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  1. kurnass77

    A pair of Colombian Lions

    Beautiful pair Elkin! I've bought the AMK and look quite nicely,started think to convert it after see your build! Gianni
  2. kurnass77

    The next project

    Thanks mate! Glad you like my build Gianni
  3. Great Chuck! I confess you that I already love your bird when completely black... Gianni
  4. kurnass77

    The next project

    Hi Kike,first of all thanks for your words mate! Second,the liquid you mentioned is tha Tamiya Line Accent Color,basically a panel wash. The idea is very simple,use it to check the rescribing-riveting job.Nothing of genial... Yesterday I received the SAC metal gear legs;designed for the Eduard kit,are slightly longer that the Zvezda ones and I hope that the extra height compensante for the added depth of the scratched wheel bays and restore,in conjunction with the Brassin wheels,the correct asset/height of the model. I've already replaced the SAC scissor with the Part PEs reproducing the linkage system (the "parallelogram" ) and begin add plumbing. Finally just finished spray some Alclad White Aluminium on the exhaust area to start officially the painting step Thanks,Gianni
  5. kurnass77

    The next project

    Hi all guys,some time passed since my last post,and honestly I made small progress as free time is a big price lastly,but I decided to show what I realized just to keep alive the thread... The last time,I left the forum with the problem of the forward speedbrakes;well,I changend my idea and used the PE parts as better shaped that mine examples and more workable to obtain the correct section. Thanks also to the Gabor thread,I focused on small details like the huge space present on the forward part of the speedbrakes,where the part pivoted.Also focused on finish the cannon with the add of the PEs. Naturally,after finish it,I discovered that Quickboost produced a nice resin alternative designed for the new Eduard kit...for any good count I ordered a pair of examples Well,now the pics,beginning with the cannon. Continuing with the result of the slightly drooped speebrakes and again the cannon. I added also other PEs like the IFF rods under the nose and on the fin top,and added the beautiful Master electric dischargers. For the latters,I cut a small notch from wing and horizontal stab tips,glued in place the brass parts and filled all with CA glue,following with the usual sanding step. At some point during the various steps,just for paint something,I put some Alclad metals on the nose cone,left only the characteristical green of the dielectric of Russian planes of the period. So now the model look this way,with some gloss black on the exhaust area and ready for some paint. And at this point,a Hamlet doubt hit me! Reading the various Harpia books and a thread on Britmodeller about the colors of Syrian Fishbeds,the infos obtained are vague at best! If for the 70's era some notice about the camos are available,for the early 80's the things are not so good. What I deduced from direct indication of Tom Cooper ( author of the Harpia books) on Britmodeller is that at the time probably the SyAAF had a mix of old style camo and probably some examples of the camo visibles also on the net relative at planes captured on the airfields at the time of the succesful "conquer"of Syrian territory by the ISIS. Here the discussion of the fellow ARCer friend Marlin. This lead me to discard the colors suggested by the decal sheet I'll use. So any help will be more than appreciated! Another doubt is about the loadout;I want load my bird with two each of R-60 and R-3S.But for the early 80's,are the R-3S a viable option or will be better maybe a pair of R-13s? If so,I couldn't find any example anywhere. Is possible,in light of the extremely resemblance,use the Brassin AIM-9D replacing the colors and markings with the ones from the Begemont stencil sheet designed for the MiG-21 family? As always thanks for watching and feel free of comment and thanks in advance for any possible helps! Gianni
  6. kurnass77

    Eduard MiG-21MF in 72nd scale

    Thanks Gabor! Effectively the work to do isn't indifferent,but I bought the kit some time ago and now compared to the Eduard the difference is huge. Herethe link to my build,I'll honored if you take a look... I'll post few update very soon. About the photoetch I used the Pars sheet. Gianni
  7. kurnass77

    Pax River TPS T-38A Finished

    Personally I never see this livery,and I love it!!! Gianni
  8. Jan,you've a gem that any modeller will have in the display case! You'll be proud of the result,even after 7 years of build! Gianni
  9. kurnass77

    Eduard MiG-21MF in 72nd scale

    This thread is a never ending source of infos,and Gabor,your craftmanship is great. Unfortunately I slowed down my Zvezda Bis build for both some lack of mojo and principally for lack of time... Only this morning I glued the cannon gas purge PEs. Hope to start priming ASAP mine. Again,great job Gabor!!!! Gianni
  10. Look great mate! Happy to see a different version of the Mustang! Gianni
  11. kurnass77

    1/72 Tupolev Tu-22M3 "Backfire" by Trumpeter

    Finally mate the beauty's ready! Gianni
  12. Chuck strike back! Mate,I'm more than happy you're back on ARC! Despite I'm on the opposite side of your scale ( I'm a 72nd builder),you threads are the perfect places to learn 'bout our hobby! The clear part look terrific,I need to try the Plexus,as me too aren't a canopy dipper and rely to the Tamiya compounds Gianni
  13. kurnass77

    A-1J Skyraider, Tamyia 1/48th scale

    Ehi mate,despite I don't left many comment,I close followed your thread and you made a tremendous job my friend! +1 for the Master brass parts,I bought one set for my 1/72 Spad and the quality is top notch! Gianni
  14. Exceptional work as usual Valerio! As I said once here on ARC,the Aermacchi trainers are the most graceful product of our aerospace industry.Just my opinion obviously,but I love'em since child,especially the 339! Gianni P.S. My offer for a coffee is still valid...
  15. kurnass77

    1/48 Su-33 Red 81

    Great my friend! Gianni