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  1. Fantastic job mate! Recently Greenstuffworld released a resin fish set,think will be a nice addition if you're intentioned to add to your diorama https://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/resin/1707-resin-fish-collection-hobby.html?search_query=fish&results=3
  2. Think this is also an interesting site https://www.navysite.de/index.htm
  3. Any hope for some poor 1/72 bas#@d like me? After all there'll be the upcoming FM short-nosed F-4s ( I'm still hoping for some of your A-4s sheet to be scaled down, but not too much).
  4. Mate,Astra Decals produced his sheet in all three scales https://www.dacoproducts.com/
  5. HI guys,about a week ago my free account with Imageshack expired. I tried several times to upgrade to a monthly premium using Paypal, but all I obtain when it the Paypal button in Imageshack are a Paypal loading payment page that never stop allowing me to finish the action. Tried also to contact the hosting team but received a stupid generic mail stating that most of the problem can be solved in the FAQ area of the site...but there are nothing help me, Someone else have the same problem or can help me? Thanks in advance Gianni
  6. Its great learn something new , and first hand infos are simply gold! Why so, the great part of book etc... address the slant configuration primarily to doors clearance? Crackerjazz you're welcome, great progress with the pilot! Gianni
  7. Hi Valerio, very happy to see a new masterpiece from you!!! I'm glad you continue to be interested in IAF planes; time ago I build a Peten using the Archer rivets, expensive but the final result worth the money.Now I'm in the finale (hope) stage of a Baz build We still need to met for a coffee...maybe by Hobby House? Again superb work. Do you have a link to a WIP? I always enjoy and learn from your build and I've a HB Tzefa in my stash,so.... Gianni
  8. Thanks mate,much appreciated!😄 Gianni
  9. You're a brave man, four at once when a barely manage one model ( and still not ETA for my Baz...) Like a lot the details you added and remeber me of the effort I put on my Aussie model and that I need to add a Canadian Hornet to my collection,surely a Desert Storm bird. Nice work,really! Gianni
  10. Thanks mate. For the weathering I'm slightly unsure; I've pics of super weathered birds, but are principally after the upgrade to Improved Baz standard, mine depict the plane in late 80s-very early 90'. But at the same time, some shots of "mine" timaframe shows some airframe veri patchy...I think that I'll finish to add some more dirt anyway Gianni
  11. Hi all gents, quite some time passed since my last post! As previously noted, I opened together with my brother a modelling studio, returning to the painting /customization job. This left very little time foe my Baz but made some progress; the decals job is now finished and just yeterday I was able to coat the lower surfaces with Tamiya clear to seal the decals,so now I'm very eager to finish it! Some detail shots ( I love all these stencils,evn if maybe a little too stark)
  12. Mate,first of all your build look terrific,but I don't expect nothing less from you. Second, you've naticipated my questio/comment about the TERs; despite phisically possible to load three Mk-82s on the racks, and seldom used, the routine was of mount two weapons in slant configuration for clearance with the gear doors. Again mount a full armed TER don't think can be considered an error, only a little out of the standard .. Another thing were the MK-81s, I see some pics of completely loaded TERs, probably for the smaller dimension of the weapons. Gianni
  13. Common problem Gabor, I preorder mine that was sent on 20th October and arrived last week!!! The problem was/is that, at least at the time and for Italy, that the Jap post don't use air delivery or SAL for the Covid emergency. Gianni
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