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  1. Armoryman

    C-130 wheels

    Is research doesn't mean start of the project? :) Sure we didn't start to design the wheels, we need dimensions first.
  2. Armoryman

    C-130 wheels

    Dear friends, we've started new project - resin detailed wheels for C-130 (the wheels will be developed using 3D-technology). But we have a lack of reference info, especially wheels dimensions. Have You any info about exact dimensions? Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. Friends, we plan to make detailed resin wheels for C-123, developed using 3D-drawings. Could You please help us with detailed photos of the wheels (or links to walkarounds) and with dimensions of them? Thanks in advance for the help!
  4. norbert, unfortunately I need short-term project for a week maximum. We have enough long term projects for now, they completely occupy our engineers' time. And - 1/32th scale, even for Jeep and Kubewagen, is too risky theme with needed big budget. Well, next theme has chosen - detailed wheels for C-130 and C-123 in 1/72nd scale. Ken, thanks a lot for detailed analysis! We plan to develop Mi-8MTV-5 and Mi-171Sh first. Mi-8AMTSh isn't in our close term plans for today.
  5. Ken, nose section is already made vacuformed, so there is possibility to make windows in the nose of any shape. Heater will be of 2 versions - round and square. But back ramp is of 1st type You've shown... skyhawk174, well, I know why You want ALL the wheels. :) I feel the same for sure! ALL and AT ONCE! :) But reality is different... :( We can make wheels one after the other in succession. So, which wheels are most preferable?
  6. Colleagues, need your advice. One of freelance 3D-engineers I work with needs new project to work urgently. I'd like to give him next wheels set. How do You think, which aircraft (helicopter, airplane, etc) model is most preferable for new highly detailed resin wheels? I'd like to know your opinions. Thanks in advance for all your wishes!
  7. Tank, I think, nothing will stop me to start selling those dumpers as separate sets. norbert, rescaling to 1/48 need couple of mouse clicks (if detailing level of 3D-model shown is appropriate for 1/48). But, I think, if Chinese manufacturers develop 1/48 Mi-8/17 kit,the dumper will be definitely in base configuration. lifeline, working on Mi-8MTV5 and Mi-171Sh already! "Duck" nose, back ramp and heater are ready already. Working on different kind of heater (square shape) and doors.
  8. Dear colleagues, Proceeding developing Mi-8/17 theme, we're on the finish line to release of Mil Mi-8PPA conversion set. PE parts are ready, resin parts will be ready soon. Now we're working on decal transfers - decided to make superdecal to completely cover Mi-8PPA theme. 33 versions are planned: - 9х Ukrainian AF - 18х Russian AF - 4х Czech AF - 1х Slovakian AF - 1х Syrian AF Now we need some help with Czech markings version, low visibility scheme. Has anybody high definition photo of "Lion" picture under canopy right blister? http://www.airliners.net/photo/Czech-Republic--/Mil-Mi-8P
  9. Greetings! We have started new line of figures, dedicated to different airplanes, based on CAD models. Our 1st set is RAF heavy bomber crew, could be used for Lancasters and Halifaxes The same figures will be casted in 1/144th scale too. AR F7224 - 1/72 RAF WWII heavy bomber crew - 7 figures w/ dog AR F7224a - "Flight Stories" - 1/72 RAF WWII heavy bomber crewmen - 2 figures AR F7224b - "Friends" - 1/72 RAF WWII heavy bomber crewmen w/ dog - 4 figures AR F7224c - "Waiting" - 1/72 RAF WWII heavy bomber crewmen - 2 figures Sorry that my post is placed to "Props" forum. I thought t
  10. ...a little bit more news in wheels theme:
  11. In UK our distributor is Hannants. I depends of modification. The late "P"-interceptor Foxbats have simpler pitots, earlier ones had more detailed, as we done in brass. The "PU" version on he photo is twin-seater, special training version.
  12. Just released metal pitot for MiG-25R/RB series:
  13. Wow... Concentrated happiness exists! Thanks a lot!
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