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  1. Got a question: is it really possible for a jet to make manouver like that (0:54)? Sure it is. Just hit the brakes and he'll fly right by.
  2. I managed to find a Atlantis repop of the Revell 1/10 T56 engine. The kit is molded in orange, blue, black and silver. Obviously not the colors I want. So after checking Google and every model site I can think of I have a few questions. What colors are the exterior of the reduction gear section, compressor section, turbine section? Also what colors for the inside of the same sections? Also what colors for the compressor blades and stators? What about the colors of accessory parts on the case? I know that most of it will be metallic colors just want to get them at least close because I would like it to look more like a real engine in use than a training/display model. Thanks for any and all help.
  3. Unless something has changed in the last couple years it does not.
  4. Thanks for sharing those pics of the F-104 at Edwards. They were a real blast from the past. My house was about a 1/4 mile from those planes. I used to walk out there all the time growing up.
  5. I got the Meng 1/35 D9R, M1A1 AIM Tusk 1, M1A2 SEP ver2 Tusk 1/2 and some tools. So it was a very good Christmas.
  6. Just found out that Stan Lee has passed away at 95. R.I.P. Mr. Lee.
  7. I three say go with scale hobbyist. Been ordering from them for years never a problem. Good prices and shipping is low.
  8. Bill I don't think there is anything that would really upset your girls. There's a couple scenes that are a little intense but nothing really bad. Some of the humor is a little dark. About the worst is Luke milks some animal and drinks the milk while in another scene Chewie tries to eat a cooked porge while others watch teary eyed. As far as violence it's standard Star Wars no blood. I will warn you if you take them to see it they will want porges. I hope that helps.
  9. I finally got to see it last night. I didn't really like it. As a movie it was fine but as a STAR WARS movie it failed. It just didn't have the feel the others did. Way to much humor and was at least 20 min to long. I don't know what they have planned for VIIII but they need to step it up. They upset a lot of fans with this pile of Bantha fodder.
  10. Scalehobbiest.com has them for 8.89 a bottle. All are in stock but one. I've ordered from them for years. great company fast service shipping price is ok.
  11. Signals, The pilots wear either red or blue flight suits. I believe it's the boss' call as to which color they wear for a show. They wear black g suits. The g suit is already in the jet when they walk out for a show.
  12. Thank you CorsairMan. That will get me where I need to be.
  13. CorsairMan that would be great. Thank you for your help.
  14. Joe I already had the wing built.
  15. RCAFFAN I already tried the light trick. I cant get an angle that will work. But thanks for the suggestion.
  16. VIPER0177

    1/32 F4U-1A Help

    I goofed putting the wings of my -1A together. I forgot to open the hole in the wing for the stall strip. If anybody has one and can measure the distance from the gun port to the hole I would really appreciate it.
  17. Thanks for the info GRM. PM sent.
  18. Got my Tamiya 1/32 F4U-1A on the bench again and have decided to do it as 883 with the kit decals. I have a few questions to make sure I have my ducks in a row. 1. 883 didn't have the belly window or at least it was painted over correct? 2. Zinc yellow or green wheels wells and doors. The only photo I could find of it gear down the doors are in a shadow the outside of the doors is bright but the inner is dark so which is more likely yellow or green? 3. no headrest and black armor plate behind the pilots head? 4. I can't find a pic of 883 with the tape on the fuel tank area but there are pics of other 214 1As with it around the same time. So could it has had tape applied at sometime? 5. Fresh/darker blue under the 88. I know a few of these have been ask before in speaking generally but I couldn't find anything direct to 883 so any info would be greatly appreciated.
  19. MacStingy I have stepped on many Legos in the dark and I can tell you they ain't got nothing on a Russian thistle (Tumble weed) seed. those things are straight pain.
  20. Today I stopped in to my LHS and they had a big 50% off inventory reduction sale sign up. I got a bad feeling as soon as I seen it. Walked in and yep they are getting rid of all models and model related items. They are going to all RC stuff. it really sucks because it was a real Mom and Pop store with great owners. They said they were getting rid of the models because they didn't sell. They were only 15 min from my house now the closest hobby store is Hobby Lobby an hour away. Looks like I will be doing a lot more online shopping. The only good thing was I got 66 bottles of Model Master paint and the display rack for 50 bucks.
  21. I picked up a gallon of MEK at Lowes for about $25 a few months ago. It's a great glue but a little hot on some plastics.
  22. The AMT/ERTL/ITALERI 1/72 XB-70. The whole thing is a huge pain in the butt. There are as many parts in the landing gear as in the rest of the plane. Not to mention the huge gaps in the parts that are going to need a gallon of CA to fill.
  23. I've always left them unpainted. I think they have the right amount of shine and are just off white enough to look like the real ones.
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