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  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! :jaw-dropping: :jaw-dropping: /Kristian
  2. How could I miss this one!???!?!?! Just mind-blowing! ...and nice to see a Bone that isn't painted fully grey...! /Kristian
  3. Beautiful! I've always loved the XL and this seems to be a nice kit (is it?) /Kristian
  4. Amazing! What you can do with styrene is unbelievable!!! /Kristian
  5. ASTONISHING! It's a thing of beauty! /Kristian
  6. That paint job is pure art! Superb finish, simply incredible. /Kristian
  7. Simply awesome! That camo is masterfully done! /Kristian
  8. OMG! If you'd written it was 1/48 I'd say it's awesome! Knowing it's 1/72 I am blown away!!! Stunning!!! /Kristian
  9. Absolutely stunning! A masterful diorama. Beautiful! /Kristian
  10. Thank you Hoops! Sadly "there is room for improvement"... Once I learned how to customize the web of support structure I could get a part that I could separate without damaging the details. However I notice that the finest details were here and there missing or damaged anyway. The reason for that is probably that the printer can't print too small details. I was careful when design the CAD part not to design any detail smaller than the printers layer thickness. However I need to modify the CAD model and increase the thickness of some details and make some other slightly bigger. So, I will need to print new flaps soon... Also: someone asked if I could also print 1/48 flaps. From a theoretical point of view that wouldn't be a problem, but the printer has an available printing volume that barely fit the 1/72 flaps, so to get 1/48 ones would require dividing them into 2 or 3 parts...Not impossible but certainly more complicated... Stay tuned folks. Hopefully one day I'll get usable parts! /Kristian
  11. I'm a great fan of the Viking and this is nothing shy than a beautiful model! Congratulations! /Kristian
  12. Only one word comes to my mind: MASTERPIECE(S)! /Kristian
  13. Ok. Test-print #1 was scrapped. The support structure was way too intricate and impossible to remove. Test-print #2 is better. Here below you see a general view and a detail picture to try to show the finish I can get from the printer. It still need some washing to get rid of the printing fluid, but it's getting there. You can also see how much more "rational" the supporting material is placed. I paid attention to only connect the structure to points where the part is thicker, sturdier and less prone to break. It will be extremely interesting to see how the part look like under a coat of primer, and how it fit in the Monogram wing. If this goes well, I can see myself designing a lot more parts... /Kristian
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