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  1. Mate, the wings you need are in the Obscureco range. Aires produce : - speedbrake/wheel bays - engine exhaust - Pit (F-100D) Unfortunately the pit is for the single seat and all are designed for the Trumpy kit, here my build to check For the seven shot rocket launcher, the close I remember are the M-260 from CMK. Finally,the decals was in an old Wolfpak sheet for sure and maybe in a Caracal one Hope help in some way Gianni
  2. Great Photo Rhino mate! Gianni
  3. Great ,brave recovery mate! I feel perfectly what you said,if there is an error, your eyes will be continously sttracted from it! I'd to do some recovery in my actual build ,take a look at the Baz thread her in this subforum if you want. Gianni
  4. Hi all guys, as said in the previously reply, here some progress. First ,I painted the metal area of the rear fuselage;after masking the model with Tamiya tape and some food cellophane,I airbrushed some Tamiya TS-14 decanted from the rattle can, followed by Alclad Stainless Steel, Dark Aluminium and Magnesium,the latter in random spot.As all was dry I rubbed the surface with Tamiya Rogue Compound ( a tecnique adopted by Chuck for is incredible 1/32 Aggressor F-15C ).Not Bad I think... At this point I painted also the landing gear wells and legs in white.
  5. Great, more 1/72 build! The Fishbed wore so much camo,one better of another... Like the Angolan paint job and how the tank turned out,keep up the good work mate! Gianni
  6. Thanks Gene for your kindness. Honestly the collector were very happy with the figures and 'cause my activity at school don't start for the anti Covid rules,I started to think at a definitive return to professional painting and open a little studio with my brother. About the Eagle,probably tomorrow I'll post the actual progress,but first need fix a problem caused by the masking for the paint.... Thank again and stay safe Gene! Gianni
  7. Hi all gents, I'm currently working in modify some A-7 skins for the Strike Fighter 2 sim in order to obtain a more correct ones. I've already done the weathering job,the decals and some improvement on some missing panels here and there. I need some help 'cause I'll add the pilots name under the windshield; thanks to this site I've pratically all the names but I need to know which plane was assigned to each pilot. The squadron for which I need help are the VA-72 during the 1975 cruise and the VA-81 and -83 at the time of the Prairie Fire/ El Dorado Canyon actions, Some
  8. Thanks Mamba! I've already shoot some Tamiya clear, now I'll sand down and add a second thin coat of clear in preparation of the decals. Stay tuned guys and thanks all! Gianni
  9. +1 mate! Think the weathering look quite natural and realistic! The pit look fantastic,very detailed for a OOB build indeed. Gianni
  10. Good day all guys,hope you're all fine! I made some step forward with my build,and finally the F-15 received his two greys! The pics are real bad I know, but I've some trouble with the camera,hope solve for the next session. But here the shots! As usual,added a first layer of weathering at this stage;Israeli F-15s at time can show a very heavy weathering, but lack of specific ref for my bird ( the better pics I found are after the Improved Baz program) convinced me to realize a more subdued effects, with the more concentrated on the belly
  11. Wow Giovanni, as another 72nd guy I appreciate,love and respect all the job done! Lovely! Gianni
  12. Grerat amount of work,undoubtely, but will pay in final mate!!! Love it! Gianni
  13. Fantastic! Gianni
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