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  1. I believe ARII/ LS are the only folks who released a P-3. I have one with Japanes markings I'm willing to part with. Sale or swap is fine.


    It's any good?

    José César

  2. In 1/144 scale:

    New 21st century tooling Lockeed C-130 Hercules variants, sub-variants. I would buy a new vitrin for them.

    New 21st century tooling Douglas C-47 Dakota/Skytrain and C-54/DC-4

    Fairchild C-119 Flying Box

    New tooling Lockheed P-3C Orion

    In 1/32 scale:

    O-1 Bird Dog

  3. Which aircraft would you like to see produced;

    1) 1/32nd scale North American T6/SNJ Texan (radial)


    2) 1/48th scale Raytheon/Beechcraft T6 Texan II turboprop

    The T-6/SNJ Texan.

    Many of them :coolio:

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