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  1. Splendid work Dieter !! more of the same please! best Mark
  2. I know its in the wrong place - but it is great !! really like those luftwaffe schemes! best Mark
  3. construction looks perfect - as I would expect from experienced aircraft builder. Paintwork also is looking very good - and again experience shows in the masking of transparencies. Nothing looks missed at all at this stage. BUT - if you want to enhance all those nice details and so forth a pin wash using dilute oil paints could maybe give it something to show off the excellent work so far. i think chukW will show you the way ! I can certainly throw you some tips. best Mark
  4. hey i thought you wanted some feedback ? whats your problem? I was only trying to help you - I said it looked ok. Not quite sure why you post here unless if it causes you to be so upset. take it easy
  5. well done - great tend result!
  6. I think its a case of gaining more experience that can help in situations like this. The gap between the overwing pylons and wing. something seems to have gone wrong with the metallics on the underside panel? looks as if some of it may have dissolved. Also some weathering would really help to make the aircraft more accurate. Other than that it looks ok for a beginner build well done. best Mark
  7. very cool - single airplane with a squadrons worth of strike package munitions! Love seen them bombed up to the hilt! well done Mark
  8. no idea what it is -- but it looks fantastic !! well done! best Mark
  9. I don`t think it would look so great without the panel line wash. I think the application of the wash as you chose -- it really works. I agree on not using pure black unless you really want a much more pronounced contrast. That option 4 idea -- maybe worth a try? I would go for 100% completion of the paintwork, apply wash and then just a gentle mist from the airbrush of the airframe colour to fade out the panel lines. But in all honesty im with Zark here -- nothing wrong at all it really works here! best Mark
  10. rare gift to be able to brush paint and create a finish of outstanding quality ! I certainly could not do it! gem of a build well done. best Mark
  11. "phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheew" (wolf whistle sound) another belter !! both builds are stunners. In all seriousness the aircraft is faultless! the pilot not easy to paint but could be a little better with the creases/ shadows and highlights made to pop. That is all I can say but it in no way detracts from the excellence presented here! best Mark
  12. very much headed in the right direction ! You can see the amount of work that has gone into the individual panel fading and outlining. - obviously more than a few hours with the airbrush = as I well know! If you want to go "hard-core" drop me a pm - i have some suggestions. If not keep her coming - Im really looking forward to seeing more - a big well done. best Mark
  13. thats one beautiful semi. I would post a pic of my semi but I dont want to scare anyone.
  14. hmmm... thanks for that mate - you did actually answer the title of the thread! by actually insulting me ! It took a few pages but it seems you answered my question. You backed me up with your own account and then even more irate over your very own comments ? Im real lost on that one but ho hey. Seems to me there is a lot of hostility in the background. One of you is telling me to drop it? drop what? I had a look back over where I may have offended anyone - but I cant see how I did that? I thought this was model forum but it seems I have really rained on some of your parades here, or stepped
  15. errr hi cupcake,, thats what you said and thanks pretty awesome first hand account of how an aircraft gets dirty. I put this on file so the next time I need to debate the point I have your backing and first hand account. Maybe I can run a diorama with you kicking the broken the pressure water into pieces - and then a summary court martial of the pressure washer for failing to obey general orders.
  16. Yep absolutely spot on my man ! and choose a clean one if you like also ! its called having fun ! and if you post it in the critique or gallery -- I 100% guarantee Im not going to take a potshot at it ! Im going to say well done dude - nice model ! keep at it !
  17. errr... hold on Rex im getting real confused now. So your backing me up on here - right! So you said they get real dirty, and the panels fade and stuff from being stuck sat under the Yuma sunshine all day on the flighline? ...and WOOO HOOO hey thats just like how my model looks ! cheers bro - you cleared all this up after all ! many thanks off to build a another model during one of those "dirty days" ! when the *Pressure Water broke down!
  18. like your sentiment there Steve - very well said. We have the luxury of spending time typing into keyboards over trivial things like this. Must have been a real eye opener for your daughter. We forget how fortunate we are. I saw things in my tour of duty in Bosnia and also abject poverty in Asia and the Middle East that we cant even comprehend on our little world.
  19. are you serious > I am somehow attacking the corps - with my dirty bird ! I love it !! your saying the absolute opposite of what other former USMC said about this same build! ! ALSO if you look back at what I said ---- it was not the rule it was the exception. These aircraft generally appear very tidy like your brethren in the USN. I love this the photo was only accurate for one day? I cant figure that. But hey guess what bud -- that was the exact same "day" I chose to depict my model ! so please tell me how wrong I am now.
  20. Exhausted - I really don`t see at all what your point is? :jaw-dropping:/> So basically the references I used and that the photo i posted is a "lie" and that someone`s opinion is the truth? Exactly what does serving in the marines have to do with weathered aircraft? I`m really lost on that one! This stuff is pretty laughable wouldn't it be just a lot easier to say "hey i cant stand weathered aircraft models - they don`t exist in my little fantasy world because the marines keep em clean during my one tour of duty as a chief runway sweeper"
  21. dream lay out !! I would spend a lot of time in there - Chuk its perfect!
  22. well done ! great to see these kits so well finished
  23. yeah its a pretty cool debate ! Im glad I posted this. I know exactly the sort of sentiment Mike T is expressing - I tell you for a fact finding dirty A-4s were not a common occurrence. But they do/did exist. If anything I want to be a bit more appreciative of other builds i see on the forum ! I cant keep track of the amount of stuff on here -- being built, built etc! I wish there was just a "like" button. I don`t want to keep arguing on these forums - I cant see the purpose of it. Its a fact that you cant please everyone. Opinions are entirely different from critique - and basically - if ai
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