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  1. Hey guys looking for a 1/72 F-35 (preferably) or F-16 JHMCS pilot. Shipping to little old New Zealand. Thanks, Dan.
  2. This might help even if it's PACAF: Authorized PACAF loadouts May 2003. 35th FW F-16 page 20/21 https://www.scribd.com/document/138317434/PACAF-STANDARD-CONVENTIONAL-LOADS-May-2003-pdf
  3. From 1999-2003 64 F-14B equipping VF-32, VF-11, VF-143 VF-103 and VF-101 had the Sparrowhawk HUD installed. It was first used in an operation deployment in 2003 over Iraq. Similar in appearance to the F-14D HUD. The rest of the cockpit remained as it was except for the front windscreen which was changed to a glass more compatible with night vision googles as it was no longer used as the combiner for the original HUD.
  4. I have often wondered this, guess the answer is if they still train in the low level strike mission or not?
  5. A photo I have from 1967 at MCAS Yuma has 2x Mk-82 slicks and 2x Mk-82 Snake eyes on each Multiple ejector rack under the wings. Looking nose on; the slicks are one behind the other on the lugs facing directly downward. The snake eyes are one behind the other on the horizontal lugs facing out away from the aircraft. Out to the right on the right hand wing pylon and out to the left on the left hand wing pylon. There are empty Y-racks on the fuselage. Gunports and fuselage are very dirty form the cannons firing.
  6. They were on alert at GITMO during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis but flew the F-8C at the time. Loud out would have been at least 2x AIM-9B but possibly 4x on Y-racks depending on when the Y-racks became available to the USMC or at GITMO but the F-8C could use them. VMFA-333 transitioned to the F-8E in February 1966 and was redesignated VMFA(AW)-333
  7. Hi guys. From about 1975 onwards the F-8J used on the Crusaders last few cruises had aditional RWR/ ECM antenna located on the sides of the chin intake and on the rear of the ALQ-100 housing on the top of the tail fin. Does anyone have any more sepicific details? Such as were they simply updated antenna or was the ECM and Radar Warning suite enhansed/ upgraded in capability. My understanding is from the ALQ-100 onwards in the F-8J/H the vector to a threat picked up by the RWR gear could be displayed on the radar scope as there was no dedicated RWR display in the cockpit.
  8. A few pictures and lots of info on varients, loadouts and missions here: https://en.topwar.ru/21611-istrebiteli-mig-23-v-afganistane.html
  9. Hi guys. Hoping someone has some left over from the Hasegawa Typhoon (or other) kit? Cheers. Its for a RAF F-35B
  10. Cheer for the photos and info guys. Given the fact there is some variation I think the default is grey adaptors and white rails unless photos of the specific aircraft suggest otherwise. So in the case of VF -211 in 1967 it will be all white y-racks. http://vf-211.my-personal.org/scan0018.JPG http://vf-211.my-personal.org/scan0019.JPG
  11. I'm doing a 1967 VF-211 F-8E, in the photos here the y racks seem white but as you guys have pointed out some colour photos show them as grey or is it just the photo quality or light etc? http://vf-211.my-personal.org Comparing the shade of the sidewinder (which we know is white) with the rails in black and white photos makes some seem clearly white and others grey. The angle of light on to the pylon makes a difference to.
  12. Are they grey or white? Very hard to pick out in photos. I think the Y racks were mostly white but very few color shots of the single AIM-9 rail.
  13. Looking for part of a 1/72 decal sheet with 2x the aircraft carrier name "USS Bon Homme Richard" on it. Maybe left over from a Skyhawk or Crusader decal sheet etc.
  14. Hi guys, I'm looking for a 1/72 Revell/ Monogram/ Hasegawa F-82G Twin Mustang with Korean War Decals. Cheers, Dan.
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