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  1. kurnass77

    1/72 Tupolev Tu-22M3 "Backfire" by Trumpeter

    Ehi Jan, you're closing to the finish line of this superb build! Gianni
  2. kurnass77

    1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MK2 Venezuela AF

    Impressive job as any of your other builds mate! Gianni
  3. kurnass77

    GWH 1/48 scale Lockheed T-33A early ver.

    Joel your build look quite exquisite mate! Gianni
  4. kurnass77

    The next project

    Hi all gents; in the time since my last update I was quite busy at work,so the free time for continuing the build was a price. Anyway I was able to add some rivets to the model. I used 4 different riveters to accomplish the job. The fuselage Some close-up The wings Besides the rivets,I continued add details like the PEs wing fences... ...or the small blast deflector between the parabrake housing and the jet exhaust At this point I glued the wings;the resulting seams wasn't so bad. Some plasticard and Mr.Surfacer 500 with the excess removed with a Q-tip soaked in Gunze thinner saved the day. Actually I'm a little further with the build,as I added some detail in the Karman area,the new Quickboost airscoop,the cannon (visible in some pics above, courtesy of the new Eduard MF) and some new details to the fuel tank. So expect some new pics soon guys. Like always thanks to stop by and feel free of comment. See you soon mates, Gianni
  5. HI all guys, I'm currently help a friend on a sim site to create some skin for Scooters in Vietnam. now we need some help as per title. Follow the link please for explanation. Thanks, Gianni
  6. kurnass77

    Eduard 1:72 MiG-21MF 'Fishbed-J'

    Beautiful job Seb,and so fast also! Gianni
  7. kurnass77

    MiG-21 MF Eduard 1/72

    Nice job mate! I'm currently struggle with my Zvezda Bis,so the Eduard 'one need wait... Gianni
  8. Finally my friend!!! Super work,I think you've a truly winner here! Congratulations. Gianni
  9. Juan, your build is a joy to see! Gene,my friend,I already foolowed as visitor Giorgio's build at the time,a great model from him,and I'm happy that joined us here on ARC! Welcome Giorgio! Gianni
  10. kurnass77

    A-7P Corsair II FAP 15531 Hasegawa/Revell 1/48

    A gold winner marek! Gianni
  11. That's great! Great scratch parts,great subject and great ,uncommon,markings choice,and in my same scale! I follow your build for sure mate! Gianni
  12. kurnass77

    Eduard 1:72 MiG-21MF; update 08/05/2018

    Great job Seb,I'm still unable to paint a NMF bird... Gianni
  13. Brilliant work Yufei,but you missed a pipeline...just joke! Indeed,very impressive work! Gianni
  14. kurnass77

    The next project

    Hi all gents. First,janman,thanks for the infos and sorry for my late reply...You're perfectly right about the rear brakes.Is curious ( and funny) that both the Lock-On and the Walkaround books stated that the brake is locked when the tank is carried on the centerline,only to discover,in the same books,pics showing planes with a slightly drooped airbrakes!And look at this photo,I think this wiilbe my choice.But another question:there're a direct relation of how much degree the three brakes opened or not?What I mean is that I will pose the rear one as in the link,but the forwards ones in a more opened position,as the PEs detail are very good and I want show it. And now my build. I finished to converts the wings bays that now look this way. As visible,I tried to squeeze in much details as possible;quite happy with the result,despite I think the various bottles ( fishing weights) are smaller than anticipated... The two wings finished. The rescribed upper surface of one wing. And about rescribing,I changed almost all the panel lines of the spine in accordance with my refs. And now some pics of various details added here and there. The new scoops under the wingroots,courtesy of some lead sheet. As mentioned in one of the previous post,I finally added some structural "ribs" in the engine exhaust area. Moving on the other fuselage end.I rescribed the windshield area ( to be finished only with the clear part in position). And the scratched alchol tank under the Quickboost resin air scoop in front of the windshield. So,I've moved a little forward with the build,especially in respect of the more important areas to be converted,but like always is a long journey,and beside continuing add missed panel lines,I started think about rivetting the whole airframe. But I'm not really good to this,I cross my fingers! Like always thanks for watching and feel free to comment! Cheers Gianni
  15. kurnass77

    The next project

    Thanks for your words mate,despite I can't completely claim merits about the solution... Still adding details and rescribing correct panel lines. Before waste time and effort,the rear speedbrakes was dropped on the ground with the centerline tank loaded or there was clearence issues? Any help's much appreciated! Gianni