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  1. I don't like getting ordered around which is what they do a lot of in the military, I also tend to have a problem with authority figures which there seems to be a lot of in the military, one of the reasons Ive always had a low-opinion of police officers, also because Ive seen firsthand that cops write tickets based on the type of car you drive, rather than how you drive, and I have a taste in "unique" automobiles that get picked on for the pettiest of offenses. Im not getting another japanese import with rims and exhaust until I have my badge. Im the same driver, but I havent gotten a single t
  2. Full timer didnt show up again today, and the other part-timer slept in. I was a little late because I wanted to get a cup of coffee from the gas station across the street, but mail deliverys would of been a solid 30 minutes behind schedule if it wasnt for me getting to work, since the other part-timer didn't make it on time. Sometimes I come by his house to pick him up for carpool and hes asleep, now if the part-timer is sleeping in and the full-timer has taken the day off as he assuredly does every Friday, that leaves only me to pick up the peices in the mailroom and pick up the morning ma
  3. Its called skynet "becoming aware" but I thought Judgement day was in 2003 or 1997. Anyways that Termination:Salvation was a complete piece of crap. I rarely do not watch a movie all the way through no matter how horrible it is, I even watched the worst movie of all time "The Exorcist II: The Heretic" all the way through and they may as well have taken a dump in a dvd case, called it a movie and I would of still watched Exorcist II, but Terminator:Salvation does not belong in the series. It was soooo boring. Also the CGI was kinda crappy compared to the original stop-motion T-800. Ive always
  4. Took a couple years, but the economic downturn has finally affected my employment. Ok I work for a college mail-room since Spring of 2006. They are forced to staff it with an extra part-timer because due to the full-timers status he can take an infinite amount of sick, vacation and half-days without getting a negative review from his boss, who is my boss largely in part because the boss hates micromanagement of the mail-room.. I may have taken one sick day in my whole 5 years, and perhaps 3 or 4 snow-days. If I take a brief vacation, unlike the full-timer, I take a pay cut, so I rarely go on
  5. Ok, Im back in. I get sidetracked on a video-game Company of Heroes, and a new WWII Flight-sim is coming out on March 25th, Battle of Britain:Cliffs of Dover I estimate I have at the most, 10-12 hours left of painstaking work, and I will have a finished Revell 1/48th B-17G to show the world, which I will give to my boss when I am done. I know I painted the fuselage halves way too early but I got bored of doing all the interior detail work that I wasted some paint to make it atleast feel like I was getting somewhere. All the windows are in, I just need to glue in the interior detail which is
  6. Im having a great time with my grandma and grandpa for the holidays, I like making mentions to WWII and hearing his perspective of it since he is living history. He worked in a tank and machine gun repair unit so his role was more support than combat, but interesting none-the-less. He spent a lot of time in Africa and Italy, served under General Clark and fought the armies commanded under Rommel and Kesselring. He particularly liked the P-38 so I built him one about 6 months ago. He seems to know a bit about Kasserine Pass, Anzio, and the Battle of Cassino. Im thinking of renting the desert
  7. I got a check for $750 from my parents, good year in the stock market, oh and a camera. Last year was a bad year in the market so all I got from them was paper towels that year. I bought dad a bottle of jack daniels, and Mom I got "Getting back to even" by Jim Cramer from Mad Money. Im probably gonna get 100 shares of AGNC stock with my christmas money and some additional savings.
  8. Just curious of all the IL2 Sturmovik online players, Im in an argument with someone about the ability to play and patch the game for online play and having a newer O/S than when the game came out. Did anyone else have that difficulty? Because I gave up after several days of help me threads and resorted to single player escort carrier landings and such because I could not get online play to work with Windows Vista. Havent tried Windows-7.
  9. Half of that figure is because of the "Flight-Console" in the center, I also feel I underpaid him for his efforts because after labor, materials, tools and shipping I think he made next to no money off of me, even with benefits like using a laser cutter for free. I had to hire a mechanical engineer from Greece to design it for me as he had already built the prototype. Makes flying easier than using a keyboard, but because its completely custom it cost alot more than if it had been mass-produced. Also I made sure to get topnotch everything in hardware, most people can sim for a lot less than
  10. I am too hyped about this new game, Battle of Britain: Storm of War that Im hoping will have all the problems with the original IL2 STurmovik fixxed. I got $1500 in flight-sim equipment because I can not afford to fly in reallife and no one would pay me to do it for them. I see we all build model airplanes, well flight simming is what got me into wanting to build model airplanes, something to decorate the desk I simulate flying, at. Im wondering if anyone else enjoys hours infront of a monitor simulating the experience of flying your favorite war-bird (Or civillian aircraft). Ive probably p
  11. That sounds great! Too bad Ive never known what it is like, I have aspergers and am terrible at talking to women my age.
  12. Um I think they're making references to the movie 'Home Alone' and a child is not actually left alone during Christmas.
  13. No but if I did have to spend xmas by myself, I got 16 cans of preban Four Loko to down, usually though, one is enough to make you black out.
  14. I feel you on that, I'm Athiest, but I still respect the Christian religion as I use to be a Presbyterian and found my old church to have some really nice people, it was the Pentecostal, Catholics and Southern Babtists version of it that kinda drove me away. Anyways the point is, lets keep the thread focused on inanimate objects (Pets can be an exception) that you received as a kid or adult later in life, Not the gift of Jesus Christ, or your Childrens lives etc. and I think religion talk is about as bad as political talk even though there is no mention of it as a rule on this forum (I probab
  15. I was just watching on modern marvels a reference to the older GI JOE's that were 12 inches tall. Back when I was a kid, I didnt collect them but they were smaller. I also met these kids, their mom died and their dad felt sorry for them so he bought them every toy available back in about 1990ish, and they had a room filled with like 22 GI JOE F16 Jets, their table looked like a mini-aircraft carrier. He also had a bunch of other toys to boot as well as an NES stocked with games. Of Course I only cared if I got to play TMNT2 cuz it was similar to the arcade version of the game.
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