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  1. Good morning afternoon or evening wherever you may be, I progressed a bit in the build. I'm taking a leisurely pace with the F-22 whilst waiting for the Caracal sheets to come out. The germs floating around certainly threw a spanner into pretty much the plans of everyone I know including myself. Hats off to Caracal amidst this trainwreck of a year. Closing off the airplane and after the glue dried, I spent a long time CA gluing/styrene gluing and sanding the edges of pretty much every surface to get them sharp, and razor sharp where applicable. The leading edge color b
  2. Many thanks Carlos, I get a lot of advice and tips from here. If I can contribute just a tiny amount and it helps someone Im very happy. More to come, I'm an extremely slow builder.
  3. Many thanks Carlos! We keep on learning from each other here. To my knowledge, 3 companies have dealt with adding detail to the f-22 sill area. WolfPack, Aires, and Eduard. In terms of the spacing of the "brackets" only eduard resembles the real thing, but lacks any 3D detail. I took a quarter round rod of 0.75mm size (Ideally, a 0.5mm right triangle rod and 0.5mm quarter round is most ideal, but I wasn't able to source them) and sanded down the sides of a rod to get the profile I wanted (ie. triangular, or smaller quarter round roughly 0.5mm thick), and using a fresh
  4. There was an error with the server so some pictures would have to go here. Apologies for that. After this I put together the intakes and crammed everything into the bottom fuselage half. There was some natural warp in the wing roots of the bottom half so it was a bit of a wrestling match between the fuselage, me, and glue. The tiny location tabs have a way of creeping out of its holes which would render any efforts later to mate the top fuselage half pointless. I eventually balanced the wing roots on two Mr. surfacer bottles and set styrene cement bottles on top of the weapons bay
  5. Yet another small update, First a test fit of cockpit tub and fuselage top, no surprises, they're both kit part based so no fit issues. I sprayed the coaming and sill area Tamiya rubber black and will weather appropriately later. Next up I spent a long time detailing the main landing gear bays. I tried to match as best I could with the reference photos I could find on primeportal. These are a bit more visible than other aircraft as the bays are slightly canted outwards exposing them to view. After th
  6. Thanks! Close up work now while I still can 🤣 Thanks Steve, Kind words! Thanks Steve! I thought the Eduard bits were fabulous but limitations of PE means every button and switch cannot be 3d. The 48 scale cockpits are naturally bigger and I fiddled with the idea of makinf it more 3d in my last build and it worked out quite well. Thanks! I believe so yes- based on the info I read and suggested by fellow members.
  7. Hello again, Many thanks for the kind comments. I have made some progress. I have finished off the main and side weapons bays, and installed the aim-120s. I also started on the cockpit sill latch detail which I modified from eduard parts with tiny styrene bits. Next I'll be working on the inner exhausts, and wheel bays. Hopefully soon I'll be able to close the fuselage halves together. In the meantime stay safe everyone. Konbini
  8. Thanks! It took probably a bit longer than I would have liked and for a while I thought it would be a perm resident of the shelf of doom.
  9. At last I thinned my stash a tiny bit and actually completed a build and started on another. However all that work will be out the window now 🤣. I hope the missus wont notice any additions. But seriously this is amazing work and the passion really shows. Im looking forward to my copies once I can get my hands on them.
  10. Thanks Jmel for your kind words! Many thanks Matthew! As lovely as the box bird is I know about a gazillion other modellers would have made either one. I wanted to do a PACAF bird so I took up some advice on my progress page and managed to find a special 14FS bird from Reid Publishing.
  11. Many thanks! My eyes are tired 🤣 Update: I added two oxygen bottles behind the ejection seat and added extra detail to the cockpit rear bulkhead. Konbini
  12. Many thanks for your kind words! It'll never be perfect but that always give me something to work on. There are so many abesolute beautiful builds here to look up to. Thanks for your comment. You are right! Now that you mentioned it and looking through more reference photos I think it is a good idea to include o2 bottles behind the pit. I happen to have tidbits in my resin box and once shaved down and modified, makes a good approximation. Ill work on these in the meantime. I am planning on using the caracal sheet when it is released. At my build rate might be good
  13. Post 2 for the update: Unfortunately the forum didn't allow me to further edit the post, I'll post more pictures here. My apologies. Konbini
  14. Next update, progress in the cockpit. As mentioned previously, I generally stuck with the kit parts for ease of build and fit. I also slapped on eduard's PE bits - they are a big bonus for me, especially the sharp thin angles for the ejection seat rails, where the kit plastic is just a slab of plastic. Some profanity here and there as I tried to fit on the rails extending past the tub, they were a butt fit joint. After some scratch built cables and detail (such as the ribbing around the, er golf club face looking things behind the cockpit/ejection seat), I sprayed the cockpit tub w
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