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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking for a 1/72 Revell/ Monogram/ Hasegawa F-82G Twin Mustang with Korean War Decals. Cheers, Dan.
  2. dan

    Desert Storm F/A-18D load out?

  3. Edit to the above will take any squadron/ scheme including the 809 light grey Cheers.
  4. Hay guys I'm looking for Sea Harrier Op Corporate 1/72 decals for the EDSG scheme. Either squadron. Cheers, Dan.
  5. Bump. Just after the gunpod still....... pretty please..... :-)
  6. Bump- Still looking cheers guys.
  7. Hay guys I'm looking for a left over gunpod and/ or ladder from anyone who has built a 1/72 F-106 and didn't use them. Cheers, Dan.
  8. dan

    Advice on clear coating F-4D

    Cheers Mike. So to clarify do you gloss coat the metal areas? Eg to decal them
  9. Hi guys, I am up to clear coating and decaling my 1/72 F-4D Phantom. There are a few decals that go onto the silver painted areas of the rear stabilizers. When I decal I do the usual gloss clear coat followed by the decals, followed by another gloss clear coat and finished with a final flat clear coat. My question is: will the final flat coat ruin the sheen of the silver parts of the stabilizers? I'm assuming leaving those areas with just the second gloss coat will make them to shiny? What do others do (have done)?
  10. Hay guys, I'm looking for a single 1/72 SUU-16 or SUU-23 gunpod. Cheers from New Zealand, Dan.
  11. Thanks mate, I managed to find the answer and it is due to the engines performance in hot temperatures. with more than two AIM-120 loaded it would have “struggled to hover with anything more than fumes in the tanks.” So landing back on the carrier would have been a problem!
  12. Hay guys. From a few sources I have found out that 801 NAS Sea Harriers enforcing the no fly zone as part of Operation Southern Watch in 1998 carried just two AIM-120B missiles on the fuselage stations. Some aircraft at some point also carried BOL chaff dispensing AIM-120/AIM-9 rails (presumably borrowed from the GR.7 Harriers on board) on the outer wing pylons but no missiles, still just the two AIM-120B on the fuselage stations. So my question is why only the two AMRAAM missiles? I thought possibly due to reduced engine performance in the hot climate maybe? But that is just a guess. I also read that double AIM-9 launching rails stopped being used operationaly in 2000, again any idea why? Cheers guys, Dan.