the RAF Fairford airshow. It was in full brown and green camoflage then rather than the brown and green with white areas that I'll be applying but still added interest. I've done some work on the exhaust area and cockpit areas too. I'll post pics of that soon. Cheers Ian
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