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  1. My friend, thanks for your comments! Really this cammo was made with Evolution airbrush, Gunze acrilic colors ans "hand free".... Gracias, Claudio Moura
  2. Very thanks dear Johnopfor! The decals are Albatross (actually Zotz/Albatross), maybe one of the firts decal sheet of him. Regards, Claudio Moura
  3. Good job!!!! Congratulations. Regards, Claudio Moura
  4. Dear sirs, my last job! Full mistakes and problems, but I think that the final result is "aceeptable"..... Regards, Claudio Moura
  5. Very Good JOB!!!! Congratulations! Regards, Claudio Moura
  6. Congratulations, my friend! Regards, Claudio Moura
  7. Dear, please, interest me one pair of these pods. Can you contact me like say me how I can obtain with you? Regards and THANKS, Claudio Moura
  8. Very good job!! Congratilations.... Regards, Claudio Moura
  9. Tenspeed and Holmes, very thanks for your comment! :D Regards, Claudio Moura
  10. Dears, my last job! I hope that you like.... Regards, Claudio Moura
  11. Hey Tango, very beautiful L-39!! Congratulations! Regards, Claudio Moura
  12. I liked your "weathered black paint"... ;) Regards, Claudio Moura
  13. Very Good model Mikkel! Congratulations! Regards, Claudio Moura
  14. Dear Helo, very thanks for your help with the photo.... Very bad transparency, do you agree? Regards from Brazil, Claudio Moura
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