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  1. Hello Laz, thank You for resurrecting this thread. unfortunately I had no time for completing this project since my wife and I had a baby last February. At the moment it's almost painted but some work still is missing before decalling. All the bits are already ready including a whole set of home made stenciling. So it's just a matter of time and it'll be ready. After my summer holiday's I'll be on it again. Be patient Giovanni
  2. Ciao Cursad, when will You release this? thank you Giovanni
  3. Hello modelers! My little update: I worked on the air intakes painting the interior first in white FS17875 then masked and painted the splitter plates and lips in steel from the AK extreme color range. After all was dry I placed two custom made decals (laser printed on white decal film and cut out). I used the microscale softeners on them and when all was set and after washing the part in water I finally sprayed a layer of Mr Color Gloss GX100. The parts are delicate, I know, so every care will be used while masking. I really want to avoid any varn
  4. Thank You Mr Happy for the kind words! Merry Christmas to You! and to all the community! I made some missing decals to complete the tanks: Then some others for the wheel well door: Bye Giovanni
  5. Hi modelers, I'm here with a little update. I'm following an unconventional pattern for my build preparing all the elements that will be attached to the airframe before the painting process will be completed on it so after the landing gear... ...was the turn of pylons and auxiliary tanks. Here I've finally placed my custom decals first the black silhouette (laser printed) and the afterburner flame (from the Microscale 72-108 sheet): Then, after a second layer of gloss varnish, checkboarded fin and knight's shield (laser printed on wh
  6. Hello, you can see the three teams here:
  7. Hello Sernak, yes You're right this aircraft was no exception with the yellow sealant on the interior side or more precisely between the frame and the glass that was bolted on it. But I thought and still I think that the one presented is the most realistic way to render the sealant. This because the canopy thickness does not allow to get the right aspect ratio painting it from the interior. The best and only way should be to replace the kit canopy with a thin vacuum-formed one. The second advantage to paint the canopy as I did is that looking from
  8. Hello Dutch thank You for nice comment and encouragement! Vermont Ang had a very smart livery on their deuces. It would be nice to see it on a model! As a side note I can say that at the Tyndall William Tell 1972 edition there were three teams competing in the f-102 category: 57th Fis from Keflavyk Iceand (case XX my model represents one of them), 176th FIS from Truax Field Wisconsin (case X, my second choice, I'm already working at it at a different stage) and the Burlington's "Green Montain Boys" you have just mentioned. It would be a dream to have them virtually
  9. Thank You! Today's mini update: The emergency arrestor hook in the Meng kit simply doesn't have an hook at its edge! My solution was to sculpt the hook and add the two side fins without scratching an entire new one: Here's the result: Bye Giovanni
  10. Hello dear modellers, very slowly but never stopping.... The wing tanks in the Meng kit are pretty good but I felt they needed to be more stright and pointy at the back. Here a picture of the kit tank: So I've cut the rears added a styrene section and started sanding: After the treatment they looked better. Still the shape isn't rended perfectly but It's ok to me. A very good althernative solution is to scavenge the subsonic drop tanks from the Meng F-106a kit (wich provide both the types -subson
  11. Hello, so I post a little update. The wing pylons in the kit (in the background) are too long so I made new ones: Ok it's time to finish this project. Not much remains so stay tuned. Bye Giovanni
  12. Thank You cruiz! Here's the picture. Giovanni
  13. Hello gents, to be so slow in modelling as I am sometimes takes its advantages. I was looking for a left side view of the subject and finally I found one. Of course I'm not the owner and I hope not to offend posting it here. Now just the inscription inside the black rectangular plate on the front wheel door remains a mistery. This was used to mention crew chief and pilot names. If you may help thank you! Giovanni
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