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  1. Thank You all for leaving comments. Always too gentle! My little update: I've been working on the case XX wingtips modifying a little the contour and repositioning some lines In prevision of placing the Quick Boost position lights set I drilled some 1,7mm holes After some hesitations I decided to perform a scratch job on the instrument panel cover And after a layer of dark grey, a black oil wash and a light drybrushing in white: That's all for now. Soon for a new update. Bye Giovanni
  2. Hello Craig, I hope you're doing well. I'm very pleased to have You following this. This kit isn't as good as the Revell Voodoo but I'm trying to turning it into something better. Hello Gene K thank You for appreciating and hope to entertain Hello Da SWO: It's a matter of patience... Hello all, here's the news: I spent some time detailing the splitter plates and intakes. I scribed the plates first: Then I erased the outer detail with cyano and re-scribed and riveted a new lip: This part will be painted natural metal so a fine detail will add realism. There was a missing hot air exhaust on the right side of the fuselage side that had been scribed: The main elements of the undercarriage had been cleaned and drilled where necessary: The front gear wheel received some attention as well: Found a pin location was faulty and drilled a new one: A reference picture for the correct alignment: The shape of the mail wheel wells and doors had been changed a little: The main wheel well had been assembled. The engraved kit detail of the fuselage had been reproduced mirrored... so had been corrected and in the process I've added some vents and repositioned the anti-collision light as well: Here a picture of the wing main elements. The inner part of the elevons had been separated from the wings: The elevons had been glued together trying to gain the best alignment. A styrene bit had been added: All had been sanded and rescribed. I've added and detailed the aft round part to represent the elevon drooped as was very common on ground: The wing fences had been modified a little since they were too short: And here is the assembled wing: That's all for now. Please stay tuned! Bye Giovanni
  3. Hello Gianni, I'm happy to see finally the excellent result. Congratulations. Giovanni
  4. Hello Gianni sorry I forgot to say thank you last time. Please forgive me! Today's update: Sometimes less is more: the lower wing surface detail is excessive and overdone so I opted for eliminating some of the unnecessary. First a layer of cyano: After sanding a layer of Tamiya white putty: Sanded again: I will add some riveting later. Then switching to the main wheel well I've added many many hydraulic pipes and colored all so this is the results missing just the final touch-ups: And here with the original kit part to show the differences: I renew my REQUEST OF HELP: I'm looking for good pictures of the LEFT SIDE of s/n 56-1419, in particular of the aft section when in Tyndall for the 1972 William Tell competition. Also pilot name and crew chief name could be of great help (see the picture above for reference). I'm asking this because on the exterior of the nose gear door there was a black painted rectangular probably reporting pilot and ground chief names. Thank you Bye Giovanni
  5. Thank You Mstor! Hello, little update: I've added some wirings: After a coat of Mr. Surfacer: That's it! Bye Giovanni
  6. Thank You Janman! Ps. The pictures was taken durning 1972 William Tell weapons meet in Tyndall. Bye Giovanni
  7. Hello gents, here you are some news on the project! I decided to scratch new speed brakes: Dry fit test: Then I decided to give a boost to the main wheels bay compartment: All the pipes and wirings are still missing so not all the job had been done. A dry fit test: This is a picture of the subject I'm working on s/n 56-1419 year is 1972, PLEASE HELP NEEDED: I'm looking for good pictures of the left side, in particular of the aft section. Also pilot name and crew chief name could be of great help. I'm asking this because on the exterior of the nose gear door there was a black painted rectangular probably reporting pilot and ground chief names. If You may contribute then I would be really grateful Giovanni
  8. Please ignore my previous. Now I see. They are different. They have made a mistake in the decal placement diagram (or in the decal sheet numbering). Sometimes is better to trash the instructions and use our experience...
  9. Use #30 #32 on the upper side and #31 #33 on the lower. Or are they of different area? If they're identical it will work. Giovanni
  10. I'm sorry for the decal issues. If I may suggest use water when placing the decal and setting solutions in a second moment when it's in the right place. Waiting for news. Bye Giovanni
  11. Very nice and i teresting built. Giovanni
  12. I've darkened a little the exterior ring. In the meantime the kits are going to be two. Bye Giovanni
  13. Hello, a little update: I've modified the afterburner inner part with some plasticard stripes to have a ring more similar to the real one: Finally started with some color: Glued the parts together and dry tested the result on the fuselage. Not the best I've done but I like it. That's all for tonight. Bye Giovanni
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