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  1. Smith Brothers on Ave I in Lancaster CA. That place warped my fragile little mind.
  2. Has anybody heard when/if Zactomodels is going to reopen?
  3. As far as I know all photos taken by active duty U.S. military members are free use as long as you give credit to the photographer if you publish or use them in ads.
  4. To my untrained eye it looks like Light gull gray FS 16440.
  5. arnobiz the kit is great. It's well detailed with some really small p.e. and decals. The instructions are really good with large clear images. I highly recommend it.
  6. Thank you Bill. That settles the color question thou the instructions call for 24052 Marine Corps green. not to figure out which engine.
  7. I need help from those in the know. I have the new Revell kit and want to replace one of the engines on the stand with the Hypersonic start cart. I'm doing the record breaking flight to D.C. jet in 1990. My question(s) are. what color were the carts at Edwards and which engines did it have the Buick or Chevy? The instructions state most of the Buick were gone by the late 70s but some remained until after the switch from yellow to green. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm not entering anything. just going to enjoy the works and the vendor room.
  9. That's great Hawk. I'm planning on going sat as well. Maybe we'll run into each other.
  10. As the title says is anyone on here going to Wrightcon next weekend?
  11. Thank you for the quick responses guys. I thought that all new cockpits were overall black now for NVG use so this is news to me.
  12. Looking at reference photos it looks like the inside of the canopy frame is light ghost gray. Is this correct for current active duty aircraft?
  13. ES I was thinking the same as you. dealing with seams on 2 large pieces sounds better than 6 smaller ones. I've been doing all the sub assemblies I can that don't require PE so far. I have the big Ed set and it's a lot of brass so that's next. Anything I need to watch out for with the PE?
  14. For anybody that has built the kit. Is it better to follow the instructions when building the fuselage and build the outer wings and center separate then join as sub assemblies? Or is it better to add the outer wings to the center top and bottom halves and them put them together as two large parts like with the Testors kit?
  15. If you can get ahold of them try the glow in the dark emergency trunk release handles in modern cars. They look about the right color and made of plastic.
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