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  1. well.............a little surfing, which I've not done in a long time, and what do I find?..........a wonderfully executed Stug IIIG sporting a casting of my interior. It's always such a compliment to see you folks out there do such mastery with what a parent company has asked me to build, in this case, the Jaguar interior to fit the Tamiya kit. Another version was made to fit the Gunze Sangyo kit. Both were done around 1994. Again, great job !!! Ben Jakobsen http://benjakobsen.smugmug.com/Hobbies
  2. woooooooooow Jeff.................. That is one amazing little cage. What an awesome job and a pleasure to behold. I absolutely love the paint man. Congratulations on a VERY successful build. I can only hope my 72 scale Helldiver turns out half as nice. Ben Jakobsen
  3. Last weekend, before I left for work, I did some work on the port side of the pilots pit in my Helldiver. It wasn't much............about a couple hours, but it was the starting point for the rest of the interior. I'm really excited about this. Yes, I still have some goodies to put on the starboard side, but I couldn't wait. I've been chomping at the bit to get moving on the port side. The foot pedals are going to be removed and rebuilt from scratch. I'll post more pics this weekend. As well, there will be other pics posted in different albums of my Fotki Album. Hope you also visit there and enjoy your stay.................. http://whatsnew.fotki.com/bendenna/ Cheers for now everyone. Ben
  4. Hi Kev................. I'd do a heck of a lot more if the scale was larger, but one can only do so much. Thanks for the kind words, All the best Ben
  5. Thank you very much Andrew for the kind comments. I am really enjoying the model, but will be glad when it's over and done. I have more done to it since this posting, and will be adding more pics this weekend. Hope you stay tuned. Kind regards, Ben
  6. Hi everyone.............I originally posted over at Props, but I guess it's really not the place for my WIP, so I'm moving it over here. It's been an onging build forsome time now, but recently, I've really been moving forward on it. I've really been concentrating on the pilot and gunner pits, and will finish them completely before going back to the exterior of the aircraft. For now, I'm going to post here with the latest pics and move forward from there, but you can see the complete build and notes in my Fotki Album here................... http://whatsnew.fotki.com/bendenna/ ...........There are many things to look at there, so enjoy your stay. I have a special section for those folks who have used something I created for the industry in their masterpieces. It's under the heading My Creations in Use. If you see anything there that's yours, please, by all means contact me so I can put your name to it. Now, in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my Helldiver.............. I'll start with this photo of the canvas cover behind the pilots seat. It's sculpted fro Plumbers Seal epoxy putty. I find this putty to be of the highest quality, with no grain. I can heat it up under a lightbulb to cure it very quickly. Trying to take pics of my model in this scale has proven difficult. I'm by no means any type of great photographer, but nothing seems to come easy. This is the machine gun ring in the rear pit. I've taken dozens of pics, but this is the best it gets I guess. This view shows the work I did on the lightening holes around the back. This piece measures just over a quarter inch across in diameter. I don't know what these levers are for......probably trim or something like that. In any case, this is the average size of most of what I'm putting into my model. After this is done, I think I'm moving to 48 scale or larger. This is the almost completed starboard side of the pilots area. You can see those levers in place. The gunners area with the machine gun ring temporarily mounted in place. As time goes by, I'll post better pics of these areas before I button everything up. I hope you can see some of the work I've done inside the area. Finally, a shot into the rear area with the machine gun ring removed. I like this shot. It shows much of the small details I've added to my model. I'm hoping my reference package arrives this week so I can move forward on this beast, and I have to say, I'll be glad when it's done and ready for painting. I hope you all follow along. It would be great to hear your comments. A cheering section is always nice on a project as difficult as this one. Criticism is also a bonus, as it allows me to see past my tunnel vison and get things right from anothers perspective, so please, I ask you all to drop a line and help out if you feel so inclined. I really hope you have enjoyed what I've posted here and that you stay tuned. All the very best Ben
  7. Oh man.....................is that EVER freaking beautiful. Waht a SPLENDID job you've done. You must feel very proud. Congratulations. Ben
  8. I promised a few more good pics of where my model stands at this point in time. As well, Ralph had asked if the kit came with the divebrakes perforated or not. I can assure you they didn't and in the interest of sharing, I've also included the following closeup photo of the divebrakes on the aircraft. I hope you all enjoy the following pics. I'll post more next weekend after some more progress. This is the set of levers that go to the right of the pilot. In reality, this piece is 1/8 inch long and the stand for it is not that much larger. Here's a favorite shot of mine looking down into the gunners pit without the machine gun ring and seat in place. I can hardly wait to get into the rest of it, but I'm currently waiting on some reference from my friend Chuck Wojtkiewicz aka chuckw, so I may clear up some mysteries to what I'm building. I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my models and can't seem to get over some areas without getting them right. Ta ta for now all. As I mentioned, I hope you enjoy the photos and the model. Kind regards everyone, Ben
  9. Hi Old Blind Dog.............after this project, I might be there with you, hehehehe................to be truthful, it will be a relief to have it all done and ready for paint. I really thank you for the kind comments and as I said to everyone thus far, I also hope you stay in touch for the remaining parts of the build. Pleasant days Ben
  10. Hiya Mike..................Wow..............I don't believe anyone has ever told me they would use my work for reference. Thank you for the honor, I'm so glad you think what I'm doing is ok. I love the kit.........so far it has fallen together like a charm. The recessed panel lines are simply some of the best I've seen, but I was unhappy with the interior and other elements, so am taking care of them. Thank you for the compliments. I hope you stay tuned, Kind regards, Ben
  11. I really don't like working with that photoetched brass Steve. It's too one dimensional for me. I have lots of tricks to make it a successful endeavor, butwhy, when we can build the stuff out of styrene and other materials. I'm really very glad you like what I'm doing and I hope you stay on board to the end. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and for the pat on the back. All the best Ben
  12. Thank you for the very kind comments Blimp................I'm sorry, I'm very new here and don't know the names of you behind your screen names. Regardless, my thanks are very real as is my appreciation for you taking a peek and enjoying what you see. Hope to show you lots more, so yes, I'll keep posting. Take care Ben
  13. Thank you Chuck.............both for the welcome and for the reference help. Actually, it's nice to be here. I can't work on the model as I'm away from my desk until next Thursday, but it's wonderful to be able to continue sharing my efforts and I hope things are being learned. I love that 410 Chuck. You're a HUGE inspiration my friend. Kindest regards Ben
  14. Hiya Marcelo.................Thank you so much for the kind comments. There's lots more to go in, and I hope I can fgure out how it all fits together. I've got better pics, and I'll post a few more as the days pass, but mostly, if you wish to see the complete build, you can visit my Fotki Album here.................... http://public.fotki.com/bendenna/ hope you stay tuned, and again, thank you. Have a nice day, Ben
  15. Thank you very much Curt. I'm going to continue to post here, and I hope you check in and enjoy the build. Take care, Ben
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