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  1. Yup! But is normality for me, between 1/72 bird and commission for 28 mm and 54 mm figures, well, I'm a minipainter! I've finished add the PEs grills more ppics soon. Gianni
  2. Time for some colors mate!!! Love your job so far,waiting for more Gianni
  3. Thanks mate! We here in central Italy was for now slightly touched by the Covid ( I don't know why was so lucky honestly), but the north in particular was heavy hit... I wish the same for you my friend! Gianni
  4. Thanks guys,and about the start, I decided to begin replacing the air vents in the kit with the Eduard's ones. The problem is that in the real plane, these vents are flush with the fuselage and not as suggested from Eduard,so with a very sharp blade I've carved the plastic in preparation for the PEs and opened the four small holes in the tail area. So after gluing in position the parts ( and a pair of fingers cutted) I've sanded smooth the PEs with the help of the CA glue used to paste the parts and refining all with some Gunze Dissolved Putty Still need to add these on the upper surface of the air intakes. In the meantime I've replaced the ACES seat with an Escapac from Quickboost. In real, the IAF ordered the birds with the Escapac IC-7 in place of the ACES 2 ( probably for lower the price ) , but after a fatal ejection in the early '90s decided to replace the IC-7 and by 1993 all the fleet was upgraded with the new seats. My model will be a late '80s Baz,so here the necessity of the change;anyway the closest 1/72 rendition for an IC-7 is an Escapac designed for an A-4 at which I've slightly raised the headrest and added a new bottle and a pair of cable on the rear and one on the right side of the headrest. And painted,miss only the ejection handle between the pilot' legs That's all for now guys, see soon with more updates Stay healty friends, Gianni
  5. Not a civilian expert but look real to me... Gianni
  6. Thanks a lot Thad and pollie! Hope yoall to be safe and healty! Gianni
  7. Great job Jan! The IRST look quite better now and the bang seat,wow! Gianni
  8. Thanks all my friends, is a morale boost know your appreciation for my works! Happy modelling to all guys and stay safe!!! Gianni
  9. Thanks for your kindness guys!!!! Stay safe my friends! Gianni
  10. My family is fine,and your? Here we are in lockdown for all the no-essential job. I left home only 3 or 4 time, at non more than 200m of distance, just for some fresh air.... But at least I continued my modelling work! Gianni
  11. Ehi guys, with the Fishbed finished, its time to move to the next model,taking advantage ( unfortunately) of the current situation. I opted for one of the planes actually confronting the MiG-21 ( and the MiG-23) over the Bekaa,the mainstay of the IDF/AF fighter force,the F-15 Baz. The subject is more than know and don't need any introduction by me, so I'll only add that will be Baz 695 of The Twin Tail squadron, adorned with four kill roundel. So,the mandatory pics,first the box... ...some of the goodies,Aires exhaust, Eduard PEs,Paragon Python3 and Magrefa rails and ,despite not in the image, Master brass AOA probes. The markings are courtesy of Isradecals. And finally the reference books. That's all for now, stay tuned guys for the next updates. Thanks all for watching, and please, stay safe Gianni
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