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  1. Makes me glad I 'wasted' the time, toner, and paper to print off some of the loadouts I was interested in. now all I have to do is find them...
  2. Fantastic! Thanks, that's the one. I thought I scoured airliners.net but missed that image. The 'search' feature there is ... 'interesting'...
  3. I'm adding some detail to the Hobby Boss 1/72 kit and for the life of me cannot seem to find an overhead shot of the Ka-50 both in front of and behind the main rotor. Anyone got an image or two? Thanks, Mike
  4. But to quote Dragan "A pain in the @ss to work with. Somehow I am stuck with short run and resin kits this year. " That is a beautiful piece of work, but I am still hoping for a mass market 'kit assembler' level release...
  5. Good lord, yes please!. (In 1/72 scale. ) The Italeri kit is long in the tooth and wrong in so many ways.. The ancient Monogram kit is no better. I would have thought with the track record of Trumpy/HB taking the 1/32 offerings and scaling them down, this one would have been out a LONG time ago. Then there were the 1/48 Su-24 and Su-34 that then appeared in 1/72, so there is a track record of that as well. Some of Zvezda's new tooled kits are quite good, the Mi-24's are well received, so there is some slight hope there too. So, I have given up o
  6. Thanks Wardog and Tank, that's what I thought. You saved me from throwing one into the cart in the latest greatest Squadron sale. I've got plenty of the old DML weapons sets and gave up on looking for/paying for the KP kit. Guess I'll have to keep an eye out for the #$%@#% POS Zvezda kit at local shows and evil-bay if I really HAVE to do another one. Mike
  7. So the RoG kit is just the Zvezda kit reboxed... I'm not falling for THAT again.., again. Even having built an armed Mi-8 out of the Zvezda boxing, I am still interested in revisiting the subject. Looking around the internets, it seems neither of the Hobby Boss Mi8/17 kits come with weapons stub wings and weapons. Other than buying ANOTHER Zvezda kit and robbing the wings/weapons from there, are there other options to make an armed -8 or -17 out there?
  8. Thanks Solo, I managed to get much the same finish on mine. I did not do the smaller thruster units as black, but overall much the same. Too bad it is such a rough kit with little info available on the finish. Thanks Mike
  9. I picked up the Trumpeter 1/72 Shenzhou 5 on sale from Squadron lately, but it does not (or mine did not) come with paint callouts. A bit of googling around finds lots of drawings, but very few decent overall paint reference pictures. Is there a source for a paint guide for this vehicle, or one much like it? Thanks, Mike
  10. Hasegawa is weird that way, I know. Add to that the no weapons in many modern birds, and re-re-repops of older kits with new decals.. well, lets just say that now I know to ask first BEFORE checking out. So thanks to all for saving my wallet from the kit. As for the Zvezda kits, I am not much of a 'drive train' modeler, so the engine/transmission etc for the interior is not a deal breaker for me. The twisted fuselage is not something 99.99% of the world would even notice, nor 99% of modelers. If I were a less scrupulous person, I might even 'claim' I corrected the twis
  11. That's good to know. I will keep an eye out for one of THOSE on sale.
  12. Tank, thanks for the steer on the tanks. I'll have to look around for a US source. On the 'what's ON the box vs whats IN the box' issue, if I am spending extra for a 'special limited issue' to model a particular vehicle from a particular photo (used as the boxtop art), I'm going to want what is ON the box to be IN the box.
  13. Very much, thanks! Looks like the photoetch is the standard Hind fret and it looks like the resin parts are the fuselage mounted flare dischargers and the fuselage bulges. And the storage pods on the wing pylons are NOT included, even though they figure prominently on the boxtop image. If I were filling big box, I might toss one in, but at that pricepoint, even on sale, I'll probably pass.
  14. HLJ has the UN 1/72 Hind on sale showing the Hind F (P) with the twin cannon mounted on the fuselage sides and the drop tanks in UN liver. http://hlj.com/product/HSG02192/Air Anybody know which kit is actually in the box? Is it their F kit with the cannon? Are the drop tanks included? The write-up includes " Resin and photo-etched metal detail parts are also included. " The orig kit had etched wiper blades, any idea what the resin parts are? Thanks, Mike
  15. Fantastic! Thats just what I was looking for. Is this photo part of a Ka-29 walkaround somewhere I did not know about? I looked in the brazd site named in the corner there, but did not find more than the general info page on the Ka-29 and a familiar image. Thanks Mike
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