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    1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MK2 Venezuela AF

    I am dealing with the same issue for my Chinese MKK. I would agree with Gabor that EW pods should be in pairs. As for the mixing 73 and 77, here is a photo showing such a mix (albeit this is a training loadout). And an Indian MKI actually shows an R-77 on the #2 station - granted, this is a different aircraft version manufactured by a different producer, but still. Hope this helps. Alex
  2. Send the MRC an e-mail 10 days ago and didn't hear back from them. I assume they are not going to help - and this is understandable as there is no their fault. So my hopes now are back to fellow modelers. I need transparencies for the Academy 1/35 Black Hawk. I can do even with used ones!
  3. Thank you, Robert! I should've phrased my request better: I didn't buy a new kit with a missing sprue. I just picked up an almost complete set of sprues in a bargain/spares bin with transparent sprue missing. So MRC has no obligations here. I'll try to contact them, but I don't have much hope. Regards! Alex
  4. Hello, I'm desperately looking for transparent parts for Academy's 1/35 Black Hawk helicopter: windshield, all windows. Got a kit without the transparents sprue. I will appreciate parts from an old assembled kit or a new sprue.