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  1. Any release programs for March?
  2. Thank You guys for leaving your nice comments. This weekend I'm going to compete on another modeling contest. Then I'll have a stop to turn back to the bench for other projects!
  3. Thank You Cruiz Thank You Habu2 very kind of You! Giovanni
  4. Hello, I won a "gold" at a scale modeling contest in Padova held by GMPAT on 8th of May. The organizers took the model this impressive picture that I'm delighted to share: https://www.gmpat.it/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/519-oro-cat-A-scaled.jpg
  5. Thank You guys you're very very kind 😊
  6. Hello mates, thank You for your nice comments. I'm really happy You appreciate my job. And I'll be happy to see other f-102 here on Arc so I hope my build may be of inspiration or may help while building yours. I still have a pair on my bench partially built but this one really proved myself and I need a break. I have also started an Hasegawa F-4d some time ago. Let's see... Again thank You and happy moodeling! Giovanni
  7. Hello friends, I finally placed the speedbrakes and their actuators and added some minor detail on the parachute housing: While waiting for all to get dried I started working on a simple stand: Added some extra detail to the speedbrakes: And finally the detailed helmet, iff, tacan, alpha probe antennas... ... I cannot belive... the finished model! Hope You enjoy it! I will post some picture later on the
  8. Hello! Some smoke and dirt effects were added while working on the undercarriage. I used oils tor them: it was time for the canopy to be glued in position at this point but before doing so I foud some time to prepare an helmet and oxygen mask: Some adaption work was needed to accomodate the canopy correctly to the airframe. But all went right in the end: At this moment I could feel the taste of the finished model with just the speedbrake and some minor bits mi
  9. Hello mates, after a pretty long silence here's my update! Since all the subassemblies were ready I started to add them to the airframe. I started from the optical sight that proved to be impossible to be placed unless the use of a pin. So after same tests I drilled a little hole at the top of the windshield frame and another one on the sight and using a copper wire and cyano glue I got the desired joint. At this point I decided to go on with the undercarriage starting from the front one. No surprises here it went straightforwar
  10. Hello Chris, At the moment it's sold out no copies remaining but I'm considering to produce a new batch. I have to produce new moulds first since some are no longer ok. But first I'd like to finish this model. Giovanni
  11. Also the air intakes had the same oil wash to smooth down the excessive brightness and to improve the engravings: Bye Giovanni
  12. Thank You guys for leaving your nice comments and sorry if I'm always late with my replies! I've found some time to go on with the project...and finally I got the exhaust painted. I used the AK X-treme metal range as usual again the steel color and then washed all with the oils. Here's the result: [ Hope you enjoy the result! Bye Giovanni
  13. Hello modelers, today's update: After a satin coat masks had been removed to reveal again the inside detail: The last picture is just a dry test I couldn't resist to see the aspect with the radome in place. Tonight I starded highlightning the intakes detail with oils. Still the smoke effects are missing on the whole model. Stay tuned the model is nearly finished! Giovanni
  14. Hello again! and here's the situation tonight with all the paneling done (ok, I'll have to use some more oil here and there and fix something but I consider it almost done). Next stage will be reproducing some smoking effects and weathering (very light, the airplane was well maintained and pristine to attend at the WT competition). Hope to conclude all soon. Stay in touch Giovanni
  15. Thank You Dutch! I'm happy You're enjoying it! Now some more news. I started the panel lining from the bottom surfaces... Then I went on with fuselage... Giovanni
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