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  1. Cheer for the photos and info guys. Given the fact there is some variation I think the default is grey adaptors and white rails unless photos of the specific aircraft suggest otherwise. So in the case of VF -211 in 1967 it will be all white y-racks. http://vf-211.my-personal.org/scan0018.JPG http://vf-211.my-personal.org/scan0019.JPG
  2. I'm doing a 1967 VF-211 F-8E, in the photos here the y racks seem white but as you guys have pointed out some colour photos show them as grey or is it just the photo quality or light etc? http://vf-211.my-personal.org Comparing the shade of the sidewinder (which we know is white) with the rails in black and white photos makes some seem clearly white and others grey. The angle of light on to the pylon makes a difference to.
  3. Any of the single missile rails?
  4. Are they grey or white? Very hard to pick out in photos. I think the Y racks were mostly white but very few color shots of the single AIM-9 rail.
  5. Looking for part of a 1/72 decal sheet with 2x the aircraft carrier name "USS Bon Homme Richard" on it. Maybe left over from a Skyhawk or Crusader decal sheet etc.
  6. Hi guys, I'm looking for a 1/72 Revell/ Monogram/ Hasegawa F-82G Twin Mustang with Korean War Decals. Cheers, Dan.
  7. https://combatace.com/uploads/monthly_2018_02/img00011.JPG.3f307eea2dde2b276c00ad4e204d9ff8.JPG
  8. Edit to the above will take any squadron/ scheme including the 809 light grey Cheers.
  9. Hay guys I'm looking for Sea Harrier Op Corporate 1/72 decals for the EDSG scheme. Either squadron. Cheers, Dan.
  10. Bump. Just after the gunpod still....... pretty please..... :-)
  11. Hay guys I'm looking for a left over gunpod and/ or ladder from anyone who has built a 1/72 F-106 and didn't use them. Cheers, Dan.
  12. Cheers Mike. So to clarify do you gloss coat the metal areas? Eg to decal them
  13. Hi guys, I am up to clear coating and decaling my 1/72 F-4D Phantom. There are a few decals that go onto the silver painted areas of the rear stabilizers. When I decal I do the usual gloss clear coat followed by the decals, followed by another gloss clear coat and finished with a final flat clear coat. My question is: will the final flat coat ruin the sheen of the silver parts of the stabilizers? I'm assuming leaving those areas with just the second gloss coat will make them to shiny? What do others do (have done)?
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