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  1. Wolfpak December 2017 Release

    +1,and naturally the aforomentioned OIF ATARS F-18Ds.I'll like to see for ODS also the Tornado GR.1 Awesome Annie,one of the better pin-up of the war...
  2. Ehi mate. I've prepared the package with 6 Fujimi pylons and 2 'Hase TERs. Gianni
  3. Sukhoi Su-17M3 'Fitter-H', Azerbaijani Air Force

    What a beauty my friend! Ok,is official,I need a Fitter ( Arab or Iraqi,maybe both) for my collection... Gianni
  4. 1:32 Trumpeter Harrier GR.7

    Yuh-uh! Paint! I'm waiting for this John! Gianni
  5. 1/72 Revell Mystére IVA

    Good day all guys. Finally I was able to have some spare time and yesterday ,after some small touch-ups,applied the preshadow;so I'm now officially in the painting phase! The canopy received some extra plasticard in order to lenght the rear frame,and I'm proud of how turned out,the best filling and sanding I ever done! So I can start soon paint the camo,for the first time I'll try the MRP colors,as look like if this brand is the only one with the correct RAL for the blue-brown IAF camouflage. Probably,I'll shoot first some Alclad Aluminium for the area around the horizontal stabs and one of the fuel tanks. As always,thanks for look and feel free to comment,some progress ASAP. Cheers, Gianni
  6. Ehi mate, I've the pylons,both in plastic from a HB kit and in resin from Verlinden,and the TER from the 'Gawa weapons set. Send me a PM with your adress and I'll send the parts ASAP. Gianni
  7. Wolfpak December 2017 Release

    The sheets are beautiful like always,and another ATARS option! The only small regrets is that still don't exist an OIF ATARS bird...
  8. think can help you with the pylons and maybe the TER ( from 'Hase set). I'll check my AM box ASAP.
  9. 1/72 Revell Mystére IVA

    Good day all people! I'm really close to the primer,but inevitably I discovered some details that will be added/changed. First,I noticed that the rescribing job on the upper mid fuselage wasn't accurate,I need to add six small inspection panels (three on other side of the spine) completely differents in shape and position respect my first attempt. So I filled the first ones with CA glue and rescribed all. In some planes was present a plate in the fuselage-Karman joint,which I reproduced in plasticard. I've added a Master pitot tube.Master don't produce a specific pitot for the plane,the closest I managed to obtain came from the MiG-17 set ( with the bonus of use the other one for my future A-6,quite similar in shape). As previously said,the canopy rear frame was lenghtened;I'm quite happy with the result,but think to add another mm of plasticard to be correct. Worked on the loadout. The pylons of L'Arsenal tanks need the addition of a big trapezoidal panel on the forward section plus a small vents. The outer pylons are scratched out of plasticard.Also added the fuses to the bombs ( from a Revell Mirage IIRC). So I think to be really ready for the primer this time,so stay tuned. Like always thanks to stop by and feel free of comment! Cheers, Gianni
  10. Jadotville Fouga Magister 1/48

    Oh mate, I like the Magister ( despite in other markings..) ,and your build is a exemplary show of craftmanship that produced a clean,crisp,detailed model! Gianni
  11. 1/48 Kinetic Sea Harrier FA.2

    I like your work mate,and I like that you repainted some PE,I also don't like too much prepainted sets.Born as a figure painter ,I love to spend time with my brush,especially in areas like pit and wheel bays. And about the IP,if you will added some decals in the gauges,I think your version will be a lot more precious that one produced in series like the PE ones. Gianni
  12. Decals for Tornado F3 in ODS

    ,Model Alliance have a ODS sheet . I bought it in 1772 and is great. If your model will be 1/72,I'll send you my decals... Hope thise can help. Gianni
  13. 1/72 Revell Mystére IVA

    Thanks guys, I've also lenghtened the canopy rear part. Almost ready for the primer! Gianni
  14. Kinetic Prowler

    Beautiful model! I hope mine come out good half your's.... Will see! Gianni
  15. 1/48 Trumpeter ERA-3B

    Good job my friend,not too much Skywarriors around (shame),and less in lo.viz! Gianni