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  1. I originally cut each oval window out, then laid a flat piece of silicon you find on cake moulds over the outside of the fuselage to conform to the shape, then poured clear resin from the inside, at first I thought that this process would work, but a couple of hours afterwards I noticed air bubbles had formed in the windows, so allowed this to dry then broke them out. After much thought I decided in the end to cut rectangular strips out where the windows are and did the same process with the silicone, this allowed any air bubbles to form around the edge and not where the windows would be, then
  2. I believe Didier has corrected the nose profile by changing the angle of the windscreen, he also has tried to change the engine stub wing by giving it more of an angle, but by doing this he has made the back of the stub wing the same profile as the front, where as on the VC10 it is more or less straight at the back, for a £80 kit, does a modeller really want to fork out more money on correction resin bits, although most of the errors can be rectified quite easy, unless they are not bothered about the errors, and more than happy just to have a VC10 rendition in their collection
  3. I looked at the Mach 2 VC10 at Telford, it has some issues, but can be built into a good rendition with a lot of filler and alterations, especially the nose and the vertical tail which is to rounded, as the actual aircraft is sharp at the base of the tail curvature then is rounded at the top near the T tail, the engine attachment points are also to straight at the front and should be angled and at the back should then be straight. But it is a Mach 2 kit which we all know needs lots and lots of tender care and patience LOL
  4. Hi, I finished this model some weeks before Telford but was unable to attend, I'm afraid the photos are not the best as I only have a pocket camera that does not allow me to do macro very well and does not seem to focus very well on close up, and as it is a very large model I had to end up using the double bed and bed sheet to get any descent photos, anyway enough of my waffle here are the pictures.
  5. After many many years was this ever completed, or sent to the bin of shame
  6. Arc forum does not have the same problem though, I always seem to be able to log onto here
  7. Yes was up and running but seems its having problems again
  8. What's happened to Britmodellers web site, tried to long in this morning and nothing, seems as though they have problems with their server all the time
  9. I certainly would not rule out Airfix from releasing a new tooled 1/72 Vulcan, you only have to see what Corgi have got in their range and as both Airfix and Corgi are owned by Humbrol, who knows http://www.corgi.co.uk/shop/the-aviation-archive/post-war--modern-military/aa27201-avro-vulcan-b2-xh558-vulcan-to-the-sky-return-to-flight-october-2007/
  10. Hi Tom More photos of the Learjet here http://www.arcair.com/Gal13/12601-12700/gal12614-Learjet-Payne/00.shtm
  11. Kev67

    Beech King Air 200

    Thanks those photos are just what I need
  12. Finished model 1/72 vacform Rareplane kit
  13. Kev67

    Beech King Air 200

    All I need now is to get some photos of the RAF version for the internal layout,
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