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  1. Enrico the model is superb as the pics,my only point is about the pylons of the supersonic tanks,as you can see in the real plane in the image you posted. Just 'cause you poste in the Crtique Corner... Gianni
  2. Mate,as per Israbook, by time of the double Mig-kill mission on 12 May 1970, Ahit 03 was the only A-4 equipped with the DEFA guns,that Ezra Dotan put to good use downing one of the two MiG-17s. Hope this help. Gianni
  3. I modified my example some time ago,but if you have one Super Bug spare can save some time Gianni
  4. One of my preferred bird,shame no one produce it in 1/72.. The first piture look of a real plane,only the 'Winder rails betrayed the illusion Great model! Gianni
  5. Mate,in my 1/72 Peten thread I've indicated the various size used . Check in the link anove. Gianni
  6. Oh my....!!!!!!!! Slartibartfast its right,you need a more important showcase! Gianni
  7. Wonderful job as usual Chuck!!! The Archer rivets are a great additions,not cheap but very convincing and also hard enough to resist a masking with Tamiya tape or Patafix. I used different sheets for my Peten some time ago,and after unmasking the bird,I losed only a pair of rivets here and there, Gianni
  8. Looks quite nice so far mate! Follow your progress and ,despite not a real fan,your Airbus look terrific!!! Gianni
  9. Thanks all guys! I'll share with you some of my thoughts ; find pics of Syrian planes is very hard,with the exclusion of the recent year and the conflict with the ISIS. For early -21Bis like mine, is almost impossible,the only useful one is this,from which I deduced some info about the front fuselage camo that I used as base for my model (together with some Iraqi examples,as per Mr. Cooper discussion on Britmodeller). Now,I'm ready for the decals but I have no clue 'bout serial number;from the pics you can deduce that the range is in the 22xx,looking with more attention maybe a 220x, but no a fourth number ( maybe can be a 1 abd for this reason less visible?) If you continue to watch the site in the link,some of the shotdown Bis of the currently Civil war was in the 22xx range,comprised if remember well a 2204 and a 2284. So,assuming that I want/will reproduce one of these airframes, it's possible they were survivors of the 1982 Bekaa clashes or were maybe replacement for the losses? I admitt tha probably nobody,with the exclusion of the people actually involved in the Peace for Galilee fights, can provide useful infos and contest a my error respect the serial number but this is the worry that stop me to finish the bird... Any ideas guys? Any possible help will be more that welcomed!!!! Thanks to all , Gianni
  10. Thanks mate. This was my goal , especially 'cause I've a lack of infos and worked in a plausible,conservative way.
  11. Thanks Janne; you're right about my velocity and this year is worst that other,as I've some headeches both at work and family...
  12. Aigore at work!!! Ready my friend! Gianni
  13. Hi guys,some time passed since the last post,but I'm here with some small progress. After a first layer of gloss I added some panel wash,a combination of artist oil,AK and Tamiya wash,followed by another coat of Gauzy gloss in preparation of the decals. I worked on a soft apparence,who do you think guys? The wheel bays was painted in Mr.Paint Light Grey-Blue with the details in Vallejo acrilics Also the pylons,rails and missiles received some attention Now guys,I'll some info about the quality of the Begemot decals,as I've the Fishbed' stencils sheet,?cause I started think if buy the Eduard one. Thanks all for watching my friends. Gianni
  14. Thanks mate! Sorry for the delayed reply but I've some trouble lately...
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