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  1. Flyer77

    1/144 F-14

    Hi, Saw this WIP You might find it useful... Cheers,
  2. Hi Folks, Looking for 1/144 A330 GE(CF6-80E1) / RR(Trend 700)... I've A330 PW4000 engines for trade... Let me know... Thanks
  3. That's for the Brave Hearted! I'm happy so long it looks like an A310 (MRTT) will do... Thanks Gentlemen,
  4. Thanks for the link... Eric2020 I would probably have to buy A310 to make things easier... Otherwise, I've a spare A300 ready on hand...
  5. Hi All, I'm keen in converting the Airfix 1/144 A300-B4 to a A310 MRTT... I tried 'googling' for diagrams and drawings but to no avail... Does anyone knows where I can find such details? Thank You
  6. Nice to hear from you... Looking for some decals... Cheers
  7. Hi, Anyone knows if this kit is available still? Thanks
  8. Hi John, Funds sent for the 2nd lot of items... Thanks,
  9. Hi Gentlemen, Looking for the a/m decal... If you've spare in your stash, lmk if you're willing to sell / trade... Thank You
  10. Hello Brian, I'll take these if it's avail... 1. E-2c JASDF $15 2. E-2c 2000 $15 3 VF/A-103 F-14/F-18 Combo $5 Thanks
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