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  1. Thanks Jmel for your kind words! Many thanks Matthew! As lovely as the box bird is I know about a gazillion other modellers would have made either one. I wanted to do a PACAF bird so I took up some advice on my progress page and managed to find a special 14FS bird from Reid Publishing.
  2. Many thanks! My eyes are tired 🤣 Update: I added two oxygen bottles behind the ejection seat and added extra detail to the cockpit rear bulkhead. Konbini
  3. Many thanks for your kind words! It'll never be perfect but that always give me something to work on. There are so many abesolute beautiful builds here to look up to. Thanks for your comment. You are right! Now that you mentioned it and looking through more reference photos I think it is a good idea to include o2 bottles behind the pit. I happen to have tidbits in my resin box and once shaved down and modified, makes a good approximation. Ill work on these in the meantime. I am planning on using the caracal sheet when it is released. At my build rate might be good timing. Thanks for your advice and suggestions. Konbini
  4. Post 2 for the update: Unfortunately the forum didn't allow me to further edit the post, I'll post more pictures here. My apologies. Konbini
  5. Next update, progress in the cockpit. As mentioned previously, I generally stuck with the kit parts for ease of build and fit. I also slapped on eduard's PE bits - they are a big bonus for me, especially the sharp thin angles for the ejection seat rails, where the kit plastic is just a slab of plastic. Some profanity here and there as I tried to fit on the rails extending past the tub, they were a butt fit joint. After some scratch built cables and detail (such as the ribbing around the, er golf club face looking things behind the cockpit/ejection seat), I sprayed the cockpit tub with Tamiya's rubber black. I tried first with priming in straight black and it was dark.... Tamiya's rubber black is a suitable base black for me. The control stick's buttons were just chocolate bar looking things so I cut them off and made actual buttons for the stick. Eye rest after that. Next up, I followed my previous build with the same technique, using Eduard's cockpit panel's and sprucing it up with bits and pieces of .15mm wire/styrene rods. Once those are on I carefully, very carefully CAed them onto the tub. The instrument faces I sprayed with rubber black to simulate "off" and I felt this looked a bit more natural. The kit instrument panel didnt include, what I believe are, leg restraint rope/wire so I scratched these out of 0.3mm styrene rods. I sprayed the ejection seat, applied decals, weathered it appropriately, and then set it inside the tub. This will be it for today, a good eye shut lest I bust something or do something I regret to the model. Again questions queries suggestions all very welcome. I am looking forward to more progress on this bird. Pics might be in next post as this post encountered the web error message. I'll try again. Konbini
  6. Thanks Jan, Got one coming right up. Thanks for the comment. Like my last build I'm hoping to leave no stone unturned. Cabling and scratch making makes my head spin and I do hope it will come out nicely. Surface detail wise, for my build it remains to be seen if I can achieve the desired results, I may need to rescribe a few things. This is where I need a bit of luck =D
  7. Good day folks, After a short break after my F-16, I decided to start work on the F-22 from Hasegawa. I was always a fan of the F-22, from the prototype to the current bird. Some back info, my apologies bear with me. Historically my luck with the raptor scale model hasn't been good. Testors released a 1/32 kit of the YF-22 a long while back, and I jumped on it. I was young and totally new to aircraft scale modelling and I thought a few small bottles of testors enamel, a paintbrush, and some glue (and of course it wasn't the proper styrene glue) would suffice. I completely bombed it. My second attempt, in my early teens by then, was the Tamiya 1/72 f-22. That went together mostly alright - pretty average. Only a minor hiccup when I tried to rush glueing the landing gear and putting it on its feet too soon. After spraying a matte topcoat I decided to clean up my desk and set the airplane on a stool. I left for a bit of lunch, but came back to a flattened semi-2D raptor. My mother had sat on the poor airplane. My mother was fine, no worries there, the vert stabs were already set at an outward angle, so they flattened outwards. Maybe the radar signature reduction worked fabulously. Good lesson in aircraft parking. Fast forward, surely better luck now. Work started like my previous build, on the bay. My plan is to slowly build up the bay while I work on other areas. I also spent a lot of time sanding down the armour plates on the top and bottom halves of the fuselage. Some guys don't mind it, I happen to think they are a bit overscale. No problem, nothing sand paper and time wouldn't fix. I added some detail to the coaming. I tried to be as realistic as I could with the weapons bay, though knowing it would be on the under side of the airplane and with potentially missiles blocking part of the view, I am trying to work out a balance. I have so far settled with leaving most of the middle part slightly spartan and sprucing up detail around the outer edge of the bay. Still a WIP. For the blue cable management things I used strips from a drinking straw, cut to appropriate size. The ejection seat I decided would be made from the kit parts with a bit of sprucing up via scratch building. I believe this provides best fit and less fighting/fiddling with it. the "sheepskin" texture is made by dabbing on some Tamiya texture paint. Konbini
