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  1. I guess I want a full on E-TRAM with turret, just not with the TPS scheme. And in Marines markings. White and LGG is possible with Navy markings as we see in the VA-85 picture. And I have other examples from VA-52 (NF), VA-75 (AC), VX-5, VA-128 (NJ), VA-35 (AJ), VA-95 (NH), VA-196 (NK) , VA-34 (AB). I found another strange one. It's either the photo/sky/lighting, but that does not look like LGG to me. More like Light Ghost Grey. But we all know, grey's in photo's can be very tricky due to the white-balance. The scheme isn't very colourfull either.
  2. Hi I'm about to start on a 32nd A-6 build. Got both the A and E-TRAM boxings from Trumpy. I want to start with a Marine version of the E-TRAM, but not in the slightly boring grey over grey scheme, but the much more interesting gull grey and white. But here is where it gets tricky. The phase out of that scheme happened around the same period as the TRAM introduction. Still I have many ref pictures of TRAM's still wearing the old Gull Grey and white scheme, mostly Navy. So it is possible. But for which squadron and what decals, since there's not a lot of options out there (basic
  3. This has got te be at least $250. And it better be fully detailed and complete, since there's likely no aftermarket stuff. Still, with the real life 1:1 Cat's being eaten alive at AMARG, a new Cat in any other scale is very welcome indeed.
  4. Do you actually need more PSI with a siphon fed jar compared to a top-gravity-fed jar ? I usually start out at 30 psi, but making finer lines with milky thin acrylics is not easy, so I have been using lower PSI's lately. But not as low as 15 or even 8 PSI, because I'm not sure a siphon fed jar will work then. I also notice the pain virtually dries while in the air when I go above 30psi. Gives a very rough finish on the model, which can be nice sometimes.
  5. I believe FS 36440 is the one you want. http://www.colorserver.net/showcolor.asp?fs=36440 For Tamiya this translates to XF-20. http://www.centennialipms.org/FSConversions.pdf But perhaps someone with more color experience (and eye for authenticity) can comment. Beeing partially colorblind, it's all grey to me.
  6. Good thing for me too since I have a Hasegawa AV-8 sitting on my desk at home which I haven't started yet. This will help.
  7. QUOTE (Skull Leader @ Jun 21 2009, 03:08 AM) There never was plans for an A-6 family. The one they built was an old 1/32 Vacu-form kit that they had on display to what-if the show. The more we talk about the A-6, the bigger the chance Mr Trumpy listens and get's of his *** to get us one.
  8. An E-2 in 1/48 ? I want that almost as much an a new A-6 in 1/48
  9. There's one missing. The A-6. But great to see 3 new big birds nontheless.
  10. Thanks for all the info. Moving over to the side a bit. With only 2 1/32 kits to choose from, one being expensive and still needs some add-ons, the other being hard to find and not flawless either. I mentioned going 1/48 instead. There's a lot more choice here; Revell, Hasegawa, Academy, Italeri. I built a VF-84 Cat from Hasegawa about 12 years ago. Very nice quality, but time (especially moving from one house to the next) has damaged it alot. I also built one from Revell about 20 years ago, and if I remember correctly one from Monogram too, for a friend. None of those were as good as the
  11. Ok thanks for that link. I came across that earlier but was unable to find it again. Looks like I need to locate a Revell or pitch in the extra bucks for the detail-update sets. I also might skip the 1/32 Tomcats and go 1/48 instead. Save's space too.
  12. Before I take the plunge and get either of the two Tamiya F-14's that are in stock at my local shop, is the Tamiya kit actually the best 1/32 F-14 out there ? How much better/worse is the Revell kit ? It's not as easy to find, that's for sure. Is there a significant advantage on the Tamiya F-14 Black Knights version compared to the Tamiya F-14 1994 version ? If only someone would release a new A-6 in either 1/48 or 1/32. I could put my Tomcat needs further down the list
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