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  1. Is anyone aware of a source for decals for the Gulf Air A330 F1 scheme used at Bahrain this morning? Or have a set they'd sell/trade? Thanks, Keith
  2. Hi Justin, Just out of curiosity, did you win that from goinggoingsoldtoyou? Some plastic or brass tube will help with the intake issues. I don't recall whether the fan face is located far enough aft on the #2 engine or not. Minicraft announced a 135 kit some time back but none of the kits listed at that time have gotten to the shelves yet, delayed, canceled, who knows?
  3. You can just make out the red covers laying on the ground on the nose of the far right plane. HTH
  4. Well, Since you did say exotic, I was gonna suggest the XL but you have that covered already. The Cutlass sounds like a great choice too. But I'd say Zacto's YF-23, if it was right around the corner, Israeli markings maybe? Hey Chris, any news on that beast? How about doing an X-29 from the Hasegawa F-5E kit and Belcher's F-5A conversion, or go the other way and do an F-20! Then there is always an F-107 from the Trumpeter Hun kit, the super critical wing Crusader, or even a back-dated AV-8A from the new Trumpy AV-8B. The one on the list I like best is the Tornado though. Good luck mak
  5. Thanks Guillaume, My apologies, that would be me quoting from a misinformed or typo-ed source. You are indeed correct that the CFM56-5C is the most powerfully rated of the bunch, at 34,000 lbs ea (now quoting from the CFM website). At those numbers, if the 52 were re-engined using them, the plane would still have the same amount of thrust as it does with the TF-33s, would weigh less, have half the require engine maintenance, be more fuel efficient, and quieter, and have extended range. These engines have been available for fifteen years now, so what kind of savings and performance improvement
  6. But just think of table full of "what if" models you could do from that series alone :)
  7. That makes a lot more sense now that I think about it. And I seem to recall that the TF was mounted on the PORT side for it's testing flights. Good catch by the way!
  8. Jay, I actually cheated on those. I needed to enlarge the Hasegawa decals to 1/32 so I just included the CCV canards in the scan. I eye balled the pivot point on them and the intake surface till I got it to look right. I do have a set of 1/48 drawings of the YF that were extremely helpful in getting everything moved around to the right places. The whole nose end is shorter except for the strakes and cannon location. I had to move the cockpit , nose well and in take back about 5/16 and the cannon location back forward. shortening the intake to still match up was a real witch with a "B". I'm
  9. Jennings, Great drawing, can you do one of the EB-52 Mega Fortress from the Dale Brown series? Pointy nose (like the Concorde), Big "V" tail, straight (0 deg anhedral) rigid unflexed wings, air mine launcher out the back, Amraam missiles under the wings and all black!
  10. One thing is for sure, if that is the TF-39, the cowl and fan are both way different than what was mounted on the C-5. The shorter pylon idea is the same thing I was thinking though, but I'm not so sure about the anhedral.
  11. Don't feel too bad Jay, I'm backdating the Tamiya 1/32 F-16C to the YF! It's been a bear and I'm in stall mod presently but most of the structural stuff has been finished. Lots of dimensional changes all around. I've done done both the Monogram and Tamiya 1/48 kits too but as shelfers without too much attention to detail except for prominent contour and dimensional fixes. The seat is what I'm wrestling with right now, not sure if I want to use the Stencil or Escapepac, since this may wind up as the CCV demonstrator.
  12. So Ed, Would you mount that on top of the wing at the centerline? That WOULD be a great picture! But your point about the PW2040 goes right back to Vindicator's original post. Makes you wonder, are modelers engineers, or are engineers modelers?
  13. Hey Darren, The list of new goodies looks great. I took a peak at your F-4S conversion post with the VF-161 markings. I was on Midway when they got their J models and have always liked the paint scheme. The "S" conversion looks really good. I agree with you about the Monogram kit being up there with Hasegawa. All the lines are right-on if you can live with the raised lines or do the rescribing. Have you put up a web site yet? Anyone else besides Sprue Brothers carrying Steel Beach? Thanks for the update!
  14. I'm not quite sure what the point of putting eight CFMs would have been. The CFM56-7 puts out over 52,000 LBS of thrust each. That's well over 200,000 total with just four engines. Does the BUFF really need to go from ~ 136,000 pounds of thrust of the eight TF-33s on the "H" to 416,000 pounds with eight CFMs? There were also plans for a GE CF6-80A upgrade, 56,000 to 73,000# ea, in addition to the RB.211s
  15. Hey Vindicator, Didn't mean to steal your thunder. I've had one of those in the "planning" stage for years now but haven't gotten a round to it. My wife keeps swearing she is gonna buy one for me though (the dreaded ROUNDTUIT, from Home Depot) Good Luck on that, can't wait to see some pics. By the way, are you familiar with the Dale Brown works? The Flight of the Old Dog? I've always wanted to do the EB-52 Megafortress from that series as well. Food for thought!
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