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  1. Look great both my friend! Don't know of the gunpod issue, maybe there're a AM one? Gianni
  2. Giovanni, this is the best Delta Dagger I ever seen!!!! I love and enjoyed evry aspect of this build. Gianni
  3. Hello guys, I made very few progress as I haven't too much time to spare for the build, anyway. Last time I left the thread waiting the arrival of the prts sent me by Thadeus and kitbashing the air intake, well I'll see what I obtained. Starting with the intake , I was able more or less to obtain a decent result. The Academy and Revell parts don't match well and required first some plasticard to fill the canyons between the parts, followed by some Tamiya Epoxy putty followed by Gunza Mr Dissolved putty to smooth all. This is true also for the internal trunk, that received also a coat
  4. Very nice work Solo, love all these imrpovement, so beneficial for the overall view of the build, especially wheel bays and canopy! Gianni
  5. Love your progress my mate, and in particular the pics of the real things you posted! Gianni
  6. These Fitters were full of protusion of all kind,anywhere, and this made them so aggressive in some way, I love'em!!!! Have some kit in my stash, will buy one after my F-16 after seen yours my friend! Gianni
  7. Hate these kind of issues, if you want mate, can check if I've some spare decals to replace yours. Anyway. look nice overall. Me too will add a ANG bird for my Desert Storm collection, but cannot find the right decals Gianni
  8. Look like the finish line is in sight,uh? Great job overall, NMF bird sre still my weakness... Gianni
  9. Nice work! I like the scratche HUD repeater in the rear office! Gianni
  10. Ehi Dave when you opened a modelshop? BTW, hope to be in for this GB. Don't know if with a Charlie or a Atars Delta Gianni
  11. Love all the attention ( and craftmanship) on this build! Gianni
  12. Ywo thing I can't combine, fast and nice. Pretty build mate! Gianni
  13. Another great/big project uh? Gianni
  14. Very interesting, especiall 'cause I've 5 RoG kit, of which two the same box you satrted building here; very useful tip of fit/construction. keep up with the good work mate! Gianni
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