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  1. I know my dad always thought the 43 he crashed in was scrapped. Come to find out it was used for logging after it was repaired. Crashed again lifting an F4U engine from somewhere. Pilot killed this time tho.
  2. My father said that the florescent red orange really faded into some weird shades after it was applied.
  3. check this out: https://www.aviationgraphic.com/77-helicopters Plenty of examples there!
  4. Thats great news! The only suggestion I have is maybe do a really colorful one and then a line helicopter from the same squadron on the same sheet. Thanks!!
  5. I have the kit decals; just looking for other options
  6. So far, looks like it’s a no go at this station, but I could have missed something. anyone know of 1/35 MH-60S decals for the Academy kit?? There are plenty of colorful schemes out there, I’m surprised no one has printed any yet.
  7. Isn't the MH-60S similar to the MH-60L? If that's the case, I'd start with an MH-60L as the basis of the conversion. Might not have too much to change.
  8. Does anyone know of a source for these items? It seems pretty easy to find them in 1/35 scale and even 1/72 scale, but for 1/48, it looks like all that's available is airfield items. Thanks!
  9. What I never liked about the Revell kit that the Aurora had was the debris shield in front of the engines.
  10. I've seen everything you guys have mentioned. An average kit for $8.00 but shipping is gonna set you back $27. I think some problems are people see a GWH TBD-1 Devastator going for $50, so they figure their Monogram TBD should be worth the same price.
  11. I have some kits up for sale. All prices include shipping in the US. Dragon 6311 Elefant Premium Edition with Eduard zimmerit - $45.00 shipped CONUS Dragon 6362 M21 Mortar Motor Carriage - $40.00 shipped CONUS Bronco 35011 T17E1 Staghound A/C Mk. I (late production) - $35.00 shipped CONUS Tamiya 35267 M1046 Humvee with TOW - $35.00 shipped CONUS Shoot me a message at monsoon1965 AT yahoo.com Thanks!
  12. That's an F model Huey. Since it has guns, probably listed as a UH-1P. I think converting a B or C model (not sure which) to one of these might be a challenge.
  13. Well, good news is that Lone Star models is going to rerelease the Cobra Company detail set for the 1/32 scale Huskie.
  14. Nope. But, they shouldn't be hard to cobble together. I asked Floyd about including some in the next Huey decal sheet, but I'm having a hard time coming up with pictures of the H model Hueys that were at McConnell (even tho my dad was the freaking NCOIC!).
  15. You're right. It's just the Hawk/Testors 1/32 scale and the 1/72 version by Mach2. I heard that was a bit tricky to build. There was a vac by Airmodel but not sure if it's around.
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