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  1. I bite off more than I can chew and start kits with high parts count or I mess something up and don't want go to the trouble to fix it. Usually these two things is what stalls most of my builds.
  2. I'm with Don with on this, personally I think nothing beats a good old fashion book collection. Electronics have a planed obsolescence where good old fashion books can last for many years. I still have books from the late 90s that I refer to.
  3. I can relate, I like messing with sales people and scammers over the phone. My favourite thing to do is screw with the so called Widows Support scammers.
  4. I have recently returned to the forums after being gone for quite awhile also. Looking forward to posting again and have even entered into the latest group build. Welcome back
  5. Most of my stash is Revell and RoG with a smattering of Airfix mixed in.
  6. Growing up the family was stationed at K.I. Sawyer in Michigan, got to see the 87th Bulls up close at the open house air shows. Still one of my favourite aircraft just behind the 105.
  7. Me also, I tried the B-29 and B-24D kits back in the 80s but failed at both. I'm hoping a group build will keep me motivated to finally finish one of these big kits.
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