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  1. The above photo of this aircraft is not a '68 model. It's a '66 model. the VHF antennae is in the pylon forward of the swashplate, and besides no '68 models had blue canopies, and the 361st Pink Panthers were an Aerial Weapons Company, just like the 334th AWC. From the above: This is 68-15051, the 594th Cobra built; a 361 Aerial Escort Company G model at the Volcano LZ near Duc Lap in November 1969. It has a blue canopy and there is no Environmental Control System inlet. Additionally, the VHF blade antenna is not present on the underside of the tail boom.
  2. Never did see who flew the NOTAR in or out, and don't know what they were doing here. Mystery!
  3. Look what showed up at our facility today.   Check out all the tail numbers this NOTAR has had.
  4. RE: Switching out gear John, I don't know for sure, but MH's, I don't think, are wired for the Plank system or the Armament Control Panel (or whatever they call them now). Regards to all, GT
  5. Folks, that's not Bob (Flapper) Fladry in the photo above. That is my copilot Joe C. Bob had a very serious NVG accident some month back, while flying with our first CO Maj Mike Grimm. Grimm was killed and Flapper was literally ejected, seat and all from one of the original OH-6A's we had in the beginning. Bob was lucky that he landed in water. Sad night... I was fourth ship back and saw them hit high power wires. Really lights up your goggles. Read about Mike Grimm at the link below. He was a great leader and CO. LTC Mike Grimm
  6. Hi Guys! Happy New Year! Our friends at Flight Concepts are now ATO, but I couldn't find out what the acronym stands for. Also, it would appear they have relinquished their 500/530 for Bell 407s. That's hard to believe. Also they have C-27J Spartans. Guess you can have some ideas now for new builds. More as it happens, GT
  7. Hi all, Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Give me till next week on your FCD question, we've got a couple of guys here that were there recently. Hopefully I can confirm a name and type aircraft. Also do some searching for Yellow Fruit? Happy New Year. GT
  8. I mentioned earlier that our owner purchased a 2016 530F. Here tis! If you need any photos for a build perhaps I can help.N530MJ
  9. Great job on the LWL 12 LD. Our company owner bought a 530... should be delivered next month. Hope I can get some stick time.
  10. John, you asked a couple of slides back: Hey GT - I seem to recall that you provided info on most of the non-standard fittings on the IP but do you happen to know what the instrument is mounted above the APR-69 RHAW display on the glareshield? Not sure if you ever ID'd that one. Answer: I believe that some 35 years ago we had APR-39's, and I think that above that display is the Mag Compass.
  11. Both Flight Concepts and AATD at Eustis cut the 19 shot pods down. A former NCO of mine worked at AATD and told me about them back in 2009. 19 shot sits to low...won't upload/download to a 130. Both Dillon and Fulcrum Concepts created the pods. http://fulcrumconceptsllc.com/airworthiness/ 11B: It's not a model, it's real world. BTW, our Owner and Retired CW5 (160th) has purchased a 530 for delivery next month. So if you need any photo's for a build please ask and I'll see what I can do. Here is a page from our website: http://www.iomax.net/archangel/avion
  12. http://s1172.photobucket.com/user/stevensgt33/media/sep8112_zpsa94257ba.jpg.html?o=107Thanks Ray, I'll use Photobucket links going forward.
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