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    Military aviation, Navair- almost exclusively prior to TAILHOOK, WWII, NUC stuff, military History, Soviet aviation

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  1. Have you not heard of the flux capacitor?
  2. So wholly concur! Carlin was originally premier and a master, along with Dangerfield and Rickles. He also posits many cogent points- probably all true. An excellent bit of levity for the conversation- THANK YOU, John! And isn’t Styrene and Resin a hydrocarbon product? If so, I would think that the “Green people” would condemn modelers based solely on that-energy, production, pollution, and disposal issues. I kinda long for the past when we weren’t perfect, but making models with your friends or old man was fun. (No agendas).
  3. This is GREAT!! TNX for posting! 😂😂😂/👍👍👍👍👍👍
  4. “Make it so, Number One ( John )! 👍👍👍
  5. I’m also very sorry to hear of your dilemma! It’s unusual compared to my story. I purchased a pair of KA Models A/B cans for the SR-71’s J-58’s from BNA in Australia. I received both sets and found them to be highly outstanding albeit extremely delicate. Unfortunately, one can was toast because of this. I contacted BNA (those guys are simply FANTASTIC in my many dealings with them) and they offered to replace the two damaged parts. To make a long story short, three weeks later, I get an ENTIRE set of cans AND a letter of apology from the manufacturer (owner?) for any inconvenience. These had come from Korea, to Australia, and then to Texas USA! No damage! Perfect! And they replaced the entire set.The original damage had apparently occurred in production because the BNA chaps pack things to withstand a nuclear blast. To me, this was outstanding service; above and beyond. I don’t dispute your situation and wish it had come out much better for you! I just lucked out, I guess. Regardless, Best of Luck, Foxbat
  6. Maybe it was an Air Force Sidewinder......? ( apologies to the guys in blue- old rivalries die hard.....😉 )
  7. Just wondering, is Robert Mikesh, still with us?
  8. And who needs an ejection harness when you have claws? “ I’ll just hook up with the pilot’s chest......”
  9. Another Soviet first!! Comrade cosmodog executes weightless maneuvers while becoming the first Russian dog in low earth orbit!! Thank you, Rob!
  10. Zoiks!! Fascinating stuff - all of it!! I’d wager the picture of the weightless cat was involved with the weightlessness experiments. Heady days back then too. Thank you for posting!
  11. Pretty sure both were pressurized but not sure to what altitude. No pressure suits in the picture.
  12. Think it was a T-33 or F-94? or ( Apologies to ALL ) maybe a Tomcat???
  13. I’ve heard likewise, but still can’t understand why. All are cool kits but aren’t the “sexy”P-51. A possible exception is the RA-5C. Beautiful aircraft and model. But the nose is all wrong, the rivet detail way too overscale, and if you’re rich and can find the now defunct Cutting Edge forward fuselage correction set along with cockpit, wheel wells, intakes, fuselage reinforcement, aft section correction, and decals; this might dissuade one from buying the kit. Hence, the shelf sitter. Who wants to buy a kit ($65.00) and then blow another $75-90.00 on aftermarket stuff? (And that was a year before Cutting Edge folded). And good luck if you want to do an A3J-1 (A-5A). Think the conversion kit originally ran $70.00. Now, you only have to cough up for the Vigi kit, then all the other aftermarket stuff, (if you want that detail), and then, if you can find one, the conversion kit going for around $650-750.00. So, about $900.00 today?? That’s a lot of coin for your hobby- and one kit! Better do Nats quality work on this one. Thus, if the modeler does his/ her research; escalating cost can relegate that kit eternally to the shelf. Keep in mind, this is only a single example. But kit popularity may be a factor as well. The Hunter probably has better sales in Great Britain and India vs the US. And as for the SH-3G, you got me!
  14. Hi, I think Monograms’ PBY is pretty good. Add Belcher’s Bits -6 conversion, Blackbird’s decals, and a few other aftermarket goodies and it’s a neat kit. Just SOB and it’s still pretty cool. Didn’t know it wasn’t that popular.
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