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  1. I';m not sure if the Italieri F-51D kit is their own or a rebox, but it's a very nice build and looks great. Decal options are nice with Korean-era USAF, Korean-era RNZAF and WW2 RAF markings plus rockets, bombs and tanks.
  2. Does anybody know if there's either a kit or a conversion set to model a 214B BigLifter?
  3. mawz


    And both Tamiya XF-71 and XF-76 are close, the MM version seems to be about half-way between the two Tamiya's.
  4. mawz

    RAF LB-30

    Nope, Navy, the XB-24K (original single-tail testbed with the B-23 tail) was a result of the Navy's testing of the B-24 for maritime patrol, they were unsatisfied with the stability of the B-24D and wanted a larger single tail instead and that resulted in the order for the B-24N (with a C-54 tail rather than a B-23 tail) that the AAF also liked. The order for ~5000 B-24N's was cancelled due to switchover delays and the Navy ended up with standard B-24D's instead as the PB4Y-1 (albeit with a different nose turret). The Privateer is esentially a stretched B-24N to fit the extra station and bal
  5. mawz

    RAF LB-30

    The RY-3 is based on the Privateer and thus has the additional 8' stretch in the fuselage over a B-24J, the length is essentially identical to a Privateer aside from the slight changes from swapping the turrets for nose/tail cones. Also the Navy considered the original tail of the B-24 to be insufficient for stability, they wanted the large tail even on their Liberators (but never got it as the B-24N never went into production).
  6. The Phantom II started off as the Super Demon, a heavily upgraded Demon, they added the second engine partway through the development (along with the second seat, the Phantom II went through a lot of design variations before the first XF4H flew)
  7. Sounds like a bad sheet. I was doing a C6N1 today with the Techmod sheet, they're a little thick but adhere ok and settle down with a little Solvaset. Absolutely no issues with breaking up or flaking (unlike the Aoshima markings I was also using, had to trash the flap outlining).
  8. I'm using the Techmod sheet with no troubles as of yet. A lot better than the stock decals in my experience, although I do tend to build old kits so my experience is mostly with old decals which were crap when new.
  9. They don't do it anymore, but for 60's and 70's molds it's usually there.
  10. No Camo on the FAA Corsairs used in the Pacific though, they used the same paint scheme as the US did, just with the Pacific-style FAA roundels and clipped wingtips. The Atlantic Fleet got all the cool paintjobs.
  11. I'm building a 1/72 C6N1 right now and the kit instructions are entirely in japanese so the paint chart is pretty much useless. I I'm guessing from the pattern on the paint guide that it should be IJN Green over IJN grey with a black cowl, is this correct? (The box art shows what is either all-grey or NMF so I suspect it's wrong)
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