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  1. Thanke Arnaud, Jobs are few and in between. I have plenty of hours but not quite enough command time for a direct entry command position. It looks like for the time being it is a sit and wait game while I find a non flying job. I hear guys in many western countries have turned to even Costco for a register position. Worst times but rock bottom means only way is up. Thanks Steve, After I move and settle down in a cheaper accomodation I do hope to make some progress on this build. The hardest paint job is over anyway. It's comforting to have brothers in support
  2. Non build update: My job as an airline pilot was made redundent from the loss of the entire airline Cathay Dragon in Hong Kong. While I take care of the many things to do, including moving, this build will be at a snail sleep speed. I will need to figure out a way to safely move this unfinished f-16 to a new home in the meantime. Konbini
  3. One easy way to get one is to purchase the non fogging type CA. Those typically dry slower, or if not available, most gel types are slower too.
  4. For flat parts like instrument panels I used Tamiya clear acrylic, which is similar to white glue. After some parts dried just to be sure I tapped the joined edges hidden from view with a pinprick amount of CA to lock it in.
  5. This time yes, it was straightforward vallejo acrylic on mr color lacquer (on mr surfacer primer) with no real issues with advanced modeling's masks. I went without testing anything with my build. Not the brightest move on my part. For your case if you have any concerns I would test a scrap part with an unused scrap corner of the masking sheet if you want to be sure.
  6. I've had my moments of frustration ๐Ÿ˜‰ and luck I used both acrylic and laquer purely based on color availability. for example I used Mr. Color's laquer air superiority blue, but topped that with Vallejo's acrylic FS35109 for the dark blue green.
  7. Hi again, Apologies pictures in this post as the previous post incurred an internal server error report while trying to post pictures. Konbini
  8. Hi everyone, Itโ€™s update time. I installed the nosewheel gear into the front half of the intakes and mated it to the back half on the fuselage. I used a bit of acrylic based putty, a bit of sanding, spot painting, and some more sanding to get the joint to settle down the best I can. With all the major sub assemblies complete into the one airframe I decided to get down to the main job of painting. In the end I went with the adversary โ€œghostโ€ scheme introduced in 2019. The masking was by Advanced Modeling Products. The material is vinyl like and
  9. Thanks for your kind words! Many thanks! ! The battery is from the undercarriage PE set from Eduard, specifically the f-16c/n one in my case. Hope this helps ! Konbini
  10. Good day again, Another update. First of all after mating the top and bottom halves of the fuselage with the back end of the intake/gear bay, I stuck on stiffener plates onto the top. I used slower drying CA to help give me a few seconds to position the parts. After the parts are on and secure, I use a diamond file to smooth out rough edges. Next up, the exhausts. I find this area to be more difficult to replicate accurately especially the weathering. I gave the insides a coating of a combined mix of Mr. Color off-white and flesh. The exhaust outsid
  11. Gotcha. I was under the impression I was missing something there, all good cleared up now. I better pick up my act as well, there are so many talented builders and fabulous builds.
  12. Picked the kit up this week. Following this build with keen interest. Looks like my stash queue just went out the window, again. Thanks for all of your/your team's hard work on this. Konbini
  13. The same with Eduard PE I hand painted areas where it may look off. This time I went with Tamiya's sky grey and other parts left in mr surfacer grey shade. Just to clarify, do you mean in a comp judges will take points off for poor color matching work or the fact that I used Quinta parts? Many thanks for the comments ๐Ÿ˜„ Konbini
  14. My apologies, the pictures will have to be in this post. Imgur seems to be unhappy with arc or vice versa promting the internal server error message when I tried to post a reply with pictures. I'll try again. Konbini
  15. Konbini I'm sure something will come along again that will wow the modelling community. Constantly amazed. Another update: Time for another episode of How I Made My Eyes Sore. Main landing gear bays. Text only, there is a server problem with this particular post. Pictures in next message. Like my first viper build, I again thought about how I would go about it. And again I went with the kit parts for this supplemented by scratch made detail, wire, and Eduard bay details. The MLG bays did take a while to detail up. I decided this round to, instead
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