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  1. WOW. this is going great man, truly a beautiful build.
  2. Hey man she turned out nice! cant wait to see the scribing up close. just watch out that I dont break your sidewinders
  3. looking good man. IP looks great, and I like what little I can see of that gun box... What are you going to use for the metal finish? Any pics down this things throat? hows the intake look?
  4. Some progress coming soon. Thanks to all you guys fir the great pics and comments! And yes, Paul, I used real water :(
  5. EXACTLY what I was looking for :) thanks!!!
  6. thanks Adam! I thought the water looked a little calm around the hull too, so i roughed it up more. Pics on the way in a day or so. progress is slow because Im trying to finish a few other builds at the same time. Sweet shot of her BTW, thanks! I went really HIGH TECH with the water-
  7. Looking nice Geoff! I love German armor- I'll be following closely
  8. Looking to find info on these... thanks!
  9. I agree the tires should be flattened, but HOW flattened is arguable- I for one dont like the look of FLAT over- bulged tires (a la true details, I like a lot of them , but many look like they need to call the auto club) I agree with Curt- look at references. Consider your planes fuel load, weapons loadout, and of course, whether the crewchief has a functioning pressure gauge
  10. Looking good Ken. I have a couple of these in the stash- I'll be following closely
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