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  1. Thank you all for support. Primož
  2. P-51B-15 s/n42-106941 flown by Lt. Roberts H. Powell Jr., 352th FG (Blue nose birds of Bodney), 8th Air Force, USAAF Academy P-51B, Scale: 1/72 ž Primož
  3. F*I*N*I*S*H*E*D*! Everything must come to an end. It's been a blast! Thank you all for support!
  4. First round of weathering is done. My favorite black grey acrilic powder was used. Primož
  5. pkrasna


    The dorsal fin made from scratch looks great!
  6. Thank you for you kind words. Don first color to apply was the Alclad II Aluminium color. It was sprayed over Valleyo acrilic primer which was polished. After aplying NMF another round of polishing was done. And after that cam invasion marks and blue nose. I have never had any problems with Alclad in peeling off or damaging the surface by masking. So far I used acrilic and enamel primer with alclad and also sprayed the stuff directly to plastic. And then masking on the NMF surface. And so far everything was OK. The only thing thats important is to spray it on glossy or finely grinded surface.
  7. The colors are on. For base color I used Alclad II Aluminium. Primož
  8. The fit of the kit is eccelent! The only mistake I noticed are too shalow whell bays. And that's that.
  9. Cockpit is glued in place and fuselage haves are joined together. I painted the wheel wells and done baisic weathering. Primož
  10. pkrasna

    The Hun

    I would realy like to build one in the near future. How does the model look comparring with Italeri one? Great model in making! Primož
  11. pkrasna

