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  1. Thanks Joerg Gianni
  2. One of the best F-14D I ever see!!!! Gianni
  3. Hi guys, I'm back with some updates. Unfortunately ,my dad was hospitalized last week so my attention was "slightly diverted" from the build,but managed to do something. I glued the vert stabs and gear doors, and now look an F-15. The stabs: here the primary goal was obtain mooth and clean surfaces, especially the inner side that will be painted in metal. Is superflous to say that I rescribed some panel lines as lost during the sanding; other was filled as not present on the real planes The same is true for the landing gears doors. The NLG door;I used ti fill the doors CA with talc powder, more hard to sand maybe, but better for rescribing. Note that I've lost the door antenna which will be replaced with a PE one. The MLG doors.My bird will be a late 80's one wuth chaff/flare dispenser under the air intake, just forward of the MLGs as for later models. This mean that the comm panel door present on the left intake was moved forward, in the red circle. Now I started my duel with the MLG legs and in particular with the struts; if the legs was easily improved with a combination of PEs, lead wire,etc... the kit struts need more work and the PE ones, despite nice, look to be too short. Still not decide how move 'bout these details. As always thanks for watching and stay healty my friends! Gianni
  4. Thanks mate,too kind! I've glued the vert stabs and the landing gears doors, so some pics very soon! Gianni
  5. +1, nothing visible from here, only a beautiful Mirage! Gianni
  6. Thanks Captain! Gianni
  7. Hi gents, some progress. As precedently said, I started work on the NLG. Added some details to the bay; despite the forward door is virtually always closed on the ground,some details are visible anyway so using plasticard,copper and lead wires and some scrap pieces from an electrical circuit of some kind, I obtained something more of the OOB's. The leg received its plumbing out of lead wire and some PEs from the Eduard sheet I drilled the hole on the gear strut Needless to say how important is a good quantity of reference to add/discover extra details;thanks to Jake Melampy's Modern Eagle Guide and the Daco book, I added small things ignored by the manufacturer like the one in the red circle,still need to add a pair of wires here. Achieved ( more or less) the NLG, I started to add the plumbing in the MLG bays Added the nav lights to the vert stabs, During the study of the pics of the stabs,I discovered that Hasegawa added more panelines that in the reality, so I need to fill and sand these lines before glueing in position. Now I'm focused improving the MLG legs, so more pics soon. Thanks for watching guys and stay safe! Gianni
  8. Air-Graphics ( Model Alliance) had a lot of Jaguar resin goodies, take a look here Gianni
  9. Hi all guys! Thadeus, this is interesting, will try in an another Eagle. Here a quick update. The wings are glued and sanded,In some spot only a bit of Mr Dissolved Putty removed with a hearstick was enough, but in other spot I used plasticard and CA glue/talc powder. As evident in the close-ups,the left wing required more work than the right's. I added a pair of brass rod to the left wing to maintain the part to the desired angle/level,as tend to drop more than the right,especially the rear edge where the flap meet the fuselage. The lower surfaces had the same problems The fuel tanks are full stencilled. I choose to add the Squadron eagle stencil only to one tank, as per pics on the Israbook volume; both will receive a red tip when finished After this photo session,I hit the tanks with some grey to done down a little the black of the decals. Next,I'll add the vert stabs and add details to the various air inlets/scoops on the belly area, followed by work on the wheel bays. As always thanks to stop by my friends and feel free to comment! Cheers, Gianni
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