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  1. It's definitely a photoshop project. The proof lies on the left mirror - the orange paint slips away to the background...
  2. Impressive collection you got there, John! Very nice! ;)
  3. This is my latest project. It is Academy's 1/35th M151A1 Jeep built mostly OOB with some stowage added to it. The build was a real fun! parts fitting was superb and I'm really proud and happy to have my first Vietnam era model in my American armor collection (post WWII). So here are the photos; I hope you'll enjoy watching them! Cheers, Gabe
  4. I like the addition of Tamiya tape straps, but I think they need some paint too... Gabe
  5. It looks so real... :D Wonderful work!
  6. Now it's just PERFECT!!! Waiting to see new projects!
  7. Raptors... Vegetarian?? Since when
  8. -Gabe-

    Leopard 2 camo

    Thanks, Pete. I wanna make it German.
  9. -Gabe-

    Leopard 2 camo

    Good evening guys, I wonder what camo should I use for a Leopard 2 A5/6 (once I'll buy it...)? Is it NATO black, green and brown or something else?
  10. That's strange... I've been using mostly MM acrylics for the past 4 years and NEVER EVER had any peeling problems. I clean the plastic parts with warm water mixed with dish soap (palmolive). Oh! and I mainly brush-paint... maybe brushing the paint makes a good adhesion... :lol:
  11. That's a really nice job you did there, man!
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