  8. Thanks Whiskey and Redcrown, If memory serves me right I first painted the insides off white, masked the inside, and then sprayed the outsides black. I followed this with a mixture of alclad pale gold and I believe magnesium for the slightly dull bronzy look. The KA exhausts come with masking for the dark shaded areas of the exhausts so I used those, and tire/rubber black for the shades. The exhaust inner side was then sprayed with various tones of off white/flesh color mix. The black marks on the inside were done by hand and the whole lot was finished off with tamiya enamel washes. In hindsight I could probably have sprayed,weathered and sealed the insides first, then do the outside exhaust second. I found this out the hard way when I discovered some bleeding of the inside solvents onto the beautiful pedals on the outside. It took a while for me to redo a few areas. Hth Konbini
  9. Awesome build followed by awesome photography. Nice! Konbini
  10. Good day to you all, It took a while, but finished (a while ago, but haven't posted until now) - 1/48 Tamiya F-16CJ (14FS Misawa). I threw all the goodies at it I could and scratch build areas where applicable. Goodies included: Eduard BIG set Eduard aim-120cs, aim-9x, sniper pod, agm-88 Eduard wheels Meng satellite guided bombs (for the gbu-31 v3) Speed Hunter Graphics SEAD Specialists Master pitot and aoa probes Master static wicks KA models exhaust GT Resin left hand side ecm pod I may have left some out and will edit the post again if so happens. Mainly painted via Hataka paints. A quick summary of the build itself: The build started with the wheel bays, as I was waiting for some eduard bits to arrive. After test fitting some resin parts for the intakes/bay against each other and the bottom of the fuselage I decided best route is to use the kit plastic wheel bay/intakes and put in the work. The cockpit was a mix of eduard and scratch build bits as best as I can make limited by hand size and eyesight. After the intakes, gear/bay, and cockpit where detailed and painted, closed the model halves together and clamped them overnight. The intakes, although straight from the kit, decided to fight against me but had enough flex to stay fitted once the glue and plastic dried. Model was then pre shaded and sprayed with the appropriate colors of the real jet. I then weathered it to taste using mainly the Tamiya panel line accents - the model was lightly weathered. Next i put together and painted the exhausts. A long time passed between that stage and the recent corona months because of personal drama at home as well as an injury. All good, as the virus hit worldwide giving me an excuse to dust off my model. On the final leg I finished off the weapons, sniper pod, and canopy. A few weeks past as I searched for a gbu-31 v3. I initially tried to get one 3d printed but settled on the Meng kit plus some detailing made it acceptable. A few more tweaks after that I finally threw in the towel and declared it finished. Any more fiddling I'm afraid Murphy's law might kick in and I might do something I will truly regret. This was kind of foreshadowed by my flying instrument panel/hud which I had to repair. In the end it took a very long time, but the actual model went together relatively without fuss. Here are the finished pictures, enjoy! Let me know if I have missed anything, areas I haven't covered, post or picwise. Many thanks! Konbini
  11. edit: server 500 error again required an additional post for the pics. Konbini
  12. Good day everyone, Again another update for my build. I suspect this may be the last one for the in progress page as we cross the finish line. I found the blu-109/v3 version of the gbu-31 from a set of satellite guided bombs set by Meng. I went straight to work adding detail where needed. The rivets on the jdam tail unit were negative/sunken rivets but on the real thing they are all positive. I took some time drilling holes where the rivets were and added styrene rods. When dry I sanded/cut them to appropriate length. Other details I added are some retaining screws that looked like spikes and are quite prominent in some pictures of the real deal and a panel on the lhs. Afterwards I spray canned and masked where appropriate, and weathered to taste. Finally we reached the completion of this build. It was a blast and certainly took a long time. Many times I was tempted to cut corners/give up- but in the end decided to brave on thanks in part to ARC. Many many thanks for your support to this build and of course I look forward to my next one. I shall create a finished page when I figure out better photography for this viper. Stay tuned 🙂 Big thanks, Konbini
  13. the pics wouldn’t load on the previous post. Im trying it again here. Edit: it worked, enjoy 🙂 konbini
  14. Good day friends, Another small update. I finished off most of the under wing ordnances. The aim-9xs from Eduard were very nice. The clear nose was a bit fiddly but it settled down fine. To maintain a bit of realism while being clear I coated the tip with a bit of Tamiya smoke mixed with the x22 clear. Gbu-31 mk84 bombs from Reskit went together with no issues. The ‘fins’ on the body rests in a little channel, some of which needed to be widened with a .15 or .2mm chisel. painting and weathering uneventful. As posted previously the bomb is held up via magnets. If I do find a v3/blu-109 version of the bomb I may swap it out. i feel the model is on its final stretch, and should be finished soon. Konbini
  15. Thanks Markus and the Underdog, I reckon my profanity meter will go off the scale if I dropped the model that’s nearing completion at this stage. *shivers* I finished the canopy rails and stuck it onto the canopy. I took care not to use any CA near this part to avoid fogging it up. The kit rails were nice but as I am planning on an open pit the undersides were a bit bland. I used eduard’s PE for this part but changed the positioning of some canopy hooks and added some plasticard to the sides of the hooks so that it resembles an actual functioning hook rather than just a flat piece of PE. This took all evening - My near vision needs a break. Konbini
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