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  1. He brought many hours of entertainment! RIP, oh King of the Absurd ! foxbat
  2. Brian, This might be of some use. They make felt tipped pens of several Mil- Spec colors in a few different formulations ( acrylic, etc. ). If you want to paint the lip, prime with White ( the intake is white anyway), then use the pen to paint the intake lip warning red. That red is the same color as the interior flaps, gear doors edges, interior slats, etc. I think what you’re seeing on the tail is the stabilizer trim system. On A-4’s, pitch trim and stability augmentation was controlled by trimming the whole stabilizer, up and down, instead of using trim tabs on the elevator. They did this with an electric screw jack that pivoted the horizontal stabilizer. There was an aft and forward sleeve that guided plates on each side of the fin that pivoted perpendicularly with the stabilizer when it moved up and down It could move to some extremes. The plates kept junk out of the pivot and jack area. So you’ll see “air” if they’re at max trim. They’d park them at max nose down trim especially if the nose (having a high AOA), was in they wind. Being nose high, a brisk wing could generate some lift- hence the nose down trim. Agree with Slartibartfast. His reference suggests a wealth of knowledge! Hope this might help a bit. Good luck, Foxbat
  3. afoxbat

    F-14 ?

    Unfortunate. They were pretty good birds but maintenance pigs. The F110 finally fixed the engine probs. TNX!
  4. afoxbat

    F-14 ?

    What’re they using for engines?? They haven’t made TF-30 P412’s in a while.
  5. It’s a pleasure! All I need is a small bit of Pu239 ( Plutonium )......😉
  6. Have you not heard of the flux capacitor?
  7. So wholly concur! Carlin was originally premier and a master, along with Dangerfield and Rickles. He also posits many cogent points- probably all true. An excellent bit of levity for the conversation- THANK YOU, John! And isn’t Styrene and Resin a hydrocarbon product? If so, I would think that the “Green people” would condemn modelers based solely on that-energy, production, pollution, and disposal issues. I kinda long for the past when we weren’t perfect, but making models with your friends or old man was fun. (No agendas).
  8. This is GREAT!! TNX for posting! 😂😂😂/👍👍👍👍👍👍
  9. “Make it so, Number One ( John )! 👍👍👍
  10. I’m also very sorry to hear of your dilemma! It’s unusual compared to my story. I purchased a pair of KA Models A/B cans for the SR-71’s J-58’s from BNA in Australia. I received both sets and found them to be highly outstanding albeit extremely delicate. Unfortunately, one can was toast because of this. I contacted BNA (those guys are simply FANTASTIC in my many dealings with them) and they offered to replace the two damaged parts. To make a long story short, three weeks later, I get an ENTIRE set of cans AND a letter of apology from the manufacturer (owner?) for any inconvenience. These had come from Korea, to Australia, and then to Texas USA! No damage! Perfect! And they replaced the entire set.The original damage had apparently occurred in production because the BNA chaps pack things to withstand a nuclear blast. To me, this was outstanding service; above and beyond. I don’t dispute your situation and wish it had come out much better for you! I just lucked out, I guess. Regardless, Best of Luck, Foxbat
  11. Maybe it was an Air Force Sidewinder......? ( apologies to the guys in blue- old rivalries die hard.....😉 )
  12. Just wondering, is Robert Mikesh, still with us?
  13. And who needs an ejection harness when you have claws? “ I’ll just hook up with the pilot’s chest......”
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