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  1. Thank You Gianni! Today's update: The cockpit is now complete of all bits: I've been working a little on the front wheel compartment: Here some comparative pictures to what the kit offers and after the main color: Probably doesn't justify all the efforts since very few remains visible once installed into fuselage: And finally the cockpit installed too: And temporally completed with t
  2. This one will have the bay doors closed. But I'm working in parallel on other two Deuces one will be a Wisconsin Ang bird (56-1428 "02" also from WT 1972) and another a Pennsylvania one (not decided which in paricular jet). My intention is to have one with the opened door and I know this would be really demanding. But my idea was to use the Eduard PE set without going too deep with other details. I'm happy to have an expert of the subject here who can help me and the community. Giovanni
  3. Thank You for the explanation! Giovanni
  4. Hello Brett sorry for late reply. The divider is referred to as "anti-blinding curtain" according to some sources while other call it "vision splitter". Its purpose remains a mistery to me as well. Maybe someone else can be of help here. Thank You! Yes this kit is so so and needs some extra care but I see a good potential in it. Otherwise I would have given up. So hello all dear modelers! It's time for an update: Time ago I got the Pavla detail set for the Dagger. The set isn't as detailed as an Aires or Cmk one but has the very
  5. And added some more detail: That's not much I know…. Bye Giovanni
  6. Moses: I used a flat black basis then some light brown and lastly a little bit of off white. To conclude a wash with oils. Oh hello friends thank you for showing interest! sorry I didn't get any notification and just seen your last messages…. Had a very slow moving on the project but here's latest update. I decided to scratch a new windshield since the one in the kit has a very rounded edge. So I used some transparent styrene from evergreen. I polished it with clothes and compounds before cutting the new shape. H
  7. Thank You all for leaving comments. Always too gentle! My little update: I've been working on the case XX wingtips modifying a little the contour and repositioning some lines In prevision of placing the Quick Boost position lights set I drilled some 1,7mm holes After some hesitations I decided to perform a scratch job on the instrument panel cover And after a
  8. Hello Craig, I hope you're doing well. I'm very pleased to have You following this. This kit isn't as good as the Revell Voodoo but I'm trying to turning it into something better. Hello Gene K thank You for appreciating and hope to entertain Hello Da SWO: It's a matter of patience... Hello all, here's the news: I spent some time detailing the splitter plates and intakes. I scribed the plates first: Then I erased the outer detail with cyano and r
  9. Hello Gianni, I'm happy to see finally the excellent result. Congratulations. Giovanni
  10. Hello Gianni sorry I forgot to say thank you last time. Please forgive me! Today's update: Sometimes less is more: the lower wing surface detail is excessive and overdone so I opted for eliminating some of the unnecessary. First a layer of cyano: After sanding a layer of Tamiya white putty: Sanded again: I will add some riveting later. Then switching to the main wheel well I've added many many hydraulic pipes and colored all so this is the results mis
  11. Thank You Mstor! Hello, little update: I've added some wirings: After a coat of Mr. Surfacer: That's it! Bye Giovanni
  12. Thank You Janman! Ps. The pictures was taken durning 1972 William Tell weapons meet in Tyndall. Bye Giovanni
  13. Hello gents, here you are some news on the project! I decided to scratch new speed brakes: Dry fit test: Then I decided to give a boost to the main wheels bay compartment: All the pipes and wirings are still missing so not all the job had been done. A dry fit test: This is a picture of the subject I'm working on s/n 56-1419 year is 1972, PLEASE HELP NEEDED: I'm looking for good pictu
  14. Please ignore my previous. Now I see. They are different. They have made a mistake in the decal placement diagram (or in the decal sheet numbering). Sometimes is better to trash the instructions and use our experience...
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