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  1. The most beautiful and impressive rendition of 2000s I ever see around, such graceful and elegant planes! Gianni
  2. Nice mate! I also built one some years ago as a IAF Kurnass, think the WIP's still around here in the site. Before thr FM kits was the only true alternative to Hase F-4s and in some ways even more fun and relaxing to build; remember that the seats resta bit lower if OOB. Wait for more update on the build Gianni
  3. Terrific build!!! Well balanced result,I like it a lot Gianni
  4. Very nice Dakota Geoff,you'll be pride of the result! Gianni
  5. The only pics I've are these of an Improved Baz in the Israbook, but now is quite old. Don't know if was improved in the meantime... Sent a PM, cannot post'em here Cheers, Gianni
  6. Look very good to me! Unfortunately RL hit me hard, and made so few on my project for this GB... Gianni
  7. So damn beauty!!!! I've programmed the same bird in 72nd for my collection, but honestly I din't knoe when this will happen... Great model all around mate, you'll be proud of the result! Gianni
  8. Look great both my friend! Don't know of the gunpod issue, maybe there're a AM one? Gianni
  9. Giovanni, this is the best Delta Dagger I ever seen!!!! I love and enjoyed evry aspect of this build. Gianni
  10. Hello guys, I made very few progress as I haven't too much time to spare for the build, anyway. Last time I left the thread waiting the arrival of the prts sent me by Thadeus and kitbashing the air intake, well I'll see what I obtained. Starting with the intake , I was able more or less to obtain a decent result. The Academy and Revell parts don't match well and required first some plasticard to fill the canyons between the parts, followed by some Tamiya Epoxy putty followed by Gunza Mr Dissolved putty to smooth all. This is true also for the internal trunk, that received also a coat
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