    P-51H Mustang

    Looking realy good!
  12. So let's start with this project. Interior is almost finished. Academy did a great job with cockpit so only seatbelts were needed. Primož
  13. My contribution to this group bulid will be Academy P-51B Mustang of the 8th Air Force 352nd FG named Blue nose Bastards of Bodney. I will recreate the aircraft that was flown by Lt. Robert H. Powell Jr. in standard Nature Metal with Medium Blue nose and full D-Day markings. For this build Eagle Strike decal set IP7208 will be used. Primož
  14. My contribution to this group bulid will be Academy P-51B Mustang of the 8th Air Force 352nd FG named Blue nose Bastards of Bodney. I will recreate the aircraft that was flown by Lt. Robert H. Powell Jr. in standard Nature Metal with Medium Blue nose and full D-Day markings. For this build Eagle Strike decal set IP7208 will be used. Primož
  15. MAISTER CUP 2014 Dear fellow modelers! Model making has been closely related to distant as well as recent history which is the main source model makers draw their ideas from. Scale models are the result of passionate study of various sources, model maker's awareness of the materials they use in recreating events or objects, as well as their devotedness to including the minutest of details, hardly noticeable to the untrained eye. As such, they play an important part in understanding an event or an object caught in time. Model making is not only a relaxing hobby but rather a way of life. Model makers of different ages, professional backgrounds and nationalities all speak the same 'model-making' language. The latter is brought to life when different scale models about a single subject or those in the same scale factor are displayed on a single table, with model makers eagerly comparing them, studying each representation and feeling excited at innovative approaches and techniques in crafting interesting details etc. In our endeavours to grow awareness about the importance of model making, share our model-making enthusiasm with all those interested, and perhaps make new people join the model-making sphere, Maketarski klub Maribor (Scale Model Club Maribor) decided to hold a contest in the beginning of 2014. We decided to name it Meister Cup 2014 to pay homage to the Slovenian general and poet Rudolf Meister who left a significant mark on our country’s history. We would hereby like to invite you to the Maister Cup scale model contest which will take place in the Elementary School Rače near Maribor on 25 January 2014. The contest is open to all who wish to showcase their scale models. Contest categories: A1/A2 Road vehicles and other civil vehicles (seniors) A1J/A2J Road vehicles and other civil vehicles (juniors) K1 Figures in any scale (seniors) K2 Military vehicles in 1:48 and 1:35 scales (seniors) K3/K4 Dioramas and vignettes in 1:48 and 1:35 scales (seniors) K5 Military vehicles in 1:72, 1:76, and 1:87 scales (seniors) K6 Dioramas and vignettes in 1:72, 1:76, and 1:87 scales (seniors) K1J-K6J Military vehicles, dioramas and vignettes in any scale (juniors) L1 PROP Propeller aircraft in 1:48 scale and larger (seniors) L1 JET Jet aircraft in 1:48 scale and larger (seniors) L2 PROP Propeller aircraft in 1:72 scale and smaller (seniors) L2 JET Jet aircraft in 1:72 scale and smaller (seniors) L3 Aircraft in 1:100 scale and smaller (seniors) L4 Aircraft dioramas in any scale (seniors) L1J-L5J Aircraft scale models and dioramas in any scale (juniors) P1/P2 Ships and other watercraft (seniors) P1J/P2J Ships and other watercraft (juniors) X1 Sci-fi, movie-based and astronautical models in any scale (seniors) X1J Sci-fi, movie-based and astronautical models in any scale (juniors) Special category: S Models related to Slovenia’s history (seniors and juniors) The special category applies to all models entered into any of the above categories (aircraft, transport vehicle, watercraft, figures, dioramas, and vignettes) in any scale, and which their authors believe are related to Slovenia’s history. On entering their scale models, model makers need to specify the Special Category (S) on the application form. Contest programme: 8.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.: Arrival and entry submission 10.30 a.m.: Start of competition About 15.00 p.m.: Announcement of results and prize awarding Contest rules and conditions: - You can enter your scale models for the competition via online submission form or on site prior to the contest. - Participation fee in the amount of €8 should be paid with the entry on the date of the contest. - Contestants in Senior categories should be over 18. - Contestants under 18 shall compete in Junior categories. - Model makers in Junior categories are exempt form payment of participation fee. - A contestant can only enter scale models they had made on their own. - The number of entered scale models per contestant is not limited. - Instruction sheet (attached to the scale model) is obligatory and a prerequisite for participating in the contest. - Any model makers who would want to exhibit their work without participating in the contest will be able to do so in the exhibition section. - Any models that are not attached to a base must have a sign saying “MAKETA NI PRITRJENA NA PODSTAVEK” (MODEL NOT ATTACHED TO ITS BASE). - Contest organiser shall not be held responsible for any damages on the scale models on display, due to the public nature of the event. - Until the results have been announced, all scale models must remain on the display tables. - Once the contest is over, the best three models in each category shall be announced publically. - By entry submission each contestant agrees with the rules and the conditions of the contest. Prizes: - Medal and award certificate for the best three scale models in each category; - Practical prizes for the winner in each category; - Cup and prize for the best model in the Special (S) category; - Cup for the best overall model (“Best of show”). Competition venue: Osnovna šola Rače (Elementary school Rače) Grajski trg 1 2327 Rače Slovenia Contact and entry submission: Website: http://maistercup.wordpress.com/ e-mail: maistercup@gmail.com http://www.balkanmodels.si/maistercup/vabiloeng.pdf Organiser: MK Maribor
  16. Wildcat Mk.VI RN FAA Hobby Boss 1/72 http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=266361 Primož
  17. Last step before finishing the model, was to rebuild and paint the propeler. Hobby Boss out of box propeler had cufs, but I nedded one without them. So from the spare box old catalina prop was modified. Primož
  18. I did some photos of the semi finished model on white background. Soon there will be a new member in GB gallery. Primož
  19. Decals are on and the weathering is almost done. For Weathering proces I used dark grey filter, black pastel powder to enhance the panel lines and sepia brown, redish brown and black washes. Main undercariage legs painted and weathered. Regards! Primož
  20. So next step was to cover all preshading with blue (Valleyo 087 Dark Sea Blue) The result is a bit lighter than it should be. But dark grey filters will do the work. Primož
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