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    Military aviation, Navair- almost exclusively prior to TAILHOOK, WWII, NUC stuff, military History, Soviet aviation

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  1. I’ve heard likewise, but still can’t understand why. All are cool kits but aren’t the “sexy”P-51. A possible exception is the RA-5C. Beautiful aircraft and model. But the nose is all wrong, the rivet detail way too overscale, and if you’re rich and can find the now defunct Cutting Edge forward fuselage correction set along with cockpit, wheel wells, intakes, fuselage reinforcement, aft section correction, and decals; this might dissuade one from buying the kit. Hence, the shelf sitter. Who wants to buy a kit ($65.00) and then blow another $75-90.00 on aftermarket stuff? (And that was a year before Cutting Edge folded). And good luck if you want to do an A3J-1 (A-5A). Think the conversion kit originally ran $70.00. Now, you only have to cough up for the Vigi kit, then all the other aftermarket stuff, (if you want that detail), and then, if you can find one, the conversion kit going for around $650-750.00. So, about $900.00 today?? That’s a lot of coin for your hobby- and one kit! Better do Nats quality work on this one. Thus, if the modeler does his/ her research; escalating cost can relegate that kit eternally to the shelf. Keep in mind, this is only a single example. But kit popularity may be a factor as well. The Hunter probably has better sales in Great Britain and India vs the US. And as for the SH-3G, you got me!
  2. Hi, I think Monograms’ PBY is pretty good. Add Belcher’s Bits -6 conversion, Blackbird’s decals, and a few other aftermarket goodies and it’s a neat kit. Just SOB and it’s still pretty cool. Didn’t know it wasn’t that popular.
  3. I bet you’re right! As I recall, there’s a degree or two of wing sweep on the E-2/C-2. But there’ll probably not be much left to trap aboard after that supersonic dive...... afoxbat
  4. You know, that works!! The full pressure suit explains the Aurora! Hollywood triumphs again!!
  5. Good points, but, it’s Hollywood! They don’t consult NATOPS for accuracy.... afoxbat
  6. Just hope Mav isn’t sporting a squadron patch for VAW-110, an E-2 RAG, like he did in the original flick. Pretty sure Hawkeyes don’t break Mach. Otherwise, can’t wait! afoxbat
  7. Think the performers like the 5’s, 10’s and 20’s more than clapping. ( ones and fives were good in my day- from what I understand )..... I’m Very proud of our military! But they’re more concerned, it would appear, about political correctness, than being an effective fighting machine. My combat veteran father of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam would roll over and in his grave if he was ACDU today. Glad I’m retired!! afoxbat USN (ret)- NAVAIR
  8. Hi Goondmam, Just going out on a limb here. Using the base grey, tint it out with off white and spray the whole bird ( lighten the medium grey with off white and thin it down ). Make it slightly thicker than a wash-you’ll have more control. Might require two, or worst case, four applications. But it’ll lighten it possibly enough for your contrast. Of course, you’ll have to remask your wells/afterburner sections/cockpit etc. Try it first on a scrap wing and you can practice for the desired finish. Best of luck! afoxbat
  9. Rog, thanks for the heads up! Will check out the threads too! Sincerely, afoxbat👍👍👍
  10. Nice post! TNX! Is the KH 101B that rough? afoxbat
  11. flanker27 Hi, Had exactly the same happen to me: Bought a Kittyhawk 1/48 F-101B and an RF-101C/G/H from China.Even had a tracking number. Three days ago, I received notification that the package (both kits), had been DELIVERED to an address in Houston. I live 450 miles from Houston. Asked seller to help out- he never responded. Asked Ebay to intervene. After 48 hours, got a full refund because the tracking number was BAD! This pattern seems to be the new trend for SOME packages from overseas. I’ve never had a package from China go through Canada either. But I did have one come from China to New York - and then to its destination in Texas. All without complication. So this is the second time I’ve had this occur. And now you. More than a coincidence, I should think! Regards, Afoxbat
  12. Ben, That's not only ironic but very cool! Interestingly, my father, who was with the 99th Inf. Division, accompanied, by the 9th Armored Division, fought and captured the Bridge at Remagen during the Battle of Remagen. I think the 99th was the first full division to cross the Rhine. They previously were in the Battle of the Bulge ( Ardennes Offensive ), and then, he was last in the Battle of the Ruhr pocket. Pretty heady stuff for a fellow of 20! Anyway, I caught "Remagen" and it made me recollect. My Dad was a veteran of WW II, Korea, and Vietnam. He passed away three years ago as so many of " Our Greatest Generation " are so frequently and sadly doing now. But I do Sincerely thank you and your wife's families for their contributed service and sacrifice for our country. Many Thanks! Sincerely, afoxbat USN (ret.)
  13. How dare you criticize the almighty TMZ!! They are beyond reproach and never err! Do you not realize their word is cut in stone? Any entity that think the kardashians are greater than God could never be incorrect! Go do your homework; everyone knows that the North American T-6 was a superlative Nazi designed fighter built at the Messerschmidt GmBH factory in Regensberg, Germany. Dummkopf! (BTW, excellent spotting points, southwestforests!👍); Maybe you should brief TMZ... Sincerely, afoxbat
  14. WHY did they have to blow 'em all away? The "Six" was one of the coolest birds ever to take to the air! They're SO few left Sincerely, afoxbat
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