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  1. The ZM kit seems to be pretty popular (its the newest flavor) though the Academy kit is still a fine Phantom (and a GREAT choice for a B/N)... Plus how many of the markings need to be resized? Also, the Furball sheet for USMC is sold out.... and there were some errors on that sheet. If you can, talk to Steve at AOA Decals as he can fill you in on the errors (which are minor, but still provides room for an improvement). Also, dont forget all those subjects Aeromaster did back in the day that could be tweaked and improved....not to mention correct (air frame specific) stencil data, etc.
  2. MORE ADDED! (and more to come) Paypal/MO accepted, and offers are entertained, so feel free to ask. Shipping from 32618 (Florida) is additional. Please see wanted trade items at bottom. Feel free to PM or email direct! andy@historyinscale.com Thanks! 1:48 Aircraft/ Aftermarket/ Decals 1:48 Afterburner Decals 48076 Roman Empire-- $10.00 1:48 EX344 Eduard mask for C-2 Greyhound--$4.00 1:35 Armor/Figures Panda PAN35002 1:35 Panda Russian 2S6M Tunguska AA Tank + HAD detail set-- $45.00 Dragon 6550 Flakpanzer Ostwind (late version). -- $40.00
  3. I somewhat "fell" into building a Ka-50 and am in need of the Heliborne / Bladefinger #480071:48 Kamov KA-50 Super Detailed Cockpit . If you have one to part with, please contact me. thanks! Andy andy@historyinscale.com
  4. I concur on all of the above. I have been gathering goodies for a MTO B-24D build (desert tan or at least Libyian based) and there currently isnt much out there at least in 1/48. Kit world has the whole Disney squadron, but other than that its up to find old SS or Aeromaster sheets. Or the ones included in the Pro Mod release. So some selection of tan/ Libyan based Libs would be great. And whole heatedly concur on the early Privateers. some in the atlantic scheme would be great! I can help provide references from the library if needed (and some digital photos as well).
  5. no issue with the bulkheads myself. However, I also followed the DACO advise within their correction set and did not glue the bulkheads into the fueselage, but instead left them floating (the landing gear bay assembly). I then secured once the fuselage is closed and before adding the bottom fuselage plate. Nice F-104G by the way, that is really looking nice.
  6. The F-4 has been mentioned several times... however, the Hasegawa long nose phantom is a mix of recessed (main fuselage/wings), and raised lines (sprues from the older kits...pylons, drop tanks, and other bits). It also requires some finesse in assembly, as does most of their phantom kits, and some filler around the wing/fuselage underside joint, intakes, etc. They can be built quickly..but they are some work. If you truly want a quick build, that also has a good level of detail, you cant go wrong with the Hasegawa F-104C (and Caracal decals for the SEA scheme). http
  7. oh heck yeah! Ive been itching to build my Testors kit with all the goodies before the "new" kits hit the market. This will give me the perfect excuse.
  8. too bad shipping sucks... there is a couple in there Id be interested in if price was right...but alas....im in Florida!
  9. wow.... this cut me to the core. I am so sorry to hear this and breaks my heart. Really nothing more I can say.... You and your family will be in my prayers.
  10. I would second an Bi-centennial sheet... there may not be enough for a "aircraft specific", but if you go general Bicentennial, you could cover a host of one-offs. Cheers Andy
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