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    Airfix Sea Fury

    Not so much money as experience, they brought their molding and tooling on-shore recently and have has some significant teething issues since doing so.
  2. It's funny how with all the modern research info and measurement tools, so often we find Monogram still did a better job.
  3. The B-25 is a new tool C/D, announced last year. The new one is just a rebox of last year's kit with new schemes (non-US) The B-26 is the classic ~1980 tool repopped. A very good kit, but dated. Well worth buying at Airfix prices though.
  4. February was the latest news, with the second boxing coming later in the year with foreign operators
  5. I do know dropping the flaps was part of the normal shutdown process, for several reasons (facilitating access was not one of them, the Mustang was normally mounted from in front of the wing, by stepping onto the tire then climbing onto the wing). It didn't always happen though. The hydraulic system definitely depressurizes over time when the aircraft is shut down. As you note, there is a large amount of photo documentation of this on the Merlin Mustangs.
  6. Interesting, That's at odds to the general explanation I've normally seen for the bleed-down, but makes a lot more sense. I'd guess this also releases pressure to the flap system, allowing bleed-down there too.
  7. Those are latches, not locks, they release when the hydraulic system depressurizes after shutdown. The setup through the A was different and featured a releasable positive lock.
  8. The inner doors on Allison Mustangs had locks, so they would not droop. The locks were removed on the B model, as the gun camera had been relocated to the wheel well on the A, and the locked inner doors became an access issue.
  9. The Sea Fury is a development of the Tempest II (which is a radial engine Tempest), originating from a requirement for a lighter Tempest (the Tempest Light Fighter program begat the Fury, which begat the Sea Fury) Unfortunately, while they look very similar, they share almost no components. The shape of the Sea Fury's fuselage is different (it's humpbacked to raise the cockpit) and the wing is shortened in the centre, which means completely different wing upper & lower sections (also no folding section). IIRC the landing gear is also modified, leaving the compatible bits as some of the
  10. And wonder of wonders it beats Airfix to the mark of being the first 1/48 kit with correct wheel wells (the one spot Tamiya flubbed on their 1/72 and 1/48 kits)
  11. I doubt it, the ZM phantom was thought to be 1/32 when rumours originally surfaced.
  12. That was the original rumour, but a 1/48 short-nose was confirmed by ZM last fall.
  13. Actually, the credit goes to Revell, Monogram had been no more than Revell USA branding for over 20 years before Hobbico was even in the picture (Monogram-Revell merger in 86, Hobbico acquisition in 2007). The Promodeller releases were all from Revell-Monogram (as the parent company was known from 86 until the Hobbico acquisition).
  14. The HB -4 has a number of shape issues from a muffed up cowl to bogus wheel wells, and one boxing (the first run of the 'early' boxing) came with fictional outer wings (some how they managed to include the outer wings for a Corsair II or IV in a kit for a -4). It's a passable -4 and arguably the best on the market, but it's inferior in basic accuracy to both the Tamiya -1's and the Hasegawa -4. The only real advantage of a HB early Corsair is it will have the correct landing light configuration for a standard -1A or -1D, which the Tamiya does not (Tamiya boxes -1 outer wings in all their -1/-
  15. A B/N really is only a B or an N. The wing is different from later F-4's and quite visibly so, due to the thicker wing section introduced with the C & J to accommodate the USAF's wider mainwheels. You can do it as a F-110A however (the USAF received a small number of B's starting just prior to the redesignation to F-4) A J is readily convertible to a C or D (in fact this is quite common in plastic, Monogram's short-nose F-4 is boxed as a J or a C/D depending on the weapons pylon sprues.
  16. I don't think that the AMK and Tamiya kits compete all that closely. There's two reasons for this. 1. The Tamiya kit only represents a pre-Block 125 A model in early service. It's fundamentally a 70's Tomcat. The AMK likely will represent a more common configuration. 2. The Tamiya kit is optimized for someone wanting to do a clean model. The AMK is optimized for someone wanting to do everything hanging out. Different core markets and the F-14 is popular enough that there's market space for both.
  17. There is another 1/32 B-17, but it's vacform and very inaccurate.
  18. The HK kit is the best 1/32 kit of the B-17. It's comparable to the current lot of 1/72 kits for accuracy (quite decent, but with errors readily visible to serious B-17 fans). It might be a nicer build than the Monogram or Revell 1/48 B-17's, but it's not nearly as good a representation of a B-17 as they are, and it's not like they're poor builds.
  19. Frankly, these are the only really accurate kits of either type in any scale. Raised panel lines is a small price to pay for what are still the best kits of either type on the market (well, possibly until Airfix's new 17G comes out...)
  20. That's because Tamiya did the research in concert with some Canadian warplane organizations. So we got it first as a thank you. For example Vintage Wings of Canada was instrumental in the F4U research.
  21. No E had an unslatted tail. Revell's 1/72 kit is tooled to be either a slatted F-4F or an unslatted RF-4E, ie the two variants the Bundesluftwaffe operated, depending on what sprues are in the box. It's not a good starting point for anything else (and as noted, is not a great representation of the long-nose F-4 in general). The Hasegawa kits remain a much better option. look for the older version with raised panel lines if on a budget.
  22. It's still better than their new tool 'MiG-15', which is several feet off the right length.
  23. They're in Canada now, picked mine up yesterday. I'm not really big on modern or Russian stuff, but the kit is too nice to skip.
  24. I said MiG-16 for a reason ;-) It's like it was halfway between a -15 and a -17
  25. They did around 5-6 years ago, once the new team Hornby hired got a little experience under their belt. There's still been a few oopses (the less that's said about their MiG-16 the better) BTW, that's their previous Defiant, the new one is the 1.48 kit that was released a couple months ago ;-)